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Best Gel Nail Polish

Being a head-to-toe fashionable girl isn’t easy. Some girls probably don’t pay attention to their nails because they think the nail is a tiny little part of their whole outfit and accessories.

When you see a well dressed girl with perfectly applied makeup but when you look more closely you can see their chipped nail polish waving around suddenly you really notice it. It can make the overall look seem a bit less amazing when they have put so much effort into a beautiful outfit and bought the perfect designer bag.

I believe gel nail polish is no longer a new fashion accessory for most  girls, we have all tried gel nail polish in a nail salon or at home (right, now we can do this easily by ourselves at home, I know this because I’ve done it by myself already and people who know me well know how clumsy I am and I still manage to pull it off).

With the development of new technology, there are gel nail polishes you can use without an LED light. This mean it is much easier for you to apply the polish to your nails at home by yourself.

Do you already feel sick and tired of making appointments with your salon and have to adjust your time to fit their busy schedule? If so, try one of the gel nail polishes I have recommended, then you will probably end up with your own salon at home and all your friends coming round to laugh, gossip and coat your nails together.


SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter Kit


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My nail gel polish journey started with one similar to this SensaioNail one, not exactly the same kit though. My one is simpler than this and I found it in Boots. I wasn’t planning to get one at that time, I just wandering around, saw this kit and decided to give it a try.

It was quite easy to use, if you have experienced a gel manicure in a salon then you will know every step already. Switching on the LED light automatically sets the timer for you itself, so you don’t need to look at your watch or phone and count the time.

The LED light is bright and much better for your skin than a UV light.

💮 What is included in this nail kit ?

  • Gel Cleanser, Gel Primer, Colour Gel Polish, Base and Top Coat, Wipes, Double Sided Nail Buffer, a manicure Stick, LED Lamp and an instruction sheet.


CND Shellac Gel Nail Polish


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CND is the leading brand in the industry and used in a lot of popular nail salons. CND are famous for their vivid colours and long lasting chip-free wear which they promise lasts over two weeks. For me, the most exciting thing about CND is that I can find any colour that I can think of in their collection and their limited edition colours are always worth waiting for.

My nail is quite thick so I like the nail polish to be thin and still shine with a bright colour, this product does that perfectly. It is really easy to apply and looks natural. Even though the price is a little bit higher than other brands, CND Shellac is still my personal favourite.

You can choose from 39 colours ranging from the pretty and sparkly butterfly queen to the smooth blush teddy and the intense bold wildfire if you are really looking for a tone to make a sophisticated statement.

With so many tones, you’ll be wondering how long they last. As with any nail polish brand the how long it lasts and stays vibrant and bright without peeling can vary from colour to colour but my experience with CND shellac has been good and the tones don’t easily fade. Be sure to use a shellac base coat before applying to polish, because mixing brands can potentially cause problems, so stick with shellac for both coats.

💮 Benefits of the CND Shellac polish:

  • Very good quality. Maybe you won’t have to pay the high prices for professional manicures so often now your nails are coated in the beautiful choice of shellac colours.


OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish

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OPI is one of the most popular brands on the market. I still remember that I bought my very first OPI nail polish after I watched Serena using it to do her nails in Gossip girl, a long time ago.

There are 65 beautiful colours to choose from. I really love the crimson, rose against time and the interestingly named don’t provoke the plum, which is a strong purple / plum tone.

5 coats of OPI and I felt ready to go, they’ll last for at least a week whether you are doing the washing up or using your hands working hard at the gym . At first 5 seemed like a lot, a base coat 3 coats and then a top coat to finish it off. They dried pretty fast but you still have to be patient. It’s worth taking your time and making sure you get it right and they will last a long time.


Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish


Who wouldn’t love an easy and cheap way to get your nail done at home. This LED light free, chip free Essie Gel Couture Nail polish can have your nail job done with only two steps (step 1: apply 2 coats of gel couture colour to your nail; step 2: finish with 1 coat of gel couture top coat), and you can have this set for a very reasonable price.
There are different colours to choose from ranging from the nude pink long wear nail polish to deep wine red or taupe nude. The colours are bold but maintain an elegant sophisticated appearance. If you are looking for clean cut
💮 Benefits of the Essie gel couture nail polish:
  • The included brush has been designed to allow for perfect full coverage of your nail, ensuring a consistent clean and sophisticated nail colour. The included brush is one of the best nail polish brushes on the market.
  • lasts for up to 14 days
  • 2 layers of base coat and one layer of top coat is all that is necessary
  • Sets hard creating a long lasting nail colour that doesn’t easily chip.

 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish


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If you only did your nails in salon and didn’t really pay attention to the gel brand, you may not know about Sally Hansen. However, if you know the industry, you must heard of this American No.1 selling gel brand.

No LED or UV light needed, simple 2 steps process, you can have a perfect, chip resistant nail at home. Sally Hansen offers over 70 shades for you to choose from, and if you are as struggled as me when making decisions, Sally Hansen also provide an online quiz to help you find the perfect colour.


Shade Shifter Multichrome Gel Nail Polish


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I was draw by this metal like colour at the first glance. And the best thing about this nail polish is that the colour appears to change depending on which angle you view it from and how light it is.. how cool is that?

Sometimes you’ll see a stronger purple tone and in different light you’ll see a more shiny colour or a golden tint that looks beautiful.

