Gucci vs Chanel

Gucci vs Chanel – Which Designer Brand is Right for You?

Gucci and Chanel are two of the most famous and instantly recognisable luxury fashion brands. Both Gucci and Chanel are extremely influential in the world of high fashion and drive modern trends through their...

Gucci vs Prada ( Fashion brand comparison )

When you think of leading Italian design houses, Prada and Gucci both come to mind. They both rank amongst the most famous haute couture and fashion houses in the world, on par with brands...
Fendi vs Fenty

Fendi VS Fenty ( Fashion brand comparison )

Let's compare Fendi and Fenty, two luxury fashion and beauty brands with differing approaches to fashion and beauty that make comparing Fenty vs Fendi an interesting brand comparison. I'm going to introduce each brands vision...

Freddy Jeans Review ( Best Freddy Jeans WR.UP 2020)

Ready for a booty enhancing experience.. Will Freddy jeans help shape your butt or are you going to have to workout harder and sculpt it yourself? Freddy is an Italian apparel brand that become popular in...
lady wearing gucci bag

Gucci vs Louis Vuitton Bags – Which Brand Has The Best Luxury Bag

My friends often ask me which I like the most out of Gucci and Louis Vuitton's bags and It's never an easy decision when both brands fuel your passion for luxury bags. Comparing two...
girl wearing jotaro style cosplay hat

best jotaro hats for cosplay & fashion

What is a jotaro hat? A Jotaro hat is a style of hat based on the hat worn by the awesome Japanese character Jotaro Kujo ( Jojo ) from Jojo's bizarre adventure: Stardust crusaders. Jotaro...
womens frye boots for petites

Best Frye Boots For petites

I absolutely love boots and I really want to show you how great us petites can look in a beautiful strong and feminine pair of the finest quality Frye boots. Scroll down to see...

Best Michael Kors Bags

Michael Kors bags - Seek pretty guide Scroll down to see photos and links to all the latest Michael Kors Bags. We are going to introduce you to the best Michael Kors Bags - MK...
women wearing hair ties

Best Hair Ties | Hair Scrunchies – Our Favourite Ponytail Holders

We didn't see it coming but it is not hard to understand why scrunchies (hair ties) are back on trend when comfortable fashion is currently the IN thing. Hair stylists are using hair ties...

The Best Women’s Watches – Accurate and Beautiful

I can spend all day talking about Fashionable watches, so I want to try and share this knowledge and my recommendations for the best women's watches with you. Why you should be obsessed with watches A women's...