Comparing Rodan+Fields vs Arbonne

When deciding between the skincare products offered by Arbonne and Rodan+Fields, it’s important to understand the difference between them.

This will help you select the best skincare formula with the most appropriate ingredients to suit your skin type and what you are looking to achieve.

Arbonne offer a full line of cosmetics, skin care, hair care and nutrition for both men and women. Roden and Fields only create skincare products geared toward women with specific dermatological concerns, like acne and wrinkles.

Since both arbonne and Roden + Fields offer skincare products for acne-prone skin and anti-ageing treatments, we’ll take a look at their skincare products that focus on ageing skin and acne prone skin.

Worth bearing in mind before considering buying skin care products from either of these brands is that they have both placed a lot of focus on growing and selling their products through sales reps and online sales reps who push the brands products hard through word of mouth and social media.

It can be difficult to find genuine honest information about both brands products. This isn’t to say they aren’t offering some good skin care formulas and ingredients, just that you should always look closely at the ingredients and don’t be sold by the marketing scripts and success stories.

What I would suggest is buying from an online retailer that allows you to return the products if you feel they aren’t genuine or the quality isn’t as high as you’d expect.

Rodan and fields was founded by two Stanford university trained dermatologists so they have a good reputation, it’s just there word-of-mouth, sales rep approach to sales that can be off-putting.

For a while they sold products in stores when Estee Lauder companies acquired them but have since reverted to a sales model focused on independent consultants.

The founders believe this model gives a more personal approach to their customer. That’s true, if your friend is selling it to you that’s how it feels, but there is always an incentive with word of mouth sales, somebody is making a profit every step of the way.

Arbonne also have a similar approach to sales, with a large number of distributors making videos and promoting product success stories on social media platform. 

Now, let’s take a look at what the two brands offer to give you a quick insight into each brands products and compare them.


Which brand offer the best acne treatment

Both R+F and Arbonne promote alcohol-free, witch-hazel rich toners to fight blackheads, blemishes and uneven skin tones. The choice between these depends on what you are looking to add to your skincare routine.


R+F’s Unblemish Toner for Acne costs around $43 and is only intended for adults. It combines Alpha-Hydroxy, witch hazel and hyaluronic acid with rosemary extract, aloe and camellia. These help open and unclog pores to sooth, firm and brighten the skin.


Arbone offers Clear Control Clarifying Blemish Toner for both teens and adults with a price tag around $22. It features salicylic acid and witch hazel to remove excess surface oils. The alfalfa, liquorice root and sugar cane extracts gently exfoliate to reduce redness and irritation.

Arbonne also offer their Clear Future product range which they say can be used to clear up acne blemishes. The ingredients list looks good and they include white willow bark, sage extract and the famous anti acne ingredient, witch hazel.

You might not be familiar with white willow bark but you might know salicylic acid. Salicylic acid comes from willow bark and has strong anti bacterial properties that alleviate red acne prone pores.

Comparing acne products

The choice between the two depends on acne severity, especially on the face. Arbonne’s clear future range is more accommodating to delicate facial tissue, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

But R+F’s Active Hydration Body Replenish contains thicker butters and is perfect for acne on your back.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Arbonne’s Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream and R+F’s Active Hydration Body Replenish are comparable anti-ageing products. Both nourish the entire body for dry, dehydrated skin.

Arbonne anti ageing

Arbonne’s Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream contains oils like safflower, castor, sweet almond and borage. The formulation combines includes aloe, cubeb berry, cucumber and bergamot; substances known for their cooling and calming effects. This cream hydrates the skin while reducing puffiness and costs around $40.

Rodan+Fields anti ageing

R+F’s Active Hydration Body Replenish costs around $66. This combines Shea butter and coconut oil with hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Hyaluronic acid blends with glycerin, sea salt and apple extract to lock in moisture. Hyaluronic acid plumps skin, giving it a fuller appearance.

Rodan and fields Redefine overnight restorative cream is another of the brands creams that is ideal for applying and leaving on your skin overnight. The formula is thick and offers an intensive night moisturiser.

Comparing Arbonne & Rodan and Fields anti ageing products

The Rodan and fields Active hydration body replenish formula is a thick and intensive cream that feels silky and isn’t too greasy or sticky.

When compared with Arbonne’s RE9 advanced firming body cream I much prefer the Active hydration body replenish formula because it is cheaper and the formula is much more hydrating.

I especially love the use of Shea butter and coconut oil, two of my favourite skincare ingredients.

For an all-around, all-ages toner, Arbonne’s Clear Control toner is the best option.

But for more mature skin looking for a little anti-ageing action, then R+F’s Unblemish Toner is a god choice for this job.

Which brand is best Arbonne or Rodan+Fields

There are a lot of difference between Arbonne and Rodan and Fields. I feel Rodan and fields are the more reputable skin care brand because they offer a wide and established range of products.

However some people prefer Arbonne because the founders have a good dermatological background at Stanford.

Arbonne are less well known and even though their RE9 range offers a good selection of high quality ingredients I feel their prices are inflated and in this price range. In fact both brands skincare prices are quite high and at this price range I’d be leaning more towards purchasing and applying Luxury skincare brands.


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