Is Latisse safe? what you need to know

Latisse, a prostaglandin analog, is usually safe for most users. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Latisse doesn’t pose any unsafe effects in healthy adults for treating the abnormal growth of eyelashes. 

However, it may not be safe in case of any existing eye disease such as uveitis, conjunctivitis, retinal detachment, any kind of swelling or infection either in the eye or around the eye. Additionally, it may not be recommended during certain physiological conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This article will look at how Latisse works, its benefits, the method of usage, and common side effects. Please use your own judgement and the advice of your doctor when deciding whether Latisse is right for you, this article is here to give you our opinion based on research and user opinions we have looked at. This is not medical advice.


What Is Latisse?

Latisse is the brand name for the Bimatoprost class of drugs. These drugs are a synthetic form of a naturally occurring substance known as prostaglandin. Prostaglandins are lipids that perform many hormone-like functions in the human body such as controlling the reabsorption of sodium through the kidney tubules and many reproductive functions.

What Is Latisse Used For?

Here are two important ocular conditions which involve the use of Latisse:

Glaucoma – It indicates ocular pathology that damages the optic nerve due to increased pressure in the eye. Latisse, in the form of eyedrops, works as an agent that reduces the pressure inside the eye in glaucoma. The active ingredient of Bimatoprost present in Latisse lowers the intraocular pressure.

Hypotrichosis – It is a condition that refers to abnormal growth of eyelashes. Latisse serves as an eyelash grower and makes your eyelashes grow and thick.

How Does Latisse Work As An Eyelash Grower?

According to some scientific data, Latisse may lengthen the growth stage of eyelashes. It does this by increasing the duration of time that your eyelashes spend in the growth stage. 

Human hair including the eyelashes passes through a hair cycle with four distinct stages. The cycle begins with the breaking of hair from the hair follicle. It grows to achieve the final length. A new strand of hair replaces it later.

Latisse may increase this growth time interval and hence causes eyelashes to grow thick and long as compared to normal.

How Can You Apply Latisse Correctly?

Applying Lagtisse incorrectly can increase the chance of side effects and can make the product unsafe. Be sure to test Latisse on a small area of skin on your arm to test for any allergic reaction before applying close to your eyes. Here are some steps to help you apply Latisse correctly: 

– Wash your hands.

– Remove makeup from your face.

– Place the solution on the upper eyelid. Use the sterile applicator only once to place the solution at the roots of your upper eyelashes.

– Wait for 10-15 minutes to dry. It also ensures full absorption so that you can apply any other product safely.

Can You safely Apply Latisse To The Lower Eyelid?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves Latisse for use on the upper eyelid only. It may come in contact with the lower eyelid as you blink. In that case, the primary effect remains on the upper eyelid.

 However, applying Latisse directly to the lower eyelid may increase the risk of having side effects.

What Is The safest Time To Apply Latisse?

The best time to apply the Latisse solution is before going to bed. The manufacturers of Latisse usually recommend applying the solution at night. It provides more time for the medication to dry and absorb into your skin. However, you can also use it in the morning.

What Are The Most Common Side Effects Of Latisse?

Here are some most common side effects of Latisse:

Itching or redness of eyes – It may occur during the first one or two weeks of using the medication. It doesn’t last long and usually resolves on its own.

Redness of the eyelids – The medication may irritate eyelids, especially the upper ones shortly after using it. The condition may continue for a few weeks and may resolve on its own later.

Hyperpigmentation of periocular skin – It is a rare side effect that refers to the darkening of the upper eyelids. In contrast to itching and redness, darkening of eyelids may not appear shortly after using the medication. It may take three to eight weeks to appear on the eyes.

Growth of hair outside the area of treatment – It is rare but the medication may stimulate the growth of hair in the corners of the eyes or on the face. This may happen in case the solution drips off the eyelids. The best way to prevent this is to wipe off the extra solution with a cotton bud.

Eye infection – Applying Latisse incorrectly or using a non-sterile applicator may lead to an eye infection. The most common is bacterial infection is conjunctivitis.

Washing your hands and face before applying the medication is important to prevent eye infections.

Is Latisse Available Over The Counter(OTC) ?

Latisse is not available over the counter which means that you can not buy the medication without the prescription of a doctor. It isn’t safe to sell Latisse over the counter because bimatoprost, the main ingredient, is potent and was historically used for glaucoma of the eyes.

Many eyelash serums such as Revitalash and Babelash are available over the counter because they don’t have any ingredients which require FDA approval to become a prescription product. The safety of these alternative eyelash serums has also been brought into question because they often contain ingredients which are known to cause side effects, especially around your eyes.

When comparing the safety of latisse vs these other lash serums, usually Latisse having undergone clinical trials and gaining FDA approval is seen an indicator of safety. However, a small number of users taking part in the trials did experience side effects, including the ones you can see listed above.

Just because other brands don’t have FDA approval or require a prescription doesn’t mean they are safer, just that we have less of an idea of how common side effects might be and how effective their ingredients might be on increasing lash growth. Eyelash growth serums are controversial for many people because a lot of users see amazing results while other experience significant side effects. It’s a fine balancing act between fast eyelash growth and eye irritation.

To give your self the best chance of Latisse being safe for you be sure to apply it onto your arm first to patch test whether or not you have any reaction to the formula and then slowly apply small amounts to your lashes, watching carefully and stopping if you experience any problems.

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