At Seek Pretty, our foundation is built on a deep understanding and passion for the fashion and beauty industry. Our team boasts a rich educational background, including our founder Ling Ma who has a degree in fashion design from a prestigious university in Shanghai China and advanced Master’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Multi-Channel Fashion Retailing from the prestigious University of Manchester.

Ling spent a number of years working for Burberry in Shanghai and has experience working for independent fashion designers. But our expertise doesn’t stop at academics. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with a myriad of fashion influencers and unique boutique fashion retailers to provide original insights and research into the fashion and beauty industry.

These partnerships have not only enriched our industry experience but have also fostered a two-way street of knowledge sharing. It’s this blend of formal education and hands-on experience that positions us uniquely, allowing us to deliver content that’s both insightful and grounded in real-world expertise. Trust in Seek Pretty to be your reliable guide in all things fashion and beauty.