Pretty Feet & Hands Review

pretty feet and hands

Pretty feet & hands Rough Skin Remover Review

By now most of you will be familiar with the Pretty feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover. If you aren’t then we are going to introduce you to this wonderful exfoliant for your feet and hands.

The idea behind the Pretty feet & Hands product is simple. Exfoliate your skin and make your hands and feet feel lusciously soft.

Let’s find out whether it works.


Pretty Feet and Hands Rough Skin Remover Review


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The bottle is a standard plastic design creatively moulded with the shape of a foot in mind. We like the fun and interesting use of curves making the bottle unique and easy to hold, but the design doesn’t stand out and the pink and purple colour combination are nothing new.

Before opening give the bottle a shake so the cream like mixture and tiny exfoliating beads are more evenly spread. Upon opening you’ll find a thin cream with a very mild scent. Don’t expect the heavenly scent of fresh rose petals and natural ingredients. The pretty hands and feet rough skin remover is here to try and get a job done without any messing around with fancy ingredients.

For many years women have sworn by this lotion for helping to remove dead skin off your feet after a long night wearing high heels on the dance floor.

Keep your hands dry and feel the grainy texture caress your skin as you rub continuously and with purpose for a good few minutes. You’ll see some dead skin ground off leaving behind a fresh layer of soft and smooth skin.

Where to buy Pretty feet and hands rough skin remover?

You can buy pretty feet and hands rough skin remover from most beauty retailers and from most online stores including amazon. Be sure to check out retailer reviews to make sure the product is genuine so you will receive the best quality substance.


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