Announced by both brand and designer’s Instagram account, after months of speculation, that Burberry has named Riccardo Tisci as its new creative officer, effective March 12, 2018. The appointment means the top two jobs in the British heritage brand Burberry are now held by Italians.

In his new role, Tisci will be based in London and direct all of Burberry’s collections, presenting his first outing for the brand in September 2018. The announcement sent the company’s share price up more than five percent.

The name Riccardo Tisci probably doesn’t sound familiar to you; however, you must know his work. His Rottweiler and Bambi sweatshirt occupied the street shoots and magazine covers for a really long time.


Before I talk more about Riccardo Tisci, I’d like to say something about Christopher Bailey and Burberry. Bailey’s swansong is a charity money raising LGBTQ spring collection celebrating love amongst gay couples.

By seeing the photo of his last Burberry show and by knowing that he worked for Burberry for 17 years, it touched me. I worked for Burberry for a short time (obviously, he doesn’t know I exist) and because of the way the brand communicated with staff internally, even after I left, I still feel Burberry is special to me.

Christopher Bailey stepped down as Burberry chief executive because of investor unease, which was directly caused by a sluggish market. Christopher and Angela (former CEO of Burberry) saved Burberry from descending into a UK only brand and instead became an international luxury brand.

With the growth of the millennium customer and the sharp rise in the Asian market, now Burberry is facing tremendous challenges.

Besides the British style, another thing I liked and admired about Burberry is its courage to embrace new things according to the changing market, from opening an online store, see-now-buy-now, and most recently using Chinese young singer Kris Wu to be the new face of Burberry and collaborate on a limited-collection. This is a bold move for Burberry, as we all know they cherish their true British blood.

How to impress the millennium fashion consumer?

Gucci is one of the key brands producing a working example of how to please millennial customers with their youth appeal. With Tisci coming on board, Burberry will gain a massive youthful following.

The Guardian described his design as “darkly subversive, unapologetically sexual, deeply urban, boundary-pushing fashion”. ( the guardian )

He was also the designer of Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress for her marriage to Kanye West, the leather hot pants and thigh-high boots worn by Rihanna on her Diamonds world tour in 2013, and Beyonce’s latex gown at the 2016 Met Gala.

Tisco left Givenchy a year ago and gossip suggested he would join Versace because of his friendship with Versace’s Donatella and their similar strong and sexual design inspirations.

Burberry was expected to bring onboard a British designer but they weren’t afraid to push the boundaries of design with Tisci. His success is already very much there to be seen in his modern powerful sleek tailored Givenchy designs.

What will he do at Burberry? We don’t know yet. But we can maybe expect a touch of the theatrical. The company, in announcing his appointment, stressed how he is well known “for surrounding himself with a diverse group of collaborators, from creating costumes for work by performance artist Marina Abramovic through to directing the artwork for the multi-award winning ‘Watch the Throne’ album by Jay Z and Kanye West.” ( Burberry )



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