Latisse review | is Latisse an effective lash serum ?

I’m going to review Latisse to give you some idea of what this eyelash growth serum is all about and whether it will give you longer and thicker lashes or not. I want to look at Latisse ingredients, how long it takes to work if you use Latisse daily and give you an idea of what to expect before and after using Latisse.

Latisse introduced their FDA approved hair growth serum in 2008 and have since gained massive recognition, both positive and negative, for stumbling across this Bimatoprost clinical formula that spurs on hair growth.

This article will give you our thoughts and some general information about the product so please seek professional advice before making any decisions about using the brands products.

Latisse have been in the lash growth industry for a long time and have a reputation for offering a truly effective eyelash growth serum. Latisse takes a clinical approach towards eyelash growth and their product is the first and only FDA approved lash treatment serum, meaning you also need a prescription if you want to try it out.

However, this clinical approach provides customers with the assurance and confidence that this product will in fact treat brittle and inadequate lashes, a problem many people face. This product should be applied as advised by your doctor, but it promises not just the illusion of fuller and longer lashes, it actually helps your lashes achieve this.


Latisse Review Criteria – How to find the perfect eyelash growth serum

Finding the perfect lash serum for you can take some trial and error. However there are some key criteria you should consider, about ingredients, side effects and efficacy that we have included in the following buyers guide that you can also consider when deciding whether to buy Latisse lash serum.

Before we dive into our review of the Latisse lash growth serum let’s set out some criteria. You need to look at these factors when considering using any lash growth serum.

Lash serum Ingredients

There are some ingredients you should look out for if you want the best chance of your lash serum working and not causing side effects. Prostaglandin analogues are one of the only ingredients proven to have an effect on lash growth. Latisse use Bimatoprost, but you can’t buy it in the shops.

Other brands such as Rodan and Fields Lash Boost use synthetic prostaglandin analogues which have a similar but less proven effect on your lashes. Most lash serum brands use a combination of Biotin, peptides, camellia extract, hyaluronic acid, keratin and elastropin.

With lash serums, you can’t tell how effective they are going to be by looking at the ingredients alone. There is often very little research around lash growth ingredients. Instead, look at what other users experience and try to find studies involving these ingredients that might give you an idea of how they work.

Safety & Side effects

Side effects definitely don’t make a good lash growth serum, but you have to be aware of the small chance of experiencing them. You apply these serums very close to your eyes where the skin is very sensitive.

Eyes become irritated easily so be sure to avoid any contact with your eyes. Apply a small amount first and check how your skin reacts to it. Gradually increase the amount you use over a few days or a week, up to the amount the manufacturer suggests you apply each day.

When will my lash growth serum work

Surprisingly, Lash serum brands are quite honest about how long they take to work. The shortest time I’ve seen advertised is 4 weeks and you will often see it can take up to 2 months or more to see the full effect.

Some brands even suggest 4 months as being the peak when you’ll know how the formula works for you. Be patient and most importantly, take a photograph every week so you can more easily spot any hair growth changes.

What happens when you stop using lash serum

No lash growth serum offers permanent effects. Lash growth serums offer a temporary solution to help your lashes look thicker and fuller. After you stop applying the lash growth serum it will slowly stop having an effect.

After a few weeks your lashes are likely to return to normal and you’ll have to wear lash extensions if you want longer lashes and don’t want to keep applying a serum.

Does Latisse really work?

Yes Latisse does really work according to a number of sources. Latisse themselves provide study data from their trials and found that 78% percent of people using the serum nightly for 16 weeks saw a significant increase in overall eyelash prominence.

Most people experience fuller lashes, less people experienced longer lashes and the least number of participants experienced darker lashes.

Of course, latisse aren’t going to want to display negative results, but they have obtained FDA approval for eyelash growth, which means that the FDA have studied Latisse trials and agreed that the results of the trials outweigh the negative effects of using the products and therefore the formula can be prescribed.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t experience side effects, so be sure to apply carefully and gradually increase the amount of formula you apply when using Latisse.

Latisse Ingredients

Bimatoprost is the active ingredient in Latisse and it has long been used to treat glaucoma. A side effect of this active ingredient is that it was found to increase the growth rate of eyelash hair.

Bimatoprost works to affect your lash hair growth cycle phase by extending the length of the growth phase and also increasing the number of lashes produced. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is now used in other generic versions of the latisse. Manufacturer Sandoz and Careprost both use a generic version of Latisse in their formulas.

Latisse also contains the following inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride; sodium chloride; sodium phosphate, dibasic; citric acid; and purified water. Sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid may be added to adjust pH levels.

