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Gucci vs Coach Purses – 2020 Purse Brand Comparison

This blog is my passion for fashion and beauty. Let’s find out the differences between Gucci vs Coach purses by looking more closely at what purses (women’s wallets) each brand offers. Let’s have fun together comparing these trendy and glamorous purse brands so I can tell you all my secrets about why I love them so much and show you some gorgeous Coach and Gucci purse styles you might not have seen before.

A comparison between some of my favourite Coach and Gucci purses  – Women’s Wallets


When comparing Gucci vs Coach purses I’m going to show you what I look for before making a luxury purse purchase decision. I recently compared Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags and found some appealing and artful designs, check them out after I show you some of the most luxurious purses in the fashion world. If you are looking to make a decision about which purse to buy, I have listed lots of different styles of purse throughout this article.

Price Comparison

Coach is a high-end popular American brand and their target market with the price range of their purses (wallets) attracts consumers with some spare cash to splurge but who are not yet willing to spend the extra money required to buy one of the top luxury brands purses. Coach price most of their purses (wallets) between $80 – $150 which Is affordable luxury compared to higher end brands.

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Gucci purses are more expensive. Gucci’s range of women’s wallets starts with the Supreme card holders and Gucci Marmont purse collection priced around $200 and quickly rises up to $450+ for wallets in the higher end of the Marmont range, Orphidia and Zumi designs.

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Style & design features


Coach brand themselves around their all american image and affordable luxury leather designs that are high quality and timeless but aren’t as opulent and special as higher end luxury brands. Coach have a signature monogram of the letter C on most of their women’s wallet designs.

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Take a look at these purses that show off some interesting Coach designs that play around with fun popular cartoon characters and then we’ll look at Gucci’s purse styles.

Gucci are an Italian brand that have been around for more than 90 years and are a true high fashion brand that pride themselves in staying at the top of the luxury world with a clear identity and vision for the future of fashion. Gucci are striving to become an innovative fashion house that are willing to be bold, progressive and influence trends with unique designs that have a strong emotional impact.

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Fabric & materials

Coach mostly use leather for their purses and have recently patented a leather they have named rainbow leather. The colour tone of this type of leather has two colours running through. Some Coach design also use other fabrics such as weave and canvas  but their main focus is luxury leather purses. Here are some Coach purses that show a variety of different leathers and canvas styles.

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Gucci are an Italian brand and Italy is known as the country that produced some of the worlds most beautiful leather products. Gucci use a variety of different leather purse designs

A selection of my favourite Gucci & Coach Purses


Gucci Women’s Blue Bloom Flap Coated Canvas Wallet

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If you like flowery designs, you will adore the bloom print box this canvas women’s wallet comes in. My first impression of this bloom print design was that I wasn’t sure how the style would work out with so many elements but somehow Gucci manage it. The blue colour tone of the blooms blends together with the coated canvas fabric and Gucci monogram to create an unexpectedly clean look. Open up the wallet and you’ll see a beautiful clean red fabric running throughout and plenty of space for all your cards.

Gucci Blooms Flower Wallet

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This Gucci Blooms Flower purse has been designed using the same canvas and pattern as the wallet above but this purse is bigger and includes a wrap around zip opening.


Gucci GG Supreme Moon Ebony Hibiscus Red Pouch Wallet 

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Gucci Supreme canvas products are on-trend and popular throughout the fashion world. This Supreme Moon Ebony pouch wallet has horsebit hand sewn details that create a curved top opening section gradually sweeping down with beautiful guccissima red leather across the top half of the front of the purse. What really makes me fall in love with this purse are the pearl studs on the red leather creating the impression of their being 5 moons placed delicately and symmetrically along the curved cloud like leather, with some gold studs and a central Gucci monogram logo on the central moon stud which looks beautiful.


Coach Ms Pac Man Signature Corner Zip Wristlet Wallet Bag

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Coach L Zip Wallet in Prairie Daisy 



Is Coach better than Gucci?

In my opinion Gucci is the better brand but this depends on what style and design suits your taste. Gucci offer a unique high fashion designer brand experience that is more expensive and uses some timeless and exclusive designs. Coach are also known as being a luxury brand but their designs are less innovative and aren’t high value collectors pieces in the same way some of Gucci’s finest design are. Your experience at a Coach store will be good but won’t feel as exclusive as at Gucci.

How can you tell it is a real coach purse?

On the signature purses coach use a PVC covered signature print. There is usually an original coach price tag attached and an authenticity card is included with most purses.

Conclusion – Coach Vs Gucci – Comparing the two brands.

I really like lots of the designs from both brands but Gucci offer more high-end timeless purses that I can’t resist falling in love with. If you are looking for a special purse that will last a lifetime then consider Gucci, but if you want a lower price purse that is high quality and produced by an established designer brand then take a look at the Coach purses above and you won’t be disappointed. I recently compared Gucci & Louis Vuitton bags and looked at the beauty products La Mer and La Prairie offer



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