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Best Frye Boots For petites

I absolutely love boots and I really want to show you how great us petites can look in a beautiful strong and feminine pair of the finest quality Frye boots. Scroll down to see all our favourite Frye boot designs and colours or click on our favourite boot here:

Our Favourite Boots

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Just spare a moment to feast your eyes below and see how beautiful these Frye boots look and then Read on to check out my list of the best Frye boots for petites and some other unique Frye boot ideas for the smaller women.



I’m going to show you why these Fashionable Boots can help us petites rise up a few inches but also help us create some beautiful outfits. Frye Boots have been around since 1863 producing some of the finest leather boots and shoes around.

Here are some of our favourite options for all us dainty, delicate and beautiful petites.


Frye Veronica Bootie ankle Boot


Us Petites look great in these Veronica Bootie ankle boots, especially wearing matching dark coloured tights or skinny jeans tucked inside like this photo shows.



Feel rich, comfortable and stylish all at once with these Veronica ankle boots. You can pick your favourite from an array of shades including black, gold, off white, redwood, tan and stone. They all look just the right amount of “rugged’ to bring new dimensions to your everyday look.

A little bit of silver added to the dark and neutral colours in the form of simple stylish buckles, completes the style quotient. The delicate textured lines created with the leather seam and blended raised strap really add a unique and interesting design touch.

The overall leather structure is complemented by the rubber sole. Together, they will be your perfect companions on a long walk. Just like other Frye boots, this pair of Veronica Booties are durable and can last for many years. Smaller women will love to know that the shaft is roughly 6.5 inches above the arch and the top boot opening is 12 inches round.


Frye women’s veronica short boot


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Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by the colour options available in the veronica short boot style. There are a total of 24 shades the Veronica short boots come in. So you will have absolutely no trouble picking the right one for your unique style. The extensive shade range includes black, cognac, chocolate, grey, tan, white and red.

Go vibrant, low-key or nude with these available colours. We would recommend petite women match the colour as close as possible to their trousers or jeans when choosing a short boot. Matching the colour helps create the appearance of longer looking legs.

The Veronica short boot is made of 100% leather which ensures their long-lasting quality. While the cushioned leather insole guarantees comfort, the durable rubber outsole keeps you stable on the move. Stand tall with these heels measured at 1.25-inches, which isn’t a big size advantage but adds a little height boost.


Frye women’s Vicky leather boots


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Add some zing to your style with these sturdy leather Frye Vicky boots. They come in three impressive shades of black, cognac and dark brown. You can easily pair up these boots with jeans or short skirts to bring new dimensions to the look you are aiming for

These boots are made of soft but durable premium-quality leather. As a result, you will feel comfortable wearing them all day long while also levelling or should I say “Leathering” up your style game. The leather is accentuated with antique metal buckles at the ankle and collar. Take them on and off effortlessly with the full-length zipper inside.

What I love most about the Vicky leather boots is the rich dark brown colour and mellow leather feel. The sleek and modern design looks strong and attractive when matched with some skinny jeans tucked inside. I would usually recommend a larger heel for petites but for comfort and all day wear the 1.5 inches is nice.


Frye women’s engineer ankle boot


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It’s finally time to show you the popular Frye Engineer ankle boot. Someone asked me recently whether it’s a good idea for a petite lady to wear an ankle boot together with some leggings.

Matching leggings and ankle boots can work well if you make sure to closely match the leggings and boot colour to give the longer leg appearance and wear a short skirt or shorts above otherwise it breaks up the illusion of height the boot and leggings combination creates when matched correctly.

If you don’t like tall boots covering halfway through your knee, you can switch to these ankle boots providing an adequate amount of coverage. They keep your feet warm but do not demand attention from others like the taller alternatives.



Keep your style game on point with the signature silver buckle straps. When wearing the darker shades like black, brown and red, these buckles introduce the necessary contrast and create texture. The lighter shades like grey and sand get to have some bling on them with these straps. You will find these Engineer ankle boots in a wide range of sizes starting from 5.5 upwards.

Frye women’s Cameron Bootie



Why not let just one pair of boots enhance your elegance, boldness and glamour all at the same time?

Well you can trust the Cameron Bootie to do that with the bold fashion statement the  design gives out.

These booties off Frye’s Cameron line are available in four strong neutral colours of white, tan, black and grey. Balance a rebellious look with any of these shades or complement a monochromatic outfit with a matching boot. Either way, this pair helps you anchor that signature look without trying too hard.

I love the comfortable leather sole embedded in a smooth and sturdy suede structure. The heels are 2.75-inches high and have rubber caps for enhanced traction. With such a large heel height you are going to feel really tall. If you are a petite women who likes to make a statement but also really wants to look a little taller and stand out then the Cameron Bootie are beautiful and a great choice.


Why these Frye boots look great on Petites


I hope you’ve found a pair of Frye boots that match your style in this article. Being petite, when I first started looking for a pair of boots I really wanted to choose the biggest heel or just stick to flats and a short dress to really try and show off my legs. When I wore ankle boots I realised that if I choose short boots that I can still look great and wear my short dress without losing any of my style.

Wearing longer length boots that don’t blend well with your jeans, trousers or leggings can cause problems for petite women and ruin your style if you aren’t careful. Being petite requires a little more attention to detail but it will pay off big time when you get it right.


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