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A luxury brand can build a reputation that lasts many lifetimes by creating a timeless design or experience. Louis Vuitton managed to establish themselves at the top of the fashion world with their Damier and Monogram canvas patterns that were created before the 20th century even began.

I love Louis Vuitton’s patterns and if you studied fashion design like i did, you can appreciate how much skill, dedication and creativity is required to create a pattern that is beautiful and truly timeless.

In this article I am going to show lots of different Louis Vuitton canvas and leather patterns and prints while also letting you see some of the most beautiful products Louis Vuitton have created using those timeless patterns.

Louis Vuitton Canvas Patterns

Louis Vuitton’s  most renowned Canvas patterns are the Damier canvas and Monogram canvas patterns. Let’s take a closer look at both and see some stunning hand bags with these LV pattern designs.

Damier Canvas

LV Damier Ebene Pattern

The Damier pattern was the first pattern created by Georges Vuitton in 1888. Damier actually means checkerboard which is the inspiration for the pattern. The pattern was later put to one side in place of the Monogram pattern which became established as the brands most popular design.

I prefer the Damier pattern because the design is much more subtle and the LV logo only appears infrequently in small squares and isn’t the centrepiece trying to draw your attention. The cotton based canvas itself is beautiful enough to draw attention and create that timeless elegant but simple appearance.

In 1998 The Damier Canvas pattern returned with the Damier Ebene design. The lighter brown tone squares are printed onto the main black coloured canvas to create a contrasting checker-board pattern. The Damier Azur canvas is a similar pattern to the ebene but uses different colours. The main Azur canvas is a blue fabirc with white checkerboard patterned squares.

Louis vuitton bags that use the Damier Pattern

Neverfull bag

The LV neverfull bag comes in a few different patterns but in Damier Canvas you can choose from the Damier Azur design or Damier Ebene. I prefer the Ebene pattern because it is easy to match with most of my outfits but the Azur blue and white colours are a great choice for your summer outfits.

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Neverfull MM N41605 Rose Ballerine

Damier Azur pattern Neverfull bag – Click image to view on Amazon

The Damier Azur pattern is gorgeous but I also adore the Ebene pattern too.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene Bags Handbags Purse (Cherry)

Damier Ebene pattern Neverfull bag – Click image to view on Amazon

Monogram Canvas

louis vuitton monogram canvas

The monogram canvas is the LV canvas that is currently most popular in their bag designs. Originally the monogram pattern was created by George Vuitton and printed on his luggage boxes but was later introduced on handbags. 

The patterns itself is a repetition of a simple floral pattern and the interlocking letters L and V for the brands name. How most people recognise this pattern is by seeing the L and V letters.

But I think the most beautiful feature is the way the three different shaped floral patterns spread evenly across the canvas one after another surrounding the LV monograms in a picture frame square shape pattern.

LV’s monogram canvas material is a coated cotton fabric. This LV monogram Canvas has similarities with the canvas patterns designed by Gucci.

LV bags that use the Monogram pattern

Monogram Eclipse Canvas

Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 Monogram Eclipse Canvas M40605

Monogram Eclipse pattern  – Click image to view on Amazon

The monogram eclipse canvas uses grey and black shadow tones that create the dark neutral eclipse design across the black canvas.

Monogram Canvas Tuileries 

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Onthego GM Top Handle Handbag Article: M45320

Monogram Canvas Tuileries bag – Click image to view on Amazon

This is a really special hand bag and one of the few made by Louis Vuitton that use a combination of leather and canvas so well.

The main body of the bag has the signature Monogram canvas but a vibrant and smooth red leather strip across the top of the bag creates a delightful luxury blend of fabric and patterns that I love.

Louis Vuitton Leather Patterns

Let’s take a look at some stunning Louis Vuitton leather patterns, including the Vernis leather, Epi leather and Empreinte leather designs.

Vernis leather

The Vernis leather design was created in 1998. When you first look at this design you’ll understand why it’s name means varnish in English. The embossed calfskin leather is coated and the techniques used to coat it create the shiny varnish glow that sparkles.

Epi leather

The Epi leather design is a two toned pattern created by treating leather. I like this pattern because the type of leather used is stretchy and the texture feels unusual to touch.

Empreinte leather

The Empreinte style of leather was created in 2010 so Is one of LV’s most modern leather designs. I love the way the leather looks soft and squishy and has a gentle bubbly quality but holds it shape very well.

LV bags that use a leather pattern

Here are a selection of LV bags showing the brands Leather patterns. The Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern on Vernis leather and Victorian design on Empriente leather.

LV Alma Monogram Vernis Leather pattern bag

Louis Vuitton LV Escale Onthego GM Top Handles Handbag Article :M45120

Click image to view on Amazon

I adore this art deco style design with such a beautiful bold and shiny colour that really glows. Because of the shiny leather the classic monogram pattern blends deeper into the leather surface and this creates a more subtle design.

LV Victorine Empriente leather wallet

Louis Vuitton Victorine Wallet Monogram Empreinte Leather M63701 Scarlet

Click image to view on Amazon

This wallet is beautiful. I love the Empriente red leather with a monogram pattern. You can see the bubbly soft empriente leather that feels nice to touch. The monogram pattern is large and blends subtly into the red surface.

In my opinion Louis Vuitton patterns are timeless, beautiful and there is so much history behind the designs that it’s hard not to appreciate their longevity.

LV continue to create new pieces by the worlds most skilful designers but even though they make changes the classic monogram and Damier canvas patterns are hard to improve on. When your designs and the patterns that they are created from are so recognisable and iconic it is difficult to change them.

This is why Louis Vuitton designers make sure to keep their identity intact and work on interesting and unique ways of blending different types of leather and dyes. LV always create new styles that still retains the brands timeless patterns. Along with these Gorgeous patterns, Louis Vuitton maintain their fashion heritage status with their designs crafted in France and Italy, the homes of fashion in Europe.

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