BS Mall Make UP Brushes Review | Cheap brush set

Forget splashing all your hard earned cash on a high end expensive makeup brush when you can buy a whole set for less then the price of one expensive brush.

I want to save you the time and trouble experiencing cheap makeup sets with hard bristles that fall out and handles that snap off. BS Mall’s  makeup brushes aren’t perfect ( I’ll tell you why later) but they are the best quality cheap brushes I could find and I’m going to show you why even a professional makeup artist will enjoy using them.

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Saving money on brushes means you can spend that little bit more on quality cosmetics that really will care for your skin.

Find out why Choosing the right set of makeup brushes isn’t difficult. You can spend hundreds of dollars on expensive luxury makeup brushes, but even the most skilled makeup artists often rely on their fingers for a better feel and perfect application so you don’t need to spend all your money to get a soft brush and complete that lit look.

This BS Mall brush set will make your base makeup look like your second skin for a fraction of the cost of a luxury brush.The quality feels solid and the bristles are soft. I wanted to review the Brushes offered by BS Mall because they are some of the best value around.

BS Mall offer 14 different brush types in this set that will cover all the target areas on your face including blending, but don’t offer a great brush for highlighting or applying powders. If you like to use a lot of powder based makeup and highlighter check out our alternative suggestions below, because the BS mall set works best with cream and liquid foundations and face makeup.

What I like about the BS Mall makeup brushes & Who will benefit the most by adding them to your cosmetics collection.

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I like the BS Mall set of brushes for a number of reasons. Firstly, the design looks a lot more attractive than I expected from a low priced set of makeup brushes. The colour tone of the black bottom and silver writing contrasts pleasantly with the rose gold top section that connect with the bristles. When you hold the brushes, they don’t feel as weighted and high-end as a more expensive single brush but they are comfortable to grip and don’t have that cheap plastic feel.
The selection of blending brushes and two face brushes are my favourites and even without the other brushes for this price you would be getting great value for applying that makeup magic to your face.

In this video below Mitzi compares one of the brushes made by BS Mall with a much more expensive Sigma brush and found that there was very little difference between the two brushes. She found the more expensive brush gave her foundation a tiny bit more coverage on her face and felt like it would last longer but the difference between the performance of the brushes was minimal.

Everyone, ranging from beginner to makeup artist will find use for at least some of these brushes and will find some benefit. Anyone applying cream or liquid foundation, concealer, eyeliner will enjoy the selection of different sized brushes. BS Mall include a small leaflet with the set that advises you which brushes should be used for applying which type of makeup, but if you find that brush doesn’t work best for the recommended makeup application, try it out on a different area of your face or for a different purpose such as blending, creating fine lines along your eyelid or use a different shapes brush to really push makeup into the contours of your face.

What different brushes do BS Mall offer in their 14 brush set ( Learn when you should use each type of makeup brush )

applying makeup on lips

1. Angled Brush

An angled brush is great for applying your bronzer and blush and is also the best brush in the set for attempting to apply highlighter ( none of the brushes are ideal for this purpose). You can also use the angled brush to create more controlled and detailed contouring for those darker shades.

If you like to fill in your brows and make your brows look fuller then this is the best brush and can also be used for applying eyeliner. 

2. Flat Angled Brush

This flat brush is great for applying foundation and other face makeup to the difficult to reach areas of your skin, including around your nose. Some people are really skilled at using an angled brush to make sure your makeup fills all the crevices on your face. The only difference between this brush and the flat face brush is the angle the top of the bristles makes.

3. Face flat brush

Once you’ve applied your foundation the flat nature of the long brush surface helps evenly blend out your foundation. The face brushes in this makeup set are wonderful, soft and a pleasure to apply makeup with.

4. Round Brush

The face round brush is my favourite in the set and is ideal for blending your foundation. I tested it out with cream blusher and application was easy because of the bristles being densely packed together making application more even.

5. Tapered Brush

A tapered brush is usually a good choice for blending out concealer but this brush picks up a lot of the concealer and doesn’t spread it very well because of the firm bristles.

6. Blending Brush

Blending eye shadow primer requires a mellow soft textured set of bristles to really be able to blend across the creases of your eyelid. Luckily this blending brush is super soft and fluffy like the clouds and is perfect.

7. Angled Eye shadow brush

Perfecting eye makeup application isn’t an easy skill but this angled brush helps you apply eye shadow on top of the primer along the lines of your eyelid to create a colour tone blend that covers the crease of your eye smoothly.

8. Classic Eye shadow Brush

Surprisingly this eye shadow brush works great with concealer and less so with eye shadow.

