Dior Addict Lip Glow Review


I have been using the Dior Addict Colour Reviver Balm Lip Glow 001 sheer pink for a few months now and wanted to share my thoughts and show you some of my swatches in this review. Lip glows are usually more of a casual look for a trip to the shops or gym workout.

Dior addict Lip Glow has changed that perception for me with this splurge offering that relies on your natural lip shape without the definition and added coverage of a full lip stick. I have to admit I bought this lip balm as an instinct buy based on it’s reputation and cute pink casing design.

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Dior claim the colour Reviver Balm adjusts to the PH value in your lips and the colour offering varies slightly. This is often the case with skincare products and makeup that look a little different on your friends than they do on you.

First impressions

I love the soft pink of the 001 Pink colour I bought and the transparent casing feels solid to hold with nicely rounded edges and a raised Dior logo that caught my eye with the inner silver lip glow stick visible inside creating a stylish effect.

The silver lipstick tube fits perfectly into the pink casing and the little ridge lets it click back into place with ease. I love the snug quality fit of this addict lip glow.


Dior use Luffa Cylindrica to help create a soft & smooth texture and wild mango which sounds nice and tasty!.

How it looks and feels – Dior Addict Lip Glow Swatches

You’ll smell that familiar strong feminine scent when you open the tube and take out the stick. I really really love this rosy vanilla scent that you might find on a casual body spray or light perfume. Maybe it’s the joy of opening and trying on a new exciting and pretty lip balm that makes it smell so good!!

The flush pretty pink colour is beautiful and this Dior addict lip glow being a balm I can feel the moisture in my lips that you just don’t get with the average lipstick. Comfort and lip care is important to me and Dior offer a great balance between the strong colour and definition of a lipstick and the comforting hydration of a balm.

When I applied this lip glow to my lips it felt easy to apply and was smooth and luscious. Be careful to apply with some care because this is more colourful than a clear lip balm so a little care has to be taken but application is still possible without a mirror. If you regularly lick your lips you’ll notice there is no flavour which is a good thing because i’d want to lick it a lot based on the nice light scent.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Review – Final Thoughts

If you don’t like the complete transparency of a lip balm but don’t want lips that are defined and stand out wearing a strong lipstick then the Dior Addict colour Reviver balm offers a nice balance and is a good choice. Be sure to apply to bare lips for the full effect of the colour adjusting to your lips.

I’m sure you’ll love the velvety matte finish and become addicted to this lip glow just like I am. If I didn’t love lipsticks so much i’d wear this Lip Glow everyday and make sure it matches my gel nails.



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