Marc Jacobs VS Tory Burch | Handbag comparison

There are more and more designer bag brands to choose from. Today i’m going to compare Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch. When you carry designer bags, it changes your aura and gives you a feeling of class. In my opinion designer bags are the most luxurious item every lady should enjoy placing on her shoulder. Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch are priced closely, at the budget end of the high end luxury bag market and offer 2 very different styles.

marc jacobs vs tory burch handbags

In today’s fashion, both Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch are big names and unique in their own ways. Both brands aren’t seen as offering the ultimate luxury fashion accessories but are sitting priced just below luxury handbag brands and offer what you might call a middle class luxury fashion selection.


Brand Comparison

Tory Burch is one of the most popular fashion brands known for its luxury goods. The brand is known for its wristwatches, fashion accessories, shoes and handbags, to name a few. Tory Burch has become a household name known for producing quality and classy fashion statement pieces, often with a more retro feel.

The Tory Burch fashion line began in the year 2004 and has epitomised its founder’s singular taste. The fashion brand caters exclusively to women. Tory Burch is a fashion line that provides you with the right fashion piece for the look you are going for. The brand is known for producing luxury fashion pieces that are stylish and quite affordable.

Although Tory Burch started production in the United States, the fashion brand has begun outsourcing the production of its luxury goods in recent times. Presently, Tory Burch bags are made in China. It also has its biggest retail store in China. The fashion brand has several retail outlets in various cities globally, including the big apple (New York), Paris, London etc.

Tory Burch is ranked second based on popular demand for its products by ThredUp. This fashion brand is known for producing high-quality handbags. It makes use of top-calibre materials known for their sturdiness. This fashion brand is famous in the fashion world for always making use of genuine leather.

Marc Jacobs is considered a powerhouse in the fashion industry. The owner of the fashion brand is credited with what is called the ‘grunge look.’ Marc Jacobs is regarded as a fashion genius; he has received several awards, of which one of the awards he received was for being the best designer of men’s clothing in 2002.

The company produces luxury goods which range from clothes, handbags, perfumes. Marc Jacobs bags are also produced in China. However. The leather used in making these bags are sourced from Italy.

This fashion brand has several stores where its luxury goods are being sold all over the world. Marc Jacobs has three collections, two of which cater to grown-ups, while the third collection caters to children.

The fashion brand is known for doing incredible work; it produces fascinating bags that make you go ‘wow.’ Marc Jacobs is known for given value for the money paid; the fashion brand always has spectacular bags with quality materials. Marc Jacobs bags are generally regarded as a must-have fashion accessory by women.

Style and Design

The wonder that is fashion is known for being unique and dynamic. Hence, fashion goods are known for being trendy and beautiful. Handbags are a necessary part of every lady’s wardrobe. But, what determines the choice of bag you purchase?

No one wants to buy something flashy; there is always that feeling of looking your best, hence the need for handbags that make fashion statements. The personal style of the person looking to purchase a luxury bag is essential. You do not want to fork out an excessive amount of money and not be able to rock your handbag all you want.

The fashion industry is highly competitive; every fashion house wants to be the best. They want to have that handbag or clothes that make the audience at a fashion show go OMG!!! So fashion brands always want to outdo the competition with their ingenious design and styles.

Every fashion line asks their designers to come up with exquisite products every year, which keeps the customers coming back for more and leaving them insatiate. The designs they come up with always reeks of genius.

The Tory Burch brand and Marc Jacobs brands are known for always going all out with the designs and styles of their handbags. Both these fashion houses have designs that are unique to their brand. For instance, the Tory Burch Britten Leather Combo Crossbody Bag comes in several eye-catching colours.

The bag has a removable strap that is also adjustable. It boasts of two compartments. This fashion powerhouse also has the Tony Burch Women’s Gemini Link Canvas Small Tote with such beautiful patterns; it also comes in multiple colours. It is a bag for any and every occasion.

The Tory Burch Kira Chevron Convertible Shoulder Bag is made from quilted leather and comes in fabulous colours; it has enough storage for all plenty of items. It boasts an adjustable strap.

As with its counterpart, Marc Jacobs bags also have several designs and styles from which you can choose. The Marc Jacobs Women’s The Large Tote Bag is such a beautifully crafted back, and it comes in such fantastic colours. The bag is quite large and can contain a number of items. It also has prominent writing on it, and it comes with the brand’ sign.

The Marc Jacob’s Women’s Small Crossbody Zipper Purse M0016388-001 is a crossbody bag. It also has compartments that have zips and is embellished with leather.

How much do Marc Jacobs & Tory Burch cost

Tory Burch handbags are pretty affordable. This brand provides you with quality and classy bags that would not break your savings. It is possible to get chic bags within the range of $170 to $1200, depending on your purse.

The Marc Jacobs brand has both lower and higher-end designs. Making the brand affordable to everyone, your choice, however, depends on the size of your pockets.

Final Thoughts About Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs

An outfit is never complete until it is paired up with the necessary accessories. Outfits can be made or ruined by choice of handbag. Hence, you need that perfect handbag to complete your perfect look. However, knowing what brand of bags to go for or the design to choose is an arduous task.

If you know, you are working with a budget, endeavour to select a classy bag that is still within your budget and goes with the general look you portray. The Tory Burch brand and the Marc Jacobs brand both have spectacularly crafted handbags; you can never go wrong with either of these brands.

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