9. Concealer Brush

The shadow brushes in this collection perform much better with concealer than this concealer brush does but you can always use this brush to pack eye shadow more tightly into your eye crease.

10. Precis Brush

This brush is for your eye brows and includes both an angled top and spoolie. The spoolie is a great tool for brushing your eyebrows into place before applying powder. Unfortunately the top is soft and because of this I didn’t feel like I had full control of the precise lines I like to create that are so important with eye make up application and brow shaping.

11. Detail Brush

This detail brush has a very fine small tip. I’d suggest using it to pinpoint and apply makeup to areas of your face that have blemishes.

12. Angled Detail Brush

This angled detail brush isn’t one of my favourites because it doesn’t work well with my brow powder. Use this with any liquid or creme eyeliner products.

13. Lip Brush

Apply your lipstick or lip gloss evenly along your lips using this fine tipped brush.

14. Eyeliner Brush

BS Mall have created an interesting eyeliner brush that works surprisingly well. The tiny section of bristles are slightly angled and this can help with applying eyeliner in it’s purest form along the shaped line of your eye because the tip is so thin and allows for great precision accuracy.


Advantages & disadvantages of using this BS brush set (Including some alternative suggestions)


Even a cheap brush set like this can become a set of high-skill brushes in the right hands. Consider learning more about makeup application techniques to really get the most value and best look from any cosmetics products you buy. Here are some advantages I found when using the BS brushes.

  • Great for applying cream based products on your face.
  • The blending brushes are really delicate, soft and fluffy.
  • The bristles won’t fall out even after several washes.


With a cheap makeup brush set there are always going to be some disadvantages and even though I like the BS Makeup set you need to be aware of a few negatives that people sometimes experience.

  • When you open the plastics packaging you’ll smell a hint of a factory / chemical scent. Be sure to wash the set before using them to apply your cosmetics.
  • The bristles are made of synthetic hair which is sometimes seen as a negative but is advantageous when applying cream and liquid products.
  • Stick to using cream and liquid products because the dense bristles make applying powder difficult and coverage won’t be as full or accurate.
  • The collection is missing a quality powder brush that would allow you to apply powder blush or work in those powder contours.
  • None of the included brushes are designed for highlighting.
  • A cheaper brush generally picks up and retains more product than a more expensive brush which means you should clean them regularly.

Alternative suggestions

If you are looking for a makeup set that is great for using with all types of makeup including powder, then this Lamura Kabuki Makeup set is one of my favourites.

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Choosing the right tool to clean your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned regularly for a number of reasons you might not be aware of. Bacteria can build up on a dirty brush and dead skin cells and oils get stuck on the bristles and can actually block pores if you continue to use them dirty. You can clean them by hand but I love these new electronic makeup brush cleaners that have recently become popular with professional makeup artists around the world.

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How can I clean these brushes?

If you don’t want to use an electronic cleaner then BS mall provide some instructions for cleaning their brushes:

  1. Use lukewarm water and place the bristles under the water without letting the shaft or handle get wet by facing the bristles down towards the base of your sink.
  2. Push the bristles into a plain unscented soap or light and sensitive shampoo and twirl the bristles around so that the bristles spread out and pick up soap creating a lather covering.
  3. Use lukewarm water again to rinse the bristles and make sure none is left on the brush.
  4. Squeeze out as much water from the bristles as possible and mould the brush head back into it’s original shape.
  5. Place the brush on an absorbent kitchen cloth or towel and rest it there overnight to let any excess water drip out.

Conclusion ( What I really think of these BS mall brushes)

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If you’ve read the article already you know exactly what I think but if you decided to save some time and skip to the bottom let’s quickly look at the pro’s and con’s of this brush set before I give my final thoughts.

  • The bristles are soft but hold in place firmly and won’t fall out.
  • You won’t find a better set of blending brushes for such a low price.

If you are looking for a low cost set of makeup brushes then these BS Mall brushes are a great choice. Be aware that they won’t work well with powder makeup or highlighter but applying cream, anti ageing eye cream and liquid makeup works great.

You should definitely use this set to practice blending makeup because the blending brush is fabulous with a really soft and fluffy tip that makes blending a lot of fun. Overall, the quality design, wide selection of different sized brushes that cover a range of application needs and a very low price point make these a great choice whether you are experienced with makeup or not.

If you are a professional makeup artist or very experienced you should consider adding brushes that work well with powder and an individual highlighter brush to your collection. 

I hope this article has helped you make a decision about which makeup brushes are best for you. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will reply asap and if you have time take a look at some of my other beauty articles.

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