Oval Brush Set Review ( 2020 Best Oval Brush sets )

Oval Brush Set Comparison Table

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Top Choice Oval Brushes
Yoseng Makeup Brushes Set 10Pcs Professional Oval Toothbrush Foundation Contour Powder Blush Conceler Eyeliner Blending Brush New Fashionable Super Soft Cosmetic Brushes Tool Set with Box(Rose Gold)
Best high-end option
Artis Elite Mirror 10 Piece Brush Set
Best cheap alternative
Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes (Midnight Black), Blend Party Oval Makeup Brush Kit with Ergonomic Handles, Soft Synthetic Bristles, Unique Design- Set of 10
Product name
Yoseng Oval Brush Set
Artis Elite Oval Mirror Brush
Vanity Planet Oval Makeup Kit
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Top Choice Oval Brushes
Product image
Yoseng Makeup Brushes Set 10Pcs Professional Oval Toothbrush Foundation Contour Powder Blush Conceler Eyeliner Blending Brush New Fashionable Super Soft Cosmetic Brushes Tool Set with Box(Rose Gold)
Product name
Yoseng Oval Brush Set
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Best high-end option
Product image
Artis Elite Mirror 10 Piece Brush Set
Product name
Artis Elite Oval Mirror Brush
Click to view price on Amazon
Best cheap alternative
Product image
Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes (Midnight Black), Blend Party Oval Makeup Brush Kit with Ergonomic Handles, Soft Synthetic Bristles, Unique Design- Set of 10
Product name
Vanity Planet Oval Makeup Kit
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You’ve heard all about oval brush sets for makeup. Well I’ve found a great set of round makeup brushes & I’m going to review it for you.

Let’s see if these oval brush sets live up to all the hype and if they perform better for makeup application compared with sponges and a regular makeup brush.

First I’ll review my very favourite set of oval brushes and show you some great alternative choices including the Artis Elite Mirror Oval brush set and Vanity Planet oval brush set. If you prefer regular brushes check out these quality makeup brushes.

The Best Oval Brush Sets for makeup – Detailed Review – 

Yoseng Oval Makeup brush set

Click to view Yoseng Oval makeup brush set on Amazon

I’m sure you’ve heard of Artis, they produce a very expensive set of luxury oval brushes. Yoseng on the other hand have created these brushes that are often available to buy for less than $20 and are highly recommended by a lot of makeup enthusiasts and artists.

If you buy the Yoseng brushes you just have to choose the Rose gold colour option because not only do they look much more beautiful, the handles are stronger, firmer and don’t flex. The black set are much more bendy and difficult to apply makeup with accurately.

The rose gold oval brush set comes with Beautiful rose gold detailing on the back of each oval brush head and a handle with sculpted contours that bend in a similar fashion to a toothbrush. If you are used to using a blending sponge, having a handle feels a little strange but the curved shape grip is more comfortable, steady and controllable than with a sponge.

Features I like about this cheap oval brush set by Yoseng. 

When I buy a cheap cosmetic brush set I’m looking for successful makeup application rather than a perfect experience. I hope that for a low price I won’t experience too many hairs coming loose from the bristles and that I will be able to put on my makeup without any major difficulty or flaws in the final appearance.

The large foundation brush blends flawlessly with it’s soft sponge like surface. I really like the versatility with this brush because it holds cream and powder foundations evenly across it’s soft rounded surface

Using an oval brush is one of the best ways to apply cream and powder foundations in a way that is not streaky and doesn’t eat up all of your product. This happens because the brush head has a rounded shape and very dense and smooth surface where the product doesn’t sink deeply into and hide away.

Which 10 Oval makeup brushes are included in this Oval set ( What are their uses )

There are 10 oval brushes in this set and each brush gets a little bigger moving up from small eye shadow and lip brushes at 4.7″ long & 0.39″ head size to the big foundation brushes which are 6.69″ long and have a big round 1.97″ full coverage head. Here are some images showing you the different size of each brush and listing it’s intended use. Click the images if you would like to view the brush set on Amazon or read on for my thoughts on each individual brush in the set.

As you can see, each brush is listed with a size and below that each has been given an intended use. What each brush can be used for isn’t set in stone so let’s consider what makeup each brush applies onto your skin best.

Brush 1 – Large foundation Brush

This is the largest oval shaped brush in this set and can be used to apply liquid foundation, cream foundation, settings powders and other powders for bronzing or creating effects. If you are blending your foundation the large face is soft and bristles are densely packed to help seamlessly blend like a sponge. With this brush apply the liquid, creme or powder onto your skin first and work in the coverage with the brush. If you apply thicker foundation directly onto the brush it will often stain a little more than if you put the foundation directly onto your skin.

Brush 2 – Powder brush

To apply powder or foundation. This brush differs from the first brush in the way the head is narrower offering a little more access to hard to reach areas of your face.

Brush 3 – Blush Brush

Rounded and a little more tapered to fit nicely along the lines and contours of your cheek bone. This is the brush that Yoseng suggest can be used for the most different types of makeup application, including the following: Bronzing, Liquid foundation, effects powder, setting powder, cheek blush, cheek contour, eye-shadow colour and concealer. I personally wouldn’t use it for any kind of eye colours because the head is a little too big and awkward for applying eye shadow.

Brush 4 – Contour brush

Brush 4 is much smaller than the blush brush and fits perfectly underneath your cheek bone so you can more easily create the edge line for your contour and then blend it in. Again, the brand suggest you can use this for setting powder, eye-shadow colour, concealer and liquid foundation but I prefer to stick to contouring.

