fresh sugar lip treatment review & swatch



The Fresh sugar Lip treatment balm claims to protect and moisturise your lips while coating them in smooth caring sugary oils. We love this lip treatment balm and want to share a few of our thoughts, photos and swatches with you.

Fresh are a brand with a strong identity founded by a couple who are still passionately involved in their simple vision of creating sensorial experiences & welcoming indulgence in the simplest skin care products we use everyday. Fresh aim to use caring ingredients that look after your skin by embracing the natural ingredients that we have grown to love in all our beauty products.

Simplicity is important in a modern beauty industry where complexity is often less trendy than simple pretty designs. We all know that it’s a good thing that Fresh have avoided parabens and sulphates in their lip treatment balm but isn’t sugar BAD FOR BEAUTY ???.

Sugar Is actually a natural humectant…. yes we hadn’t heard of that word before but it means that all that sugar you usually find listed on your food to avoid list can actually benefit your skin & lips by helping them stay moist and hydrated.

Sugar is a warrior on your behalf fighting to keep you looking younger against toxins and the elements trying to dry out your lips.

Alongside the sugar are some tasty blackcurrant & grape seed oils full of antioxidants. Blackcurrant seeds fight free radicals and their mild anti inflammatory properties help reduce bacteria that can cause skin problems.


The sugar lip treatment sugary texture also has some exfoliating qualities and will play a small role in removing those unwanted dead skin cells that we always seem to be trying to get rid of.

If, like us, you love to carry around a chap stick or simple lip balm Fresh offer you the chance to carry on doing so but with a few more higher quality ingredients included. With it’s strong no frills plastic casing the Fresh advanced therapy lip treatment casing does what it’s supposed to without showing off.

For the price we might have expected something more creative, but the quality is high and is exactly what the Fresh brand is about – good quality caring ingredients that do their job well and feel good on your lips & skin.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Swatch



Fresh sugar advanced therapy lip treatment colour choices.



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Click to view Translucent colour option on Amazon



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