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Freddy Jeans Review ( Best Freddy Jeans WR.UP 2020)

Ready for a booty enhancing experience.. Will Freddy jeans help shape your butt or are you going to have to workout harder and sculpt it yourself? Freddy is an Italian apparel brand that become popular in...
woman wearing fashion sneakers on vintage car

Best fashion sneakers – Our Favourite Stylish sneakers 2020

Sneakers are still in trend, which means you don’t need to be a fashion mermaid   Every girl has mixed feelings about high-heels because they are so gorgeous, so exquisite and just like a work of...
womens frye boots for petites

Best Frye Boots For petites

I absolutely love boots and I really want to show you how great us petites can look in a beautiful strong and feminine pair of the finest quality Frye boots. Scroll down to see...
violet sky with stars

Colour of the year 2018-Ultra Violet

Pantone announced this years’ colour is UltraViolet. According to their vice president Laurie Pressman “The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of...
australian fashion brand on hanger

Australian designer brands – Tired of Zara & HM?

Tired of Zara & HM?  There are few Australian designer brands you should know Before I start, I have to say that, I LOVE Zara and H&M. They may not be very good quality or...
silver metallic bag

Silver metallic bags ( Best Silver bag review 2020 )

Fashion and technology always go hand in hand. With Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch recently, futurism is back in the picture. Well, it actually never left. Do you still remember the Met Gala 2016? Where...
slip on sneakers

Best Slip On sneakers – Find the most stylish slip-on sneaker

We all admire the fancy Rococo style, however, we just can't be bothered to spend the time to dress up that fancy.  It is undeniable that fashion has become more and more functional or in another...
girl wearing jotaro style cosplay hat

best jotaro hats for cosplay & fashion

What is a jotaro hat? A Jotaro hat is a style of hat based on the hat worn by the awesome Japanese character Jotaro Kujo ( Jojo ) from Jojo's bizarre adventure: Stardust crusaders. Jotaro...
lady wearing gucci bag

Gucci vs Louis Vuitton Bags – Which Brand Has The Best Luxury Bag

My friends often ask me which I like the most out of Gucci and Louis Vuitton's bags and It's never an easy decision when both brands fuel your passion for luxury bags. Comparing two...

Best Gym Bags For Women – Even in the gym I’m still fashionable

0 long, I can't remember when... living a healthy lifestyle became the most fashionable thing to do. Instagram is full of healthy salad pictures. When friends going out, the café is no longer in the...