Is Louis Vuitton Leather? Your LV questions answered

Most of the famous Louis Vuitton items are made from leather, however, there can be confusion as to which ones. This is because their canvas bags are so tough and robust, they often get mistaken for being leather. All in all, it’s no secret that Louis Vuitton doesn’t hold back when it comes to making items from animal skin and fur. 

You may have heard stories in the past about how some people have tried their luck at convincing others they had bought a real leather LV bag. Some of these tales include buying knockoffs and passing them off as the real thing. Clever, but not very fool-proof.

Read this article to find out more about what leather Louis Vuitton use in their bags and other items and if they will ever consider stopping using animal skin in their production processes.

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What are Most Louis Vuitton Bags Made From?

Most of their bags are made from a type of leather, and/or canvas. Some bags and purses are made from full leather and some are coated canvas with leather trims and handles. It depends on the item’s shape and useability as to what material is used for it. 

What is the Leather That They Use?

Louis Vuitton uses several types of leather in their range of bags: Vachette leather, EPI leather, Taurillon leather and Empreinte leather. All of which are used on different items depending on how the leather needs to be cut and shaped onto each product. These materials come from cowhide, reptiles, lambskin, camel skin and crocodile skin. 

Louis Vuitton Epi leather

Epi leather is a type of coated leather that is made from the hide of an animal. The term “epi” comes from the French word for “spotted.” Epi leather was first created in the 1930s by Louis Vuitton, who used it to cover his trunks and suitcases. Epi leather is made by coating the outside of a piece of animal hide with wax. The wax seals in any grease or fat that would otherwise make it easier for bacteria to grow on the surface of the skin

Louis Vuitton Vachette leather

Vachette is a soft, smooth leather that comes from the hide of young calves. It has a beautiful sheen and is perfect for making wallets, bags, and other small accessories. If you’re looking for a luxurious leather that is perfect for everyday use, vachette is a great option. It’s strong enough to withstand regular use, but still soft and supple enough to be comfortable

Where Does the Leather Come From?

The leather that Louis Vuitton use is cleverly sourced from the country where their workshops are. This ensures that the import costs are low and the leather stays in perfect condition while transported that short distance. The leather for Louis Vuitton bags come from all over the world.

LV works with tanneries in France, Italy, Spain, the United States, and Japan to get the best quality hides. They also have their own tannery in Asnières-sur-Seine, just outside of Paris. This is where they tan the leather for their signature monogrammed bags. The tannery is also where they make the suede and crocodile skin used in some of their most exclusive and more controversial products.

What Items are Made Out of Leather?

The Lockme and Capucine’s bag ranges are both fully made from leather. In case that wasn’t enough, the capucine’s range includes an inside lining of leather too. 

What is the Canvas That They Use?

The canvas that is used for some bags and purses is a coated canvas and includes or has no leather on it at all. Coasted canvas is a cotton canvas that has been treated with plastic derivative PVC (polyvinyl chloride). 

What Items are Made out of Canvas?

The classic styles of bags such as the Alma, Neo Noe, speedy and Neverfull are mostly covered canvas but all have leather trims or handles at least. The most popular and recognisable styles, Monogram and Damier lines are both made out of the coated canvas. 

Surprisingly the popular Louis Vuitton Neverful bag isn’t made of leather. It’s actually made of Damier Azur coated canvas. coated canvas is a fabric that has been treated with a layer of liquid or plastic to give it extra resistanse. The neverful bag is offered in multiple colors and patterns, including the damier ebene coated canvas. It’s also available for monogram lovers and those looking for more color can choose from the monogram etoile, damier ebene, or damier azur.

The Neverful bag is roomy with a lot of space on the inside. The downside to that is that it can be a bit floppy if not filled up. But overall I really like this bag and think it would be great for everyday use or even travel and is one of my favourite LV canvas bags.

Will Louis Vuitton Ever Stop Using Animal Products?

Unfortunately, unlike many other big brands around the world such as Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton have made no inclination that they will ever stop using animal products in their items. So much so that animal cruelty campaigners often throw shade at LV for still using so many parts of animals, but so far it hasn’t seemed to change any of their production processes. 

Are the Leather Bags and Purses Handmade? 

Another reason why Louis Vuitton bags and purses are so expensive is because of the attention to detail during the production prices.No only are they made from expensive materials such as leather and reptile skin, they are all handcrafted by only the best expert in the business. This ensures that each and every bag or purse is top-quality and we can understand that it’s not a cheap process. 

How Does the LV Canvas Compare to Leather?

It’s common knowledge that leather is a durable material, but when it comes to Louis Vuitton canvas, it’s just as durable. Unfortunately, for both materials, you pay a high price and this is because, as LV themselves state, there are over 100 stages of production that any leather or canvas bag needs to go through before it’s ready to be sold. This is why every Louis Vuitton product is extremely expensive. 

Do They Make Any Items With No Animal Products?

There is an option for people that want just a canvas bag, with no leather at all and that’s the OnTheGo tote bag. Although this is made from canvas and not leather, it may feature leather tags and therefore would still not be suitable for vegans or anyone against using animal skin. There is no sign that Louis Vuitton will ever make vegan items, which is unusual nowadays.

I can understand that they don’t want to step away from the materials and products they have built their empire on, but with fashion becoming ever more political there may be a time where LV need to use less animal products for both their reputation and potentially the environment too.

Final thoughts about Louis Vuitton using leather

Leather is a natural and durable material that has been used for centuries to make products such as shoes, bags and furniture. Louis Vuitton are well-known for their luxurious leather products, which are often made from high-quality cowhide.

There are many reasons why leather is such a popular choice for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. Leather is strong, flexible and has been used for centuries to make products such as shoes, bags and furniture.

Leather also has an attractive appearance that sets it apart from other materials. It can be dyed in many different colors, and its natural markings often add to its beauty. However, leather is not a very durable material and it needs careful care in order to keep its beautiful appearance.

Take a look at what we wrote about Louis Vuitton patterns, many of which use leather.

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