Kate Spade vs Michael Kors | Which is better?

Classy and fabulous are two words that can describe the modern woman. Fashion and style are her armour to survive, it is the reality of her everyday life. Fashion is not defined by dresses only. Fashion is all around, in the streets, in the sky. Fashion represents our ideas, the way we live, and is part of the culture around us.

Passion, style, and elegance are true virtues of a woman. Every girl wants to look her best. The handbag that suits her personality best makes her feel comfortable. The handbag completes her outfit. Every woman has unique qualities and ways to make herself look good. She has endless ways to add the charismatic touch to her personality be it an attractive dress or the coolest handbag. Every element is important to her and adds to her beauty.

A handbag is something deeply private to its owner that reveals and conceals. Every woman loves to carry the latest trends in handbags that ruling the fashion world. A handbag is a combination of functionality and luxury and most women would feel naked without one.

This write-up will unravel two brands Kate Spade vs Michael Kors so we can see which features make these brands so popular and at the same time see how they differ. We’ll also show you some of their beautiful handbags so you can find your next splurge.


Brand comparison Michael Kors vs Kate spade

A handbag contains a survival kit of a woman for daily life in this urban jungle. It carries phones, cosmetics, and other daily-use accessories. The never-ending lust for the handbags lust is time and again fuelled by the companies by introducing the latest and hot selling designs introduced every season. Michael Kors and Kate Spade are the two major companies that provide handbags in the mid-range luxury market.

Kate spade – the brand

Kate Spade, the luxury fashion design house was founded by Kate and Andy Spade in 1993. The company made the luxury brands relatable and accessible to the market. Kate Spade offered unique designs in the market. Kate Spade shot to fame with its rainbow collection of cool and quirky handbags. The handbags were distinctive for their modern, sleek look, and attractive shapes. It launched handbags with vibrant colors, playful patterns, and feminine designs.

Today Kate Spade has metamorphosed into a global lifestyle brand. It inspires a colorful living through its handbags and other products. Its most iconic designs like the swan logo and classic tote which were released during its initial phase are still famous. Kate Spade continues to enthrall its customers with classically inspired designs that come with attractive colors and quality materials.  Kate Spade has been designing handbags with great care and responsibility ever since.

Michael Kors – the brand

Michael Kors is a world-renowned designer of luxury accessories that has created an enduring luxury lifestyle empire with a global reach. Michael Kors bags are synonymous with forward-thinking fashion. The handbags proudly display the MK badge. The bags combine elegance with simplicity. They exude sophistication and style and are best known for their structured shapes.

The classic Michael Kors handbags also have branded design elements like the lining and the signature MK keyring. Michael Kors handbags are made with buttery leather and durable metal hardware which are high-quality materials. Whether looking for a carry-all tote to take to the office or a mini shoulder Michael Kors has every design for its customers.

Michael Kors handbags can be classified as luxury and exclusive products. They correspond to their quality and also the price. Michael Kors handbag is great for the budget of fashion-aware women. Construction and design-wise, they hold their own against the high-end brands

Comparing MK vs Kate spade style and design

Quality and craftsmanship are important in the handbag segment. Every outfit deserves a stylish touch to elevate its look with a classy handbag. Customers are willing to pay extra for the stylish brand the expresses style and elegance.

Luxury brands come at a premium and customers are to be willing to pay extra for the brand. The quality of both material and buying experience must remain very high to accomplish the status of a luxury brand that exudes class and glamour. To warrant a premium price the brand also has to be considered fashionable enough.

Moreover, luxury brands must attract new shoppers to grow. They should be appealing to younger generations to gain market share. Kate Spade has established itself in the luxury segment by combining trending colors and unique styles with classic silhouettes and traditional shapes.

Kate spade style

Kate Spade bags are sturdy and reliable and know to provide something extra. They are the perfect, reliable everyday bags with a variety of classic and vibrant shades. Finding the right color in Kate Spade bags is easy. Kate Spade bags are sleek, colorful, affordable, and designed to be utilitarian. They suit the urban woman handbag enthusiasts who want to carry designer bags but couldn’t spend thousands to get one.

The majority of the Kate Spade handbag range is made from high-quality leather therefore they do not get wet. They’re also really secure as their tote bags being designed with zip tops to keep your things safe. Kate Spade bags are an ideal city commute bag.

The Kate Spade Medium Sam Leather Satchel, which is crafted from richly grained leather that looks sleek and sophisticated, is a must-have for daily life. Kate Spade bags are infused with bold colors and patterns. They are popular for their cute designs, great quality, and uniqueness. 

Kate Spade bags are made with high craftsmanship that ensures longevity both in terms of style and premium materials. Most bags are made from highly durable materials that include: Nylon, Canvas, Fabric, Saffiano leather, pebbled leather, or Italian smooth leather. Even the nylon totes have a crosshatched leather trim on them.

Michael Kors Style

Michael Kors is famous for their traditional classical, fashionable, noble, designs that are not excessively fancy. The designs of Michael Kors have successfully brought simple and beautiful fashion to the fashion world. The bags are modern, younger, and sportier. The refined and modern elegance make Michael Kors handbags are iconic. They have become wardrobe staples. 

Michael Kors bags are popular due to their sophisticated structure that is a product of high-quality and upscale design. The high-quality fabric is dwelt in the bags by the brand. The fabric selection is done with utmost care.

The craftsmanship of Leather Michael Kors bags makes them worth every penny. Michael Kors Jet Set Tote design of the company is highly sophisticated, multi-purpose, and the ultimate travel companion. The bag is crafted from the finest Saffiano leather with a crosshatch leather texture. It is extremely durable to invest in and a sight to behold.