Brush 5 – Concealer brush

This fluffy dense haired brush is small and great for creating a perfect smooth line quickly before the concealer dries out on your skin, which we all know happens fast with some concealer brands. You can also use this oval brush for lip contouring and eye shadow.

Brush 6 –  Larger eye shadow brush

Brush 6 is smaller again and the bristles on the head are even narrower than most toothbrushes so this is the first brush that starts to help you work with more precision in the difficult to reach areas of your face. It is also possible to use this brush for eye liner, if you don’t like using an eye liner pencil, concealer and cheek blusher.

Brush 7 – Small eye shadow brush

This brush heads area is roughly half the size of the large oval eye shadow brush. The brush is thin and also great for detailing, brow contouring and eyeliner application.

Brush 8 – Eyeliner brush

I love this fluffy and thin brush head which works great for blending out eye shadow into the corners of your eyes.

Brush 9 – Small blending brush

The bristles on tiny oval head are dense and also completely flat. Use this brush for detail work in difficult to reach areas of your face. You can also use this for 

Brush 10 – Lip Brush

Brush 10 is the smallest brush and is meant to be used for your lips. The small soft and oval head does a good job of caressing lip products onto your lips allowing you to follow the lips contours precisely.

Features this cheap oval brush set are missing compared with luxury brand name oval makeup brush sets.


The handles on the larger Oval foundation brushes are a little bit less sturdy and flex during makeup application a little more than a luxury brush.

A more expensive brands have a brush head with bristles that are flatter and evenly distributed which creates more even coverage, especially when applying foundation onto your face.

Expensive brushes are usually producing using bristles that are produced using higher quality fibres that are softer and will shed less often.

I found the shape of the smaller brushes a little awkward to control for more precise eye work filling in and blending the creases.

How does rounded brush makeup application compare with a beauty blender sponge

Click image to view the Beakey beauty blender sponge on Amazon

An Oval makeup brush and beauty blender both offer a similar experience when applying foundation. Foundation is applied over a large area of your face and the bigger size and flexibility help a lot. I personally prefer a brush for applying foundation because handles are easier to grip and a beauty sponge is squidgy and I feel less precise.

A blender or sponge work much better for applying makeup around the side of your nose or caressing into the creases underneath your eyes because the delicate skin in these area is easier to deal. Eyeliner works better above the eye with a small brush because the surface area is more precise on a smaller oval shaped eye brush and you won’t miss out areas and end up without that flawless complexion.


Best alternative choice oval makeup brushes.

My first alternative is the luxury Artis Elite Mirror Oval brush set. This set is a much more expensive luxury oval brush set and the trend setter with the most innovative designs in the industry. If you like to own the best of the best Artis offer the ultimate experience but you will definitely have to pay for it.

Artis Elite Mirror Oval Brush

Click Image to View Artis Elite Mirror brush on Amazon

Artis have created some amazing brushes that are really impressive. I’m not sure whether they are worth paying such a high price for when compared with lower price options but if you like the best quality products then you’ll be happy with them. You can expect great smooth even coverage and no brush strokes appearing on your face as well as very little shedding and quality materials.

This luxury oval set from Artis includes a selection of 3 of their most popular brushes.

The first brush and one of the most adorable is the oval 7 foundation brush which is one of the larger most dense brushes Artis have created. Oval 7 has perfectly aligned bristles that feel so soft on your skin. It feels like my face is being gently massaged and soothed which is great is you have sensitive skin. The second brush in this set is the Oval 3 contouring brush which works nicely with all your eye makeup, especially working eye make up deep into the corners and creases. The final brush is the linear 1 which is an eyeliner brush and isn’t actually oval at all but means you have 3 brushes that will apply all your different face makeup well.

Vanity planet blend party oval makeup kit

Click the image to view these Vanity planet oval shaped Brushes on Amazon

This Vanity planet set is really popular and another good low priced set that is a little more expensive than the Yoseng set. What I like about these rounded makeup brushes is the ergonomic shape of the handles and that they are vegan. Again the fibres used to create the bristle are synthetic, prevent streaking and don’t irritate sensitive skin.

I find this set is a better option for contouring as opposed to day to day makeup application of your foundation and base makeup.


How do I clean Oval makeup brushes?

Cleaning Oval makeup brushes is just like cleaning a regular brush. Use gentle soapy water and make sure you only dip the bristles into the water. Try to avoid getting the head and section that connects with the bristles in the water because eventually it can loosen if washed too often.

How do I use an oval makeup brush?

With the foundation brush you should blend your foundation into the brush on your hand and sweep the brush gently across your face as smoothly as possible. After blending your foundation as cleanly and with as much coverage as possible, you should use your oval concealer brush. The concealer brush is used to help cover any areas that have a bit less foundation on or that look uneven. A smaller contouring brush can be used to create lines and contours in your face and to reach hard to reach areas along your nose.

Conclusion – Do the best Oval brush sets live up to the hype

Even though they do look like toothbrushes Oval makeup brushes are useful cosmetics tools for a number of reasons. Oval brushes are a great alternative to sponges and regular makeup brushes because of the shape and texture of the brush. Applying foundation is much easier with an oval face where the product sits on top of the surface and can be blended smoothly. There isn’t much difference between a top quality oval brush and a sponge but a brush is usually a little less messy and more comfortable to grip onto because of the handle.


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