BH Cosmetics Brushes Review ( Best BH Cosmetics Review )

Ready to see the best BH Cosmetics brushes Review ?

First I will review my favourite BH cosmetics brush set in Rose Gold and show you why I get fantastic and even coverage from these BH brushes and how they can compliment even the best skin care products.

Then I want to show you the fabulous Marble Luxe, colourful Take me back to Brazil and classy Sculpt and blend makeup brush sets by BH Cosmetics. I will show you the positives and negatives of each set and give you some advice about how to use and clean a set of BH Cosmetics brushes.

BH Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set Review

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The cute folding textured and quilted auburn coloured brush carry case that the BH Rose gold set are stored in is lovely and even has a rose gold latch closure to fasten it securely.

Inside the pouch is a slot for each of the 15 included brushes and a top section that folds over to protect the brush tips. This folding top section covering the brush tips is a nice touch and helps stop the bristles from fraying or breaking.

The brush handles and main body are a dark tint of auburn brown which connects up to the chrome rose gold brush head connector. One of the best features of this set is that the makeup brush heads are made of both natural and synthetic fibres.

Natural fibres usually work best for applying powder makeup and synthetic fibre often performs best with cream or liquid makeup because the powder doesn’t sit on most synthetic fibres as comfortably.

I really love the even coverage these bristles give me. The larger face brushes create the best coverage and make blending a dream come true because my powders and creams don’t bulk up and create uneven contours across my face when I apply makeup using a brush.

Who will benefit most from this BH cosmetics Brush set (advantages & Disadvantages )

mother and daughter applying makeup with cosmetics brushes

Whether you are a beginner or professional makeup artist you can find use for at least some of the brushes in this set. Anyone applying cream or liquid foundation, concealer, blusher, eyeliner, mascara, eye-shadow and other face makeup will enjoy having a selection of different size and shape brushes that you can mix and use for different purposes.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a set like this is that for the number of brushes included they offer much better value then if you bought each different brush separately.

If you are new to makeup or inexperienced then a set like this will give you the opportunity to try out a selection of different brushes and see what they are all used for.

Maybe you haven’t blended eye-shadow into your creases before or you could be experimenting with a light application of blusher for the first time. Whatever you want to try you’ll find a brush that will help you apply the makeup and find your perfect look.

Advantages & Disadvantages of BH Cosmetics Brushes


  • Large selection of 15 brushes
  • Beautiful storage pouch with slots for each individual brush and a protective cover.
  • Gorgeous and shiny rose gold colour.
  • Soft bristles that don’t fall out.


  • Some brushes have a few small hairs out of place
  • Beginners may struggle to find a use for each brush. It would be great if BH Cosmetics included instructions explaining different uses for each brush.

Individual BH Cosmetics makeup brush performance ( What’s included & What are they all used for )

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There are 15 brushes included in this BH cosmetics rose gold set, let’s take a look at a selection of the brushes included.

Brow and Lash Spooley Brush

I’m sure you already know what a spooley brush is for. This brush is a standard spooley for distributing pigment onto your brows and removing clumpy mascara to create those perfect black lashes. I tend to use my Spooley a lot and I found the head eventually felt slightly loose,

Brow and Lash Grooming Brush

This brush is great for preparing your eyebrows and eyelash hairs for trimming or twee-zing. You can also use it to shape your eye brow hair. The comb side can separate hairs that mascara has become stuck in and also comb your hairs into place more evenly.

Angled Liner Brush

The angle of this brush helps create a beautiful precise line along my eyebrow because of the tiny tip. Having an angled eyeliner brush helps you create the curved lines with beautiful contours along your upper and lower lashes.

Small Tapered Blending Brush

A useful brush for blending contrasted colour into the crease. Hold the end of the handle and swirl the bristles into the crease of your eye in a circular motion to gently blend your eye shadow.

Angled Shadow Brush

The angled shadow brush has a narrow tip and I like to use it for applying eye shadow into the creases of my eyelid.

Large Classic Shadow Brush

This shadow brush is longer than I’m used to so it took me a little time to adjust my grip lower and make sure I could control it precisely to apply my eye shadow. Use this large tip brush to get full eye shadow coverage on your eye lid and to really pack the eye shadow in firmly.

Classic Foundation Brush

There is one foundation brush in the rose gold set. The foundation brush works well with powder, cream and liquid foundation because the brush head is rounded and flat and firm.

Angled Blush and Powder Brush

This big fluffy brush is angled and best used to contour.

Powder Brush

This brush is really soft and fluffy and useful for applying blush and powder on top of your foundation.

Top alternative choice  – BH Cosmetics Brush Sets

BH Cosmetics Take me back to Brazil Brush set Review

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It’s time to bring some carnival feeling into your cosmetic collection with the affordable BH Cosmetics Back to Brazil 10 piece brush set. One day I’ve promised myself I’ll dress up and start my year with a trip to the Rio carnival to enjoy the sun and parties. 

Anyway, I’m daydreaming, let’s take a look at another fabulous set of brushes from BH Cosmetics that are some of the most colourful I’ve ever seen. 

The Back to Brazil set includes 6 eye brushes and 4 face brushes and every brush is a different shiny colour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a makeup set with so many different colours before, usually they are all the same.

