Bath & Body works sugar scrub review

relaxing bath scrub

The Bath & Body Works aromatherapy sugar scrub comes in a luscious selection of delicious flavours. I ran a hot bubble bath, let my body soak up the warmth and placed my fingers in the lavender & vanilla flavour bath & body works aromatherapy  scrub.

Within a second my nose fell in love with the vanilla notes and gentle touch of lavender scent. The texture is a mixture of fine exfoliating sugary crystals and essential oils. Shake a little before opening and use your finger to stir and blend the soft aromatherapy lavender oils and crystals together.

Most exfoliating scrubs have a rough and dry texture that can be a little too much for sensitive skin and leave your skin feeling red. Some of you beautiful people love the tough dry and gritty texture but with this aromatherapy sugar scrub the consistency of the essential oils you find floating on the top when you open the container is a lot more moist.

This is why I love these sugar scrubs so much. The texture grinds away dead skin cells but also softens your skin and feels luxurious and is full of that wet juicy moisture our skin loves to bathe in.


Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Eucalyptus & Spearmint Sugar Scrub


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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Orange & Ginger Sugar Scrub


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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Black Currant & Vanilla Sugar Scrub

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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Tea Sugar Scrub


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Most of the bath & body works aromatherapy collection are available in a 13 oz solid see-through container. Each of the scents above don’t overpower your senses but offer a relaxing note of essential oils that float delicately in the air as you bathe, relax and sleep more easily afterwards.

Some user find the texture to be too greasy but this is the essential oily goodness at work and I personally love the feeling on my skin. This moist texture is formed with ingredients that include coconut and essential oils that don’t irritate sensitive skin.

If you suffer with allergies, Bath & Body Works Aromatherpy range is Paraben Free, common preservative free and has a great allergen free rating.



How to use bath and body works sugar scrub – Directions for using bath and body works sugar scrub


You should shake the glass container a little before opening it so that the consistency is nice and even. Warm your skin in the bath or shower for 5-10 minutes to allow your skin to soften a little before using the Bath and Body Works exfoliating scrub.

Once open scoop the oil and sugar crystals onto your fingers and massage into your skin by applying medium pressure in a circular motion. This motion will help the sugar crystals remove dead skin cells while boosting collagen production and increasing circulation.




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