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set of makeup brushes

BS Mall Make UP Brushes Review ( 2020 Best Value Brush Set )

Forget splashing all your hard earned cash on a high end expensive makeup brush when you can buy a whole set for less then the price of one expensive brush. I want to save you...
bare minerals vs it cosmetics

Bare Minerals vs It Cosmetics (2021 Review )

Whether you are looking to find out the main differences between IT Cosmetics vs Bare Minerals or you want to compare the brands powder foundations. I'm going to introduce both brands and compare and...
girl wearing white dress and smiling

White dress makeup (How to choose makeup with a white dress)

Summer is coming and it's nearly time to put on you favourite white dresses and makeup to match, but you can't decide what makeup to wear because neutral white outfits allow you to use...
mad hippie vs drunk elephant

Mad Hippie vs Drunk Elephant

No, it’s not the name of a new Tim Burton movie. Mad Hippie and drunk Elephant are two emerging skin care lines that you can find at your local skin care or mall anchor...
strivectin neck cream

Strivectin neck creams reviewed (2020 reviews)

Strivectin Neck creams are some of the most luxurious anti-ageing neck creams available to buy. As we age the thin skin on our necks loses its elasticity and begins to sag. This process creates...
clean hairbrush with lint beside it

How to Clean Hairbrush Lint ( Hairbrush Cleaning Made Fun )

Cleaning lint from your hairbrush isn't going to be the most exciting task you complete today but it can be fun.... Yes fun.... Really! Most hairbrush cleaning advice is boring so here are some simple...

Dior Addict Lip Glow Review( 2020 Review & Swatch )

  Is Dior Addict Colour reviver balm a fancy chapstick or a special must-have addition for your cosmetics collection? Let's compare the different shades & then look at the Dior Lip Glow in more detail (...
dermalogica vs exuviance

Exuviance vs Dermalogica: (Skin Care Comparison)

In this article I am going to compare the skincare brands, Exuviance and Dermalogica. I am comparing Exuviance vs Dermalogica because they have both developed an exciting range of skin care products. Exuviance focus...
nulastin review

Nulastin Review 2020 (Skin care & lash and brow products )

Nulastin are a luxury brand that have become popular for their lash and brow products. Nulastin mostly use natural ingredients that support the hair growth process and provide nourishment and support to encourage fuller...

fresh sugar lip treatment review & swatch

  The Fresh sugar Lip treatment balm claims to protect and moisturise your lips while coating them in smooth caring sugary oils. We love this lip treatment balm and want to share a few of...