Even though each colour is so different they a varying tone that shades towards a silvery gradient near the point of the handle and the same white coloured bristles which gives the set some consistency.

Holding these brushes was a really strange experience for me because the handles are so thick and chunky so my grip was much wider. I’m not sure this has much effect on how easy they are to apply makeup with but you can place them on your cosmetics table and they all stand up and balance meaning you don’t need a container to hold them in. Here is a photo of all the brushes in this set.

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The brushes themselves are high quality with polished metal handles and synthetic bristles. My favourite brush in the set is the Blending crease brush which is brush number 7. It is very fluffy and soft but loosely blends out pigments into the crease of your eyelid in a way that creates a nice tone.

I prefer this to less fluffy blending brushes because the soft flowing bristles apply eye shadow more randomly and evenly around your lid, creating a nice colour blend and range of tones. My least favourite is the angled brow brush which packs colour on well but is a little bit small pointy uncomfortable and difficult to find a use for.

Next let’s take a look at the fabulous Sculpt and blend set.

BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend Brush set Review

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Let’s review the sculpt and blend set and see what makes this one of the most popular and elegant BH have produced because of the classy black handles and gold ferrule. In this set there are 5 face and 5 detailing brushes.

Use the 2 flatter kabuki style brushes to apply your liquid and cream foundations. These brushes remind me of the much more expensive Sigma brushes and feel just as good to use. If you use bronzer there is a soft slightly angled brush for this purpose and the bigger round headed brush is great for easing on blusher and helping with contouring. 

There are a few small brushes in the collection that help contour the difficult reach areas around your nose and eyes but also work to conceal any blemishes creeping through your foundation. The bristles are made of a super soft but strong fibre that doesn’t seem to shed after washing.

Having such a big set of makeup brushes means you can use pressed pallets, different types of foundation, powders and clay formulas and find a brush that works with the different types of pigments. Ideally this set works best for blending makeup.

The sculpt and blend set includes a big round  fluffy blending brush that has densely packed bristles which work well for applying and buffing out your foundation. Most of the 5 face brushes are great for applying cream products, foundation and concealer.

In the collection the smaller oval brushes are mostly focused on applying makeup to your eye area. The small rounded blending brush is my favourite because it works well for applying primer precisely, especially with thick creamy primers.

Overall the face brushes in this collection are the best but the smaller eye brushes work well if you like to apply eye makeup using a combination of brushes to reach creases and pack powders more compactly.

BH Cosmetics Marble Luxe Brush Set Review

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Marble is beautiful and not used that often in the cosmetics industry. BH Cosmetics have gone all out coating this whole brush set in a white marble handle that is complimented by the gold coloured ferrule used on most of this brands brushes.

When you pick up these brushes they have a nice solid weight to them and don’t feel light or cheap.

Brush number 1 in this set is a giant powder brush that feels luxurious gliding along my skin. I adore larger brush heads with tonnes of effective bristles because they really help me spread makeup out more evenly and use less powder, especially with my powder foundations.

A larger head also means you can apply your amazing makeup powders to your whole face really fast.

If you like to apply blusher, the slightly smaller tapered face brush is perfect for this task. The bristles are slightly more concentrated and the tapered face is beautiful.

I think you’ll love this brush the most. My least favourite is the thin and long blending brush with a small fluffy head that doesn’t perform well with any of my makeup.

This set is beautiful and with BH Cosmetics producing so many different sets the choice of which one is best for you isn’t easy. Most sets have the most important eye and face brushes so I’d say you should choose the design that is most appealing and has the brushes you are going to use the most for foundation, blending and eye make up included.


How do I clean my BH cosmetics brush set?

Use a gentle soap and mix it in warm water. place each brush into the water and swirl and twist the bristles against the bottom of the container until you see the makeup colour pigments coming off into the water.

Use your fingers to massage and help remove as much colour as possible before rinsing the bristles well to remove any soap. Be sure to use a cloth to dry the bristles after cleaning and help mould them back into shape using your fingers.

Are BH Cosmetics brushes good?

I think BH cosmetics brushed are very good value for money. Unless you are very experienced with makeup and have a large collection of individual brushes for different purpose already then I think you will find BH offer some great makeup products that are high quality and are proven to be popular and reliable.

Conclusion – What I do and Don’t like about these BH Cosmetics brush sets

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BH cosmetics are the experts in creating affordable cosmetic products across a range of exciting, vibrant and classy colour shades. This brand mostly produce cruelty free vegan brushes that are often priced low and offer great value for money.

In my opinion most of BH cosmetics face brushes work really well buffing product into your skin and offer even coverage application without too much blending and spreading after. I find the best skin care products help create that natural look that really compliments your skin and a brush alone can’t do that.

Where I find these BH Cosmetics sets really help is the way they offer a consistent experience across a wide range of brushes that all look beautiful and mostly have minimal shedding of bristles even after washing.

What I don’t like about these sets is that often there are some eye brushes that have a very soft tip that doesn’t work well and it isn’t always clear what the purpose of each brush is so a little more advice from the brand would help beginners.

I hope this review helps you find a brush set that you are happy with. Please let me know in the comments which set you decide to buy and how each brush works for you.

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