Erno Laszlo fermarine night cream review

Erno Laszlo Firmarine night cream review

I love night creams so I thought I'd review the luxury Erno Laszlo Firmarine night cream and see if I can find out why it is such a popular luxury night cream with intense...
what is a wet brush

What is a wet brush | Benefits | When to use it

Brushing our hair ought to be something more of a pleasure than something we have to battle through reluctantly, sometimes dreading, especially when it comes to brushing our children’s hair. Hair becomes entangled and...
skinceuticals vs skinmedica

Skinmedica v Skinceuticals | 2021 Cosmeceuticals Comparison

Skinmedica and Skinceuticals are two of the most well known and popular brands of skincare products that consider themselves to be cosmeceuticals. A relatively new industry term that combines the terms cosmetic and pharmaceutical...
valmont vs la mer comparison

Valmont vs La Mer ( Skin care Brand comparison )

When it comes to choosing luxury skincare products, Valmont and La Mer are two alluring beauty brands. Let's compare the price, ingredients, application and take a closer look at some of La Mer vs...
strivectin neck cream

Strivectin neck creams reviewed (2020 reviews)

Strivectin Neck creams are some of the most luxurious anti-ageing neck creams available to buy. As we age the thin skin on our necks loses its elasticity and begins to sag. This process creates...
strivectin vs roc

Strivectin Vs Roc

I am going to compare two popular anti-ageing brands, RoC and Strivectin. Both brands have created a range of beauty products, mostly focusing on anti-ageing skin care formulas. I am going to compare the...
girl wearing white dress and smiling

White dress makeup (How to choose makeup with a white dress)

Summer is coming and it's nearly time to put on you favourite white dresses and makeup to match, but you can't decide what makeup to wear because neutral white outfits allow you to use...
exfoliating and facial cleansing

Duvolle Spin Brush Review ( 2020 Detailed Review & Amazing Alternatives )

Ready to Spin your way to exfoliated, glowing healthy skin? You've probably already heard all about the Duvolle spin brush facial cleansing system and want to know if it's a good value addition to your...
set of makeup brushes

BS Mall Make UP Brushes Review ( 2020 Best Value Brush Set )

Forget splashing all your hard earned cash on a high end expensive makeup brush when you can buy a whole set for less then the price of one expensive brush. I want to save you...
why is there lint in my hair

Why is there lint in my hair?

We all know what it feels like to see lint in our hair and on our brushes, but why is lint there? Let's take a look at what lint is made from, where it comes...