Best Organic Eye Shadow Palette

I have been regularly applying makeup since college and until now I haven’t finished one eye shadow palette but this didn’t stop me from buying more. One of the most important reasons I love to buy organic eye shadow palettes is because they are so gorgeous! The design of the boxes and the variety of pretty colours are so irresistible to me.

Today, healthy and organic are the words that have spread from the food industry into the beauty industry. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some of the best organic eye shadow palettes that I hope you will love. Sharpen your eye pencils and get ready to have some fun that will compliment all your hard work with your eye brow and lash serums.


Pacifica Beauty 10 Well Eye Shadow, Pink Nudes, 0.2 Ounce 


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This Pacifica beauty eye shadow shows us how organic skincare products should be done properly with coconut water infused vegan ingredients and cruelty free product testing. You can choose from a selection of soft matt nude colours and feel refreshed by their enticing names that include moonstruck, lightness of being and sentimental.


We love the sound of this formula and thankfully our eyes agree. Smudging often frustrates us with eye makeup but on application of this range of colours we found they hold up well and don’t exaggerate your eyes creases.
Lots of you beautiful regular eye make up wearers will know how important it is to find a formula blend that feels as close as possible to your natural makeup free skin. This choice from pacific beauty doesn’t irritate our skin and is comfortable for all day wear.
What we love about the Pacifica Beauty organic eye shadow:
Beautiful matt nude colour tones, luscious feel and as we would expect there are no parbens or phthalates.



100% Pure: Fruit Pigmented Punk Princess Palette, 14 oz 

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We love this punk princess natural palette because it offers a lovely choice of edgy colours and natural tones. Blending colour tones is easy because of the varied colour options. If you have a lighter skin tone you might struggle a little bit to find a blend in this natural palette that isn’t too dark and doesn’t contrast your natural skin tone.
The Punk Princess is one of the best organic eye shadow palettes because of the natural plant and fruit pigments that offer your skin some tasty antioxidants and vitamins. Knowing this is an organic option makes you feel better but most importantly anything you wear on your eyes has to look right. Make sure the palette will blend in with your skin tone, powder and fashion style.
We think you will enjoy the gentle shimmer of the punk princess metallic sheen palette. Be sure to tell us how it looks on your skin tone we would love to know.



Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple, 0.10 oz.


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Jane Iredale brings her feel good beauty brand into the eye shadow market with this beautiful and sophisticated triple matt colour offering. We love the rounded design that uses gold plated lines with the small feminine Jane Iredale logo etched into the casing.


The matt colours have rich texture and will stay on for hours without creasing on your eye lids. You’ll get a darker gold colour, light rose and a blend of brown that is close to bronze. Find the right balance of colour combo and enjoy this organic treat that offers long last full organic coverage.


Honest Beauty Everything Organic Eye shadow.


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In the search for organic beauty products that offer an as natural and good for your skin experience as possible you can’t go wrong with the Honesty Beauty brand. Here at Seekpretty we love exploring the world of beauty and Honest Beauty have given us some enjoyable makeup experiences.


The Everything organic eye shadow comes in a simple white box that offers 10 different tones of colour that mean you are certain to find the right blend for your eye
colour and skin tone.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Origin Eye Shadow Palette Trio Blooming Desert

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Burt’s Bees are well known as an earth friendly and probably also bee ( honey is used in lots of their products )  friendly natural personal skin care company. Blooming desert is the name of this organic palette of 3 different desert themed nude tones that range from a light sandy colour to a darker brown coppery option.

We know you love organic products and the ingredients in this Burt’s Bees eye shadow include bamboo, honey and skin loving vitamin E extracts. If your skin is easily irritated or you want to be sure you are nourishing your skin purely with natural goodness then Burt’s Bees natural products are excellent for keeping skin irritation to a minimum.

Final thoughts- best organic eye shadow palette

Choosing an organic eye shadow palette is a lot of fun because, as we have shown you above, there are so many fun brands to choose from. The brands above all use a variety of different natural and organic ingredients that help protect and nourish your eyes while also making them stand out with beautiful colour tones. If you love beautiful bold and luxury eye shadows I have also recently compared Natasha Denona and Pat Mcgrath eye shadow palettes.

We would always recommend using a good eye cream to make sure you reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles on your eyes while also protecting the sensitive skin underneath your eyes. Eye shadows are one of my favourite cosmetic items to buy because I adore looking through all the different colours and matching them with my foundation, blusher and my outfit.

Eye makeup can be challenging because you have to learn to apply your eye shadows in a small area of skin with creases and very close to your eyes. If you choose a good brush it will make application much easier. I really love that all these eye shadows are organic and offer a wide selection of different kinds of products and tones ranging from matte to natural and some really interesting blends of colours.


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