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A comparison between Chanel and Dior Nail Polish

I’m going to take a look at some of the latest nail polishes from Chanel and Dior so I can compare Dior vs Chanel nail polishes and recommend my favourites. Both brands have some beautiful collections with Chanel on point with their Vernis collection and the beautiful Diorific holiday limited edition nail polish is gorgeous.

I’ve just finished writing about Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags and La Mer and Le Prairie skin care so it’s fun to see all these colourful nail polishes.

Colour choices

Both Dior and Chanel offer a wide selection of colours to choose from and each season both brands experiment adding interesting new colours when they release their makeup collections.

The Chanel spring-summer 2020 collection reveals an angelic palette filled with colours that represent more than just spring and summer. You will love the cool autumn browns and peachy rose that is succulent and easy on the eyes. The La Vernis collection is a sensual blend of colours, with two of my favourite being the 739 Daydream and 739 Mirage.

Dior nail polish has more limited edition choices then Chanel and my favourite collection is the Diorific holiday limited edition selection.

In 2019 Dior released 4 limited edition nail polish colours, 001 Happy 2020 , 449 Charm, 677 Dream and 766 Passion. 

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B07Z95CPQV” locale=”US” tag=”seekpretty-20″]Click to view the Dior Holiday Diorific Vernis collection on Amazon[/easyazon_link]

001 Happy 2020 is a top coat with glitters, it can match different shades and give them a whole new look. 449 Charm is a luminous pink shade which is the perfect shade for work places. 677 Dream is a pinky and purple kind of shade, I don’t like it that as much. 766 Passion is the kind of red you can’t resist and it is my favourite as well.

Price comparison

Dior and Chanel nail polish is usually priced around $28 with some of the Dior limited edition collection a little bit more expensive. It is possible to find older collection items sold for a higher price when availability becomes limited online.

Design & Formula

Both Chanel and Dior nail polish come in a classic squared bottle. For the lid, Chanel use its classic black lid which looks more fancy and Dior choose a silver lid that is similar across most of the nail polish products.

The Dior Diorific holiday limited edition collection come in a unique and gorgeous round bottle with a gold lid. I think it’s worth buying from this collection just for the beautiful bottle alone.

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B07K5VPFPL” locale=”US” tag=”seekpretty-20″]Click to view Diorific collection on Amazon[/easyazon_link]

When looking at the design of the built-in brushes, I personally prefer Dior because they offer a thicker brush than Chanel’s and this makes it much easier to apply the nail polish on perfectly.

The Dior nail polish formula

Dior’s Vernis collection make use of organic silicon. The idea behind this is to strengthen your nails surface and increase the amount of time you can wear the polish without it flaking or losing it’s colour. Dior use a polymer they call a techno-polymer. This substance helps bond the nail varnish enamel and nail together tightly.

Chanel Nail polish formula

A selection of my favourite Dior and Chanel Nail Polishes.

Dior vernis: 539 lucky Dior, 428 Sienna, 754 Pandora, 785 cosmopolite.

Dior Diorific vernis limited edition 2019: 449 Charm, 766 Passion.

Chanel: 739 – MIRAGE, 719 – RICHNESS, 705 – OPEN AIR, 624 – BLEU TROMPEUR, 693 – JASPE, 646 – BLEACHED MAUVE.

Conclusion – Which is the best – Chanel vs Dior Nail Polish

When comparing Dior and Chanel nail polishes you can see that both brands offer some unforgettable colour tones and long lasting formulas that also protect your nails. The two brands price their nail polish in a similar price range so this isn’t a factor that affects my decision in any way.

I like some of the colours from both brands but overall I have to say that Dior are my favourite nail polish brand because of the beautiful design of the bottles in their Diorific collection. These bottles and the colours of the polishes are absolutely sublime and a real collectors piece. If you love nail polishes take a look at my favourite selection of gel nail polish.

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B07Z95Q3FF” locale=”US” tag=”seekpretty-20″]Click to view the Diorific collection on Amazon[/easyazon_link]

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