Loreal X Balmain Lipstick Fever Review | Luscious lips?

I know it’s 2022 and it’s getting old, but the Loreal x Balmain lipstick is still one of my all time favourites, so I feel like I have to write this review to introduce you to the amazing Fever colour

The fashion house Balmain is famous for its bold and cool looks. A Balmain girl is bold, stylish and independent This is reflected in the range of colour choices for the Loreal X Balmain collection. There are 12 Lipstick shades grouped in 3 different themes, green marble, dark blue marble and black marble.

Loreal chose the colours to be themed around the amazon rainforest by using earthy and bold colours. You really need to be happy and clear about your style if you choose one of the more unique and creative colour choices.

The shades that come in the dark blue marble tubes are the unusual ones such as purple, blue and brown, they are unique and bold and the signature look for Balmain girls. If these shades suit you well, then I’d say go for them, the formula lasts well and won’t let you down half way through the day.

I’m old fashioned in my choice of lipstick shades, most of my lipsticks are different shades of red or orange. My boyfriend doesn’t understand why I have so many lipsticks in the same shade… just red….what can I say they are all red in their different ways and they are totally different in my eyes.

When this collection was released, I was working for Harvey Nichols. There was a new counter especially for this collection and in the first three days people were queuing outside the door of the building to get this collection and every person was buying a hand full of the X Balmain lipsticks. The popular shades, including Fever sold out very quickly and never came back in stock again.

I was lucky to get this one and I’m sure I was the only person who only purchased one shade that day. Actually, I had my eye on this fever shade and was torn between this and another shade called Domination, but that sold out and made my decision for me.

Loreal X Balmain packaging

Let’s talk about the packaging of the X Balmain lipstick. As i said earlier, the outer casing tube holding the lipsticks in this collection comes in 3 different colours: green marble, dark blue marble and black marble. I love them all but I think the green one is more unique and luckily that’s the one the fever shade comes in. The container is a golden green marble tube with a classic lipstick tube look and unique bevel design.

How it feels to apply this lipstick

The formula of lipstick used to create this collection is the same as with the Loreal Colour Riche Matte formula which has a smooth creamy feel and is really comfortable to wear. When my lips are very dry I like to wear some lip balm as well to give my lips more moisture otherwise they become a bit too dry. A good lipstick will always care for your lips while looking feminine.

Colour shades

The fever shade of this colour riche matte formula is my absolute favourite one. It is a stylish pumpkin based colour which is perfect for fall and winter looks because it’s not too dull and not too boring with just the right shade to heat up this cold winter season. Because of the stylish colour expect it to match with most outfits and styles of makeup.


Unlike the exclusively high Balmain price, this Loreal x Balmain collaboration is quite accessible for girls who admire the famous fashion house but can’t afford the price. When Compared with lipsticks such as Tom Ford, this collection offers stunning looks at a good price.

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