Hi everyone! My name is Ling, welcome to my secret fashion diary. Seekpretty.com is a fun and friendly place where you can find the latest information and all my thoughts and suggestions about fashion, beauty, travel and shopping. If there is one thing about me that you should know. It’s that I’ve been studying and working in fashion for my whole life, For me this is like living and breathing the dream, but frankly speaking it isn’t always as fabulous as it looks. I have had my struggles and my doubts about fashion and about myself as well, luckily every time when I feel overwhelmed and want to give up, someone has always helped me to get through my difficulties. Because of this, besides sharing fun information, my mission with this website is to motivate and inspire you to be the most supreme version of yourself on the outside and inside. It is about “Girl Power” baby!


-Degree in Fashion Design
-Masters degree in fashion marketing
-Masters degree in multi-channel fashion retailing – University of Manchester


-We have worked with lots of fashion influencers and unique boutique fashion retailers to gain more industry experience and to share our knowledge & learn so we can provide better content relating to the fashion and beauty industry.