girl wearing jotaro style cosplay hat

What is a jotaro hat?

A Jotaro hat is a style of hat based on the hat worn by the awesome Japanese character Jotaro Kujo ( Jojo ) from Jojo’s bizarre adventure: Stardust crusaders. Jotaro hats are often worn by fans of Jotaro’s adventures and often to add the realistic touch to a Jojo cosplay outfit. The hat’s style is very unique and can also be worn as part of a bold, masculine and interesting fashion style for both men and women.

Our favourite Jotaro style hats

Here is our list of Jotaro hats for sale. If you are looking to buy one of the hats click on the link or photo and it will take you to the latest price on amazon or other online store selling the hat. Some of the hats are a very close replica and great for cosplay while others offer a cheaper option.


Geanbaye Jotaro style hat


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This Geanbaye hat is a good quality hat made of cotton and designed in a similar style to a jotaro hat. If you are looking to use this hat for cosplay be aware that the gold pins are a little smaller than Jojo wears and the cap visor isn’t quite as long and pointed as an exact replica would be. At such a low price this hat looks good and is high quality enough to wear everyday.

At this price you’ll be happy with the quality and if a 100% exact replica cosplay jotaro style hat isn’t too important you’ll be more than happy with the style and design. The fit is a little tight and can’t be adjusted so if you have a bigger head size expect it to be tight or consider one of our other larger size recommendations.


Damdos Jojo Hat


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This Damdos jotaro hat is slightly more expensive than the Geanbaye hat but I think it looks closer to Jojo’s actually hat, so is a little more accurate for any cosplay parties you are planning to attend. The gold pin and badge appear to be a little bit closer together than some other designs and with Jotaro himself wearing a hat with the pins close together and side by side this is a more realistic design .What I like most about the Damdos jojo hat is the adjustable snap in strap at the back that means this isn’t a one size fits all squeeze on your head challenge and can fit most small to large head sizes.

With the Damdos hat you also get a nice little Jojo themed tin with the gold badge and pins inside that can be fastened in place on the front of the hat to match Jotaro kujo’s style of hat for cosplay.


Xcoser Teen cosplay Jotaro baseball hat


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Xcoser are know in the cosplay world as a brand that create a wide range of cosplay costumes and accessories. This jotaro style hat is small in size and aimed at teenagers but can be worn by adults with a smaller head size. The hats circumference is 58cm and the brim width is 5.5 cm so make sure to check it is suitable for your head size before adding this to your selection of cosplay accessories and dressing and adventuring like Jojo would.

The palm like gold emblem is good quality and looks realistic and shiny. The main hat is made using cotton and the brim is faux leather and stays in shape nicely. If you are looking for a cosplay hat from a well known brand this is a good choice for you.

Kangaroo black chauffeur hat 

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Most of the Jotaro hats we could find offer a similar style hat or are produced by the same manufacturer but use a different name. This hat isn’t a jotaro hat but the style is very similar and at a low price this is a comfortable soft hat shaped very similarly to a Jojo hat. This hat is aimed for people dressing as a chauffeur but is also a unique fashion item and you can always buy the jotaro hat pins and badge and attach them onto this comfortable hat to make it look a lot more realistic. The strap is adjustable so can be worn by older children and adults.


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