Kate spade vs coach – Comparing affordable designer brands

Women who value accessories consider a purse to be as much of a statement piece as a functional handbag. The question then is what brand do you choose? Kate Spade and Coach are among the top choices for luxury purses. Differences exist between Kate Space and Coach and those differences go beyond price. The styles are contrasting and Kate Spade uses a different type of leather than Coach. Kate Spade is more weatherproof but Coach is more durable. 

Read further to find out all the differences between Kate Spade vs. Coach and their handbags. The differences may help you decide which is best for your lifestyle.


Style Differences

The two designers have vastly different styles and that alone can settle the matter for many people. Kate Spade, who became a force in the fashion industry in the 1990s, always went for a young, hipper style with colors and unusual features that set her purses apart from the standards of brown and black. 

Coach, on the other hand, is the quintessential classic handbag. Its most popular variations are the standard colors of brown and black. The bags feature small details and pops of gold and silver in the clasps, buckles, and functional features of the bag. 

Kate Spade is meant to be worn as a color accessory meaning you may need different ones for different outfits and seasonal changeouts. One Coach purse can go with every outfit throughout the year. 

Each style attracts a different age group. Kate Spade tends to be worn by the younger set because of its style, color and price while Coach is preferred by older women who like the basic, classic style.

Material Differences

Each designer has a preferred leather for their purses and both have advantages and disadvantages. All leathers aren’t the same. Coach has the more luxurious leather. The material the designer uses for its handbags is pebbled or soft leather. You can tell by touching it that is of the utmost quality. 

Kate Space uses saffiano leather. It is a tougher leather that is double-treated and was originally only used by Prada for a long time. This leather requires less maintenance and is more weatherproof than that used in Coach purses. However, Coach purses are deemed more durable over the long run.

Some women say their Coach purses have far outlasted those from Kate Spade. 
However, a Coach purse also requires more maintenance than those from Kate Space because of the leather the designer uses. Those considering this brand should keep that in mind. 

Image Differences

Another overall difference between the two brands is the reputation of both. Each is a highly respected and desirable brand but Coach has been around for much longer. It is the standard. Kate spade has established a more retro, colourful and unique brand that’s small black spade logo is recognisable across the brands wide range of fashion, makeup and stationary products.

Kate spades image appeals to a wider audience and is more playful and targets younger ladies Whereas Coach have a very different image. Coach have a logo that is a horse and carriage. The idea behind this is that it shows luxury and presents the idea of a long established brand. With coach you know you are paying for a semi-luxurious, longstanding brand name known for their quality leather bags.

Coach won’t offer you the ultimate luxury image of a Michael Kors or Chanel but they do offer longevity and a more simple quality. Kate spade are even further away from the peak of luxury bad design but they offer a fun range of fashion accessories and jewellery that is exciting and affordable.

Price Differences

The types of materials used in each designer’s purses also affect the price. Using more luxury leather means Coach purses are going to cost more than those made by Kate Spade. 

Coach purses range in price from $100 to $1,000 while Kate Spade pricing runs from $100 to $500. The lower price of Kate Spade allows you the affordability of buying different colors and styles to go with various outfits while you will need to settle on one handbag from Coach that you truly love with every outfit.

Pros and Cons of Kate Spade and coach

Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages and those are worth considering before you select a handbag. 

Pros of Kate Spade

  • Lots of color and styles
  • Low maintenance
  • Weatherproof
  • Lower Cost

Disadvantages of Kate Spade

  • Not as durable

Pros of Coach

  • It’s a basic, classic handbag that goes with everything
  • Solid, long-running reputation
  • More classic look
  • High-quality leather

Disadvantages of coach

  • Higher maintenance
  • Higher cost

Which Should You Choose – Kate spade or Coach?

Two factors will determine which bag designer you go with: style and price. The two styles are so different that you will likely love one over the other. The other factor is price and whether you can afford to go Coach or need to find something similar and suitable for the more affordable Kate Spade. 

Both designers offer handbags that are functional as well as attractive. The best advice is to find a handbag you love and can match with every outfit. I prefer to wear Kate spade for everyday more casual occasions. Kate spade do offer some more luxurious designs but most of Kate Spades collections can be worn everyday at work, university or any other event.

Coach also offer a style of bag and fashion wear that can be worn everyday, even though the price is a little higher than most of us our comfortable with. Coach designs aren’t so flamboyant or luxurious that you can’t wear them everyday. Coach offer simple clean, beautiful leather designs.

Comparing Kate spade and coach is a difficult comparison because they are quite different. We also compared Tory Burch and Kate spade and found that to be a comparison of 2 fashion brands looking to break the mould and show their own unique style.

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