About Us

At Seek Pretty, our foundation is built on a deep understanding and passion for the fashion and beauty industry. Our team boasts a rich educational background, including our founder Ling Ma who has a degree in fashion design from a prestigious university in Shanghai China and advanced Master’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Multi-Channel Fashion Retailing from the prestigious University of Manchester. Ling spent a number of years working for Burberry in Shanghai and has experience working for independent fashion designers. But our expertise doesn’t stop at academics. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with a myriad of fashion influencersand unique boutique fashion retailers to provide original insights and research into the fashion and beauty industry

These partnerships have not only enriched our industry experience but have also fostered a two-way street of knowledge sharing. It’s this blend of formal education and hands-on experience that positions us uniquely, allowing us to deliver content that’s both insightful and grounded in real-world expertise. Trust in Seek Pretty to be your reliable guide in all things fashion and beauty.

Our Founder – Ling MA

Ling MA’s journey through the world of fashion is as diverse and eclectic as the very tapestry of the industry itself. Born amidst the bustling lanes of Shanghai, the global nerve-center for trends, Ling’s deep-seated love for designer brands was sown at a young age.

Her inherent flair for fashion was soon channelized into formal education, with Ling pursuing her undergraduate degree in Fashion Design. But it wasn’t just about understanding the layers of a fabric or the intricacies of a pattern for her. Ling was eager to delve deeper, to fathom the science behind the art. This pursuit led her to the globally-renowned University of Manchester, where she acquired her Master’s degree in Multi-Channel Fashion Retailing and Marketing. It was here, amidst the red-bricked buildings and passionate academicians, that Ling’s Eastern design sensibilities found resonance with Western marketing strategies.

After completing her studies, the world of high-fashion beckoned. And it was none other than the iconic Burberry that recognized the unique blend of Eastern design elegance and Western market acumen in Ling. Stationed at their Shanghai office, Ling contributed significantly to their Asian market segment. Her ideas, deeply influenced by her Shanghai roots, breathed fresh life into Burberry’s work ethos, making them relatable to the Asian populace while retaining their global appeal.

But for those who know Ling, her association with Burberry isn’t merely a career highlight. It’s an embodiment of her personal style and ethos. Her days in Shanghai, both as a young fashion enthusiast and later as a senior advisor for one of the world’s most revered brands, have been instrumental in shaping her vision. At Burberry, she wasn’t just another employee. She was a bridge – connecting the brand’s rich British heritage with the dynamic pulse of Asian fashion.

While many might rest on such laurels, Ling’s voracious appetite for knowledge and her commitment to the fashion industry drives her to continuously evolve. This is evident in her vast repertoire of work, where every design, every strategy is backed by rigorous research and an innate understanding of global fashion dynamics.

Outside of her professional commitments, Ling is an ardent advocate for sustainable fashion. She believes that the fashion industry, with all its glamour and allure, has a responsibility towards the environment. This ethos reflects not just in her designs but also in her personal choices. She’s known to champion brands that resonate with her sustainable philosophy and often educates her followers about the importance of conscious consumerism.

For those seeking insights into the world of designer brands, or a deeper understanding of the fusion of Eastern and Western fashion sensibilities, Ling MA isn’t just an author. She is an institution, a name that stands for credibility, innovation, and unparalleled expertise.

Dive into her writings, and you aren’t merely reading words. You’re embarking on a journey through the very heart of fashion, guided by one of its most trusted luminaries.

-Degree in Fashion Design
-Masters degree in fashion marketing
-Masters degree in multi-channel fashion retailing – University of Manchester

-We have worked with lots of fashion influencers and unique boutique fashion retailers to gain more industry experience and to share our knowledge & learn so we can provide better content relating to the fashion and beauty industry.