Even without using LED/UV light, this nail polish looks great, but It will perform best when when you apply 3 coats or use a dark/black colour as a base. Drying time is reasonably quick in the air so a light isn’t necessary but will speed up drying time if you are in a rush.


Harmony Gelish 


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Good news! This salon only gel nail polish, is now available to the public online.

Included in the pack is the PH bond nail prep,  foundation gel and sealer gel.

The nail prep provides moisture that cleans and prepares your nails ready for the foundation layer. The harmony Gelish foundation layer is thick but easy to apply smoothly.

The sealer works well and creates a strong finish that doesn’t easily chip peel or lose it’s colour. if you are looking for a salon quality nail gel this is a great choice, but make sure you spend the time following instructions so you can apply it correctly and it will last for weeks.

Be sure to apply with a light touch in order to get the best results and not use too much gel. An LED drying curing lamp will be necessary to dry the gel quickly. This is one of the best gel nail polishes and we know you’ll enjoy wearing it.


AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish


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This magic gel nail polish can change colour when the temperature rises or falls.. how awesome!

When the temperature is high, the colour is shiny silver, but when the temperature is low, you will see a pink colour. Washing your hands is the best way of seeing the colour changing effect in action. It is a lot of fun even for us adults!

This nail polish will require drying under an LED/UV light and you should shake the bottle well before using it so the glitter spreads evenly.


IBD Just Gel Nail Polish


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At an incredibly low price the IBD justgel is a stunning choice. There are 32 colours you can choose from and they last for a reasonable length of time. You can use any other brands base coats to compliment it .

The glossy appearance looks attractive and An LED/UV light is needed to dry it properly.


LECHAT Perfect Match Nail Polish


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Lechat are a wonderful brand for producing lovely gel nail polishes. With your order you will receive a free Nail Lacquer to help achieve an immaculate manicure.

You can choose from some pretty colours, including bold, neutral tones and the awesome holographic options. Hologram diamond is stunning and one of my favourites.

The colours are gorgeous and you’ll love applying them but the names are something else! heart of gold, illusions, happy hour and lovers embrace.. I adore them all! and there are so many more to choose from. Try not to get carried away buying all the nail polished just for the amazing names! but even if you do all the colours are great so you’ll enjoy them!

Expect no illusion though, they really should still be on after a few weeks and usually still be going strong. Wear it with a beautiful women’s watch to complete the look.

LECHAT Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish


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Amazing colour which blends with changing light conditions from a soft lilac tone to a strong grape purple. Application is easy with a soft and long brush and the consistency of the gel isn’t too thick or thin, just perfect. For an air brush look without the cost, the Lechat Mood polish is the best gel nail polish that changes colour.

Whatever your mood the Lechat Mood will match it and enhance it with beautiful salon quality colours that are exciting and fun to express your fashionista style with in a couple of fast dry coats.


Modelones Best Gel Nail polish

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Modelones Gel nail polish kit is the complete starter kit and includes some of the nicest nail polishes available to buy for home application. Included in the Modelones nail kit is a selection of gel nail polishes in a variety of colours to suit any mood or fashion look. A good quality base coat is in the kit and a neat LED lamp for fast curing. Some nice cuticle cleaners are also included.


Sexy Mix Gel Nail Polish Set

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The Sexy Mix Gel nail polish set include 8 mini bottles of gel nail polish that are colour changing like a chameleon. Apply a thin first coat, cure it with the included UV light before brushing a thicker second coat on to your nails and let it cure again. Application can take place in a few different ways, you might already have experience so whatever works best for you is fine, just make sure you take into account other users experiences because even the best gel nail polish kits can vary a lot in the length of time they take to cure and dry fully.


➡️ How do gel nails work?


The gel is painted onto your nail and then cured to make it firm. This is usually achieved using a UV light.


➡️ Salon only or can I do gel nails at home?


It is possible to do gel nails at home. Either put them on yourself or ask a friend to help you out. Putting on gel nails at home is easily done with the help of the best gel nail kits that are simple to use.

Experience the fun of the nail salon from the comfort of your own home. Applying gel nail polish requires a little patience so it can be nice to put on the latest chic flic or gossip with your girls while having fun applying gel nail polish on each other.


➡️ Which lamp should I get?


Choosing between a UV and LED gel nail lamp can be a difficult decision to make. Regular exposure to a UV light can be harmful to your skin, so minimising exposure is important. An LED is now the preferable choice in Salons around the world because the different light rays dry your gel nails very quickly, often in a 1/4 of the time is takes to set using UV gel nail lights.


➡️ Will gel nails ruin my natural nails?


Gel Nail won’t ruin your natural nails. Your nail may lose some moisture but your nail plate won’t be damaged. The only concerns about gel nail polish application involve removal of the nail polish and use of a UV or LED light.

Be sure to use a quality nail polish remover that works quickly and soaks off your nail with ease. UV and LED nail curing lights can be harmful to your nails is exposing them to these light rays too frequently. To make sure exposure is limited and application is quick, we usually recommend a fast curing LED light.


➡️ How long does a gel nail polish manicure last for?


Usually, with a base coat (primer) , properly cured layers of nail gel and a top coat gel nails will stay in good conditions for between 10 days and 3 weeks. In some cases they will last longer but applying gel nails from home can be just as effective and long lasting as application of nail gel by a technician in a salon.




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