Marc Jacobs VS Tory Burch | Handbag comparison

marc jacobs vs tory burch

There are more and more designer bag brands to choose from. Today i’m going to compare Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch. When you carry designer bags, it changes your aura and gives you a feeling of class. In my opinion designer bags are the most luxurious item every lady should enjoy placing on her shoulder. … Read more

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors | Which is better?

kate spade vs michael kors

Classy and fabulous are two words that can describe the modern woman. Fashion and style are her armour to survive, it is the reality of her everyday life. Fashion is not defined by dresses only. Fashion is all around, in the streets, in the sky. Fashion represents our ideas, the way we live, and is … Read more

Tory Burch vs Michael Kors | which is better?

tory burch vs michael kors

Let’s compare Tory Burch vs Michael Kors and look at the style, quality and features you’ll find in their handbags. Handbags are a pricey passion. We love everything about them, buying them, using them, shopping for them, and even reading about them.  No wardrobe is complete without a handbag. Us ladies love spending lots of … Read more

Kate Spade vs Tory Burch Handbags | A tale of Craftsmanship & Quality

kate spade vs tory burch

Comparing Tory Burch vs Kate Spade really is a matter of taste, style and individual fashion sensibilities. Both are massive names in what might be called mainstream designer lifestyle fashion. And being lifestyle brands, when you make a purchase you are supposedly buying into  their fashion philosophy, whether consciously or not, at least that is … Read more

Gucci vs Prada ( Fashion brand comparison )

When you think of leading Italian design houses, Prada and Gucci both come to mind. They both rank amongst the most famous haute couture and fashion houses in the world, on par with brands such as Chanel, Dior, Versace and Louis Vuitton. Founded in the early 20th century, within 8 years of each other, in … Read more

Fendi VS Fenty ( Fashion brand comparison )

Fendi vs Fenty

Let’s compare Fendi and Fenty, two luxury fashion and beauty brands with differing approaches to fashion and beauty that make comparing Fenty vs Fendi an interesting brand comparison. I’m going to introduce each brands vision so you can see what kind of fashion styles each brand creates. Then I’ll show you some of the brands … Read more

Freddy Jeans Review | Best Freddy Jeans WR.UP


Ready for a booty enhancing experience.. Will Freddy jeans help shape your butt or are you going to have to workout harder and sculpt it yourself? Freddy is an Italian apparel brand that become popular in the last few years when they exploded onto the Instagram scene with their patented WR.UP jeans that aim to … Read more