Duvolle Spin Brush Review| Is it worth it? & Alternatives

Ready to Spin your way to exfoliated, glowing healthy skin?

You’ve probably already heard all about the Duvolle spin brush facial cleansing system and want to know if it’s a good value addition to your daily skin care routine.

My answer to your question is both yes and no.

Read on to find out what I like, what could be better and then take a look at my favourite alternative spin brush skin care systems that I think are even better.

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Who will benefit from using the Duvolle Radiance spin care facial cleansing system

Not everyone will enjoy using a sonic spinning facial cleansing system but most people will find it beneficial if used correctly. If you really want to benefit from the Duvolle Radiance spinner you need to make sure you are using the right brush head for your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin the facial cleansing brush is best but if you have tough skin and blocked pores the exfoliating facial brush will provide a more aggressive experience, but shouldn’t be used too frequently because eventually it will wear off your skins natural sebum barrier.

skin care routine


What happens to your skin when you use the Duvolle spin brush

When you first use a spin brush your skin will start to release toxins and impurities from your pores and this can sometimes cause spots to break out. My friend who experienced this told me that after just over a week this stopped happening.

This is one reason why I would always recommend you try out any new skincare tools for as long as possible, fix them into your skin care routine habit and see what happens.

Be sensible though, if it’s clear your skin is being damaged or hurts, stop using the device and either change the way you use it, use a different brush head or reduce the amount of time spent exfoliating your skin with it.

Using an intense exfoliating brush everyday can sometimes cause your skin to dry out too much so have a rest every so often and use the gentles facial cleansing attachments for a few days before returning to the hard exfoliation brush.

The biggest thing you are going to see if the amount of flaky and dry skin being removed from your face. If you are moisturising your skin well and keeping hydrated this effect doesn’t mean your skin is necessarily dry, just that the oils and impurities from your pores have been removed.

daily routine matters

Where should I add the Duvolle brush into my skin care routine ( Organise your skin care plan)

I like to use this skin exfoliating tool in the evening while i’m in the shower. It is waterproof so safe to use in water, but I wouldn’t fully submerge any device for too long. Make sure you use the Duvolle spinner brush heads only on one part of your body. Using the facial brush on your body can cause an imbalance of bacteria and cause skin problems.

Creating and maintaining a beauty routine doesn’t come easily for me but if you really want to get the most out of your skin care and makeup application routine it’s a great idea to find a regular routine. Once you find a set of beauty products and makeup that work for your skin type then try forcing yourself to stick to a daily routine for a few weeks until it becomes a habit.

This way you can test out cosmetics products and tools like this facial spin brush for long enough to notice any benefits or see where change needs to be made.

How to use on your Face

Apply a gel, cream or foaming cleanser on your face after you have removed any makeup. I recently started using this Biore natural charcoal face wash bar and love it.

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Try using the exfoliating brush on your face and ease off on the use if your skin starts to become too dry or breaks out in pimples. This is a sign that the exfoliation is working and bringing out impurities from your pores but is also an indication that it might be time to use the softer facial cleansing brush for a few days and let your skin recover from the initial spell of intense and deep exfoliation. 


How to use on your Body

The Body cleansing brush is a brush intended for a gentle exfoliation of your body. Apply your body cleanser and massage into your skin. Usually I use a loofah or face cloth to remove dead skin cells from my legs and the body cleansing brush included in this set offers a similar experience. 

Once you have massaged cleanser onto your skin switch this on and massage your skin in a circular motion. This doesn’t offer an intense body exfoliation but often your body doesn’t need an intense and full exfoliation like your face does because your face is often exposed to impurities in the air and makeup.


How to use on your feet

Attach the pumice stone and use on dry or wet feet. I personally like to soak in a hot bath, place one leg over my other knee and gently work this pumice stone into the sole of my foot using circular motions. This feels really relaxing.

I love using foot massage machines but being able to adjust the position of this on my feet lets me really dig deep into the tense areas of my foot.

relaxed foot in bath

What’s included in this set

This Duvolle facial cleansing tool comes with 3 different size and textured brush heads and one pumice stone attachment. Let’s take a look at what each attachment is, how to use them and what the attachments are best for.

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Click the image to view the Duvolle spinner on Amazon

Facial exfoliation brush

This brush head has bristles that are densely packed together and a little firmer than the other spinning brush heads. Using the facial exfoliation head is quite aggressive on your skin so I would ease into using the Duvolle spin brush with the softer facial cleansing brush for a day or two and then exfoliate your skin more fully with this head.