Michael Kors is known to follow the fashion trend closely. The designs of MK bags are simple, young and fashionable that is more suitable for office lady. 

Michael Kors handbags are designed with well-constructed panels and high-quality materials. Michael Kors’s handbags keep their shape due to strategic stitching and exude class and strength, like the women who carry them. The bags have a luxurious high-fashion look.

Kate Spade vs Michael Kors Handbag comparison

A woman always buys a purse that combines function and fashion in the right proportion. Durability, style, and affordability are the three most important characteristics that determine the popularity of the brand.  

Compared to Michael Kors, Kate Spade handbags are very colorful but this does not mean that they only attract young girls. Women of all ages carry handbags with attractive colors.

Kate Spade produces limited edition novelty bags with every collection, but Michael Kors does not. This makes Kate Spade’s novelty bags popular. 

To determine which brand is better depends on the choice of the customer, however thicker handles, softer leather, gold/silver buckle color, etc. are preferred by most girls. Kate Spade always has gold buckles which some women do not like as it complements the skin tone. Many women prefer the more structured handles on Michael Kors’ bags as they appear more durable.

Michael and Kate both are usually made of leather, therefore, going to be more durable. They hold their shape and look for the long haul. 


The first thing why so many people prefer to buy from Michael Kors is due to the high quality of its handbags. Even though Michael Kors may not have the best style and design, but have the highest quality of leather. This is a huge plus. It means they will receive the best product possible that will last for years.

Between the two, Michael Kors’s bags do not break or tear. However, the interior lining of Kate Spade’s bags rips.

Bag Weight

Depending on the style of bag, Kors weigh more especially when working with the larger styles. Weight can be a strain on the shoulders or back. Kate Spade bags are comparatively lighter thus would be slightly easier to shoulder and back. 


Neither of the two shows color fading. Even lighter pebbles leather designs from both brands hold their color.


Both Michael Kors and Kate Spade bags have similar linings of a silk blend material. A small tear on Spade bags is noticed over the years as Kate bags tend to have popped with their interior lining.


Comparison of looks depends on the style that customers prefer. Michael Kors’s bags are not too bright. Kate Spade designs have more options in terms of shape, color, or print. They are more girly with softer lines and unique styles.

Overall, the balance tilts towards Michael Kors. Their handbags are more resistant to wear over time. Moreover, they also hold their shape and color extremely well. Additionally, the styles and shapes of Michael Kors remain in style as they tend to be more classic.

Price Comparison

Michael Kors handbags are priced between $100 and $750, however, the prices depend on size and style.  

Inexpensive bags come in the range of $100 to $150. The mid-range handbags are priced in the range from $150 to $400. Small and medium bags in this price range cost less than $300 and the larger styles run closer to $400.

On the other hand, most Kate Spade handbags cost between $175 and $795 plus. However, a wide array of styles is available for $300 or less.

In the low-end price segment, the boxy shape bag made from nylon costs around $175. This design made the Kate Spade name so famous.

Some of the designs from Michael Kors and Kate Spade that are popular with the customers are:

Kate Spade Designs

1.     Kate Spade Carson Convertible Crossbody Handbag

Kate Spade Carson Convertible Crossbody Handbag (black)

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Kate Spade New York Carson Crossbody is made with Saffiano leather. It has a magnetic snap flap closure and enough space for essentials.

2.     Kate Spade New York Triple Gusset Crossbody

Kate Spade New York Triple Gusset Crossbody, Warm Gingerbread

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This design is made with pebble leather. It has three individual compartments that help an easy organization. It has a perfect size for day or evening use for all your essentials.

Michael Kors Designs

 1.     Michael Kors Charlotte Large Top Zip Tote

Michael Kors Charlotte Signature Large Top Zip Tote - Brown

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It has Flat bottom with protective metal feet, a double dual-buckle, and gold hardware.

  2.     Michael kors Cross body Saffiano

Michael Kors Jet Set Large East West Crossbody Black Saffiano

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This comes with a front gold-tone and long adjustable leather chain. It has a top zip closure with light khaki signature lining


Is Kate Spade or MK more expensive?

MK is more expensive than Kate spade. MK is a luxury brand with a high price tag whereas Kate spade offers more affordable fashion.

Final thoughts on Kate Spade and Michael Kors

Cloth Michael Kors handbags are affordable. They have a polished finish. They cost anywhere from equal to or slightly less than a Kate Spade bag. But, Michael Kors handbags are on the much higher end.

The quality of Saffiano leather of MK and its strong construction values provide an extra incentive to the customer. The bags are expertly made to carry a day’s necessities.  It has a subtle chic appeal with dynamism and refinement in one.

All the seams, stitches, and joints of MK bags are made with great thoroughness and knowledge. Even the second line bags and purses the uneven edges or traces of glue are not visible. All accessories are made of high-quality materials.

Kate Spade bags are durable and they are cute and very stylish but do not hold up well considering the price. Kate spade is a designer brand but they aren’t as luxurious as other brands. However, they sit above the high street and below the top designers.

The stitching is flawless and the overall appearance and finish are lovely. The hardware is shiny and perfect. One of the drawbacks is that there are no base studs. It offers a pretty wide range of colors. There are plenty of reasons to fall in love and buy Kate Spade, however, Michael Kors slightly scores over it when it comes to the overall quality and the designs. We recently compared Michael Kors vs Coach, and found them to be even more closely aligned than these 2 brands.

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