A strong exfoliation is great for helping clean out pores but can cause skin cells to dry out and spots to appear so I would recommend once you start using this head attachment that you exfoliate with it daily until you notice your skin starts to settle and any breakouts start to calm.

Then reduce the use to a few times per week, or use after removing heavy makeup to help unblock pores as part of your makeup removal routine.

Large body cleansing brush

This brush head has a similar effect to using a body loofah in the bath or shower, but could be seen as being more hygienic because a loofah eventually holds dead skin cells and quickly becomes unhygienic. 

One other feature I like with this when compared to a loofah is that you can see some of the dirt / dead skin cells on the brush and in the exfoliating creme you use. Seeing the results of the exfoliation is nice because a loofah has some many surfaces you can’t really see if it is working effectively.

washing body in bath

Facial cleansing brush

This brush head is best if you have sensitive skin because the texture or the bristles is very soft and fluffy. The best way to use this brush is to clean up any makeup out of your facial pores after you’ve removed the makeup. residue from most foundations ended up clogging some pores so this will help to get rid of a few more than if you try to wipe your face with your hands using cotton or a cloth.

Pumice stone attachment

I really love massaging my feet and I’ve recently been using pumice stones to soften a few calluses, cracked heels and to scrape off the dead skin cells after massaging my feet.

The pumice stone Duvolle include with this facial cleansing system is a little too smooth and doesn’t have the natural rough texture that really works the dead skin cells from your feet. But, it isn’t totally useless, it feels good and can massage the skin on your feet and help relax some tension in the sole of your feet.


Tips for how to use the Duvolle spin brush effectively

I’m going to drive you crazy by telling you this again, but be sure to take the time necessary to see which brush heads work best on your skin. The main choice is between the exfoliating and cleansing brushes. If you are using the exfoliating brush make sure you don’t use it too frequently. Once a day in the evening as part of your makeup removal and cleansing routine works best. 

The different brush heads clip on and off easily and the device can be switched on and off using a button. There is only one speed setting so you don’t need to adjust that. Using a circular motion while exfoliating is usually the best and most effective technique.

Alternative choices – Some face cleansing skin care systems I like even better

The Duvolle system is a good value option but there are so many different products available now, often with more attachments, I thought I’d show you which I like best so you can choose your favourite more easily.

Forea Luna 2

The Forea Luna Facial cleansing brush is one of my favourites. They are much more expensive but made of a hygienic and easy to clean silicone. The Forea 2 spinner has 12 speed settings which really helps you find the right intensity for different skin types. I use the higher intensity setting for massaging my face and body. Forea 2 also has an anti ageing setting and a long battery life.

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Click the image to view the Forea Luna 2 and other models on Amazon



For another low priced option the Akimo sonic vibrating face brush is a small egg shaped device that is a very popular device that includes wireless charging, 2 replacement brush heads and 3 adjustable speed settings.

Akimo don’t include the body and foot brushes like the Duvolle spinner but offer high quality brushes and a stylish and small spinner that easily fits in the palm of your hand. If you are just looking for a quality face cleansing device this offers less features than a high-end option but the quality and functionality are superb. This is a beautiful tool that you will love.

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Click the image to view the Akimo Sonic facial cleaner on Amazon



Is the Duvolle spin brush waterproof?

Yes the Duvolle spin brush is waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. I would recommend not submerging it under water for a very long time, as would be the case with most waterproof electronic devices.

How do i clean the Duvolle spin care brush ?

You can clean the brush heads by rinsing them under warm water. Once a week it is worth doing a more thorough clean with a gentle alcohol based cleaner or other brush cleaner. Be sure that after cleaning you rinse the brush heads with water to remove any chemicals that might damage your skin.


Final thoughts – Is the spin brush by Duvolle a good skin care tool

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The spin brush is a great value tool for cleaning your face. If you are new to the world of facial cleansing spin brushes then Duvolle offer a solid value choice with a selection of 4 interchangeable heads that allow you to try it out on your face, body and feet.

This spinner definitely isn’t the best option available to buy but the experience wasn’t a bad one and for the price there aren’t many better choices.

If you are looking for the best available facial spinners as a gift or to last a long time then one of my alternative choices have a better build quality and are more pleasing to look at and include a higher selection of features and settings.

Hopefully this review has given you some insights into what I think about the Duvolle spinner and will help you choose whether it is the right tool to add to your set of facial cleaning tools.

I hope to try out some more cleaners soon, and regularly publish articles on a range of beauty tools, makeup and fashion items, so check them out too if you have some spare time. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this product, I love to hear about your experiences and recommendations.

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