Latisse before and after – what to expect

Before taking Latisse you might be experiencing hair loss, thinning or reduced growth of your eyelash hair. Before considering using Latisse think about what you are looking to achieve.

If your hair growth is natural but you would just like an alternative to lash extensions then think carefully about whether the potential side effects of Latisse are worth it. If you are struggling with a lot of hair loss on your eyelashes then Latisse does offer a solution that works for a lot of people but consider the daily commitment to applying the serum for a long time.

After using Latisse you will almost certainly see changes to the thickness, density and length of your eyelash hair. If you haven’t experienced any side effects you might be feeling great about your lash hair and the extra time spent not having to use eyelash glue and false lashes.

Latisse side effects – What to expect when using Latisse?

Latisse is an FDA approved formula so the product has to go through clinical trials to see whether its benefits outweigh any negative effects. Some effects experienced when using Latisse are itchy eyes, red eyes, dry eyes, skin darkening and irritated eyes. Latisse claim that during their clinical trials 4% of patients testing the product experienced the most common side effects which are itchiness around their eyes or red eyes.

Latisse also warn users that they should only apply the serum onto their upper eyelash. Some other much less common side effects Latisse warn users about include potentially reversible darkening of their eyelid skin and a potentially permanent increase in brown iris pigmentation on the coloured part of your eyes.

Let’s look at Latisse side effects in a bit more detail.

Bimatoprost effects

Lets take a look at some of the effects users experience with the active ingredient bimatoprost. A study conducted by Allergen, the pharmaceutical company who create Latisse, tested bimatoprost (Latisse) on 588 users with eyelash hypotrichosis ( people who didn’t have enough eyelashes ). The study found that there were no serious side effects but listed a number of other effects.

  • Erythema of the Eyelid – (5.98% of participants) -This covers a range of issues with the eyelid, mostly related to your eyelid swelling.
  • Eye Pruritus (6% of users experienced this side effect) which basically means your eye is itchy as though you have an allergy.
  • Ocular Irritation (5.64%) – This side effect is used to describe irritations of your eye, this can be dryness, itchiness and other conditions.
  • Skin Hyper pigmentation (8.72%) – This is when patches of skin appear a little darker than the surrounding skin.

The possibility of skin hyper pigmentation in my opinion seems to be one of the biggest talking points and concerns for users worried that they might get dark circles under their eyes.

However, erythema of the eyelid is a much more uncomfortable condition and you wouldn’t want to be in the 5% of participants experiencing this. Looking at this study of Latisse bimatoprost you can see the number of participants experiencing these side effects is low and we also don’t know to what extent they experienced them.

Hyper pigmentation

The Jama network published a journal entry where they observed and commented on 4 Latisse users who experienced skin pigmentation. Findings suggested that Latisse hyper pigmentation can have effects beyond the location of application.

Even though Latisse and studies have found hyperpigmentations to be a side effect it isn’t clear what the frequency and extent is likely to be. It is also unknown whether the changes are reversible after you stop using the serum.

If you have experienced a side effect when using Latisse you might be looking for some other options and it’s likely you’ll find most lash serums have a similar effect. You might want to take a look at Grandelash and Revitalash lash growth serums or consider Nulastin.

When trying Latisse, be sure to monitor the skin around your eyes and your eyes to check for any side effects daily.

Being proactive is the best way to be sure that you are aware of how the serum is working on your eyelash hairs and the skin around it so you can make the best decision about whether to continue using the formula or not.


  • Latisse trials show that only between 4 and 8 percent of users in the trial experienced negative effects.
  • Only 5 % of users experience Erythema of the eye, which is basically swelling of the eyelid.


  • 8.7 % of users in the trial experienced hyper pigmentation where the eye experiences a slight change in colour. This is the most worrying negative effect.
  • The most negative effect is swelling of the eyelid which can be uncomfortable and your eyelid can appear very swollen if you experience this.
  • Eyelid skin darkening is another potential negative effect.

How does Latisse lash serum affect hair growth

Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analogue. It binds to eyelash prostaglandin receptors and this promotes the growth of your eyelash hair by forcing your hair follicles to start their cycle of growth and this will make your lashes longer. Your eyelash root bulbs also may increase in size and this can also help hair thickness.

Latisse vs Lash extensions

Let’s compare the pros and cons of using latisse vs lash extensions.

 LatisseLash extensions
Price:$1000+ per year$1000+ per year
Side effects:There is a small risk of a number of different side effects occurring with Latisse. Usually involving dry or reddening eyes.Risk of infection if not applied using sterile tools. Adhesive can potentially damage your eyes if you don’t close them during application. Your natural lashes may appear shorter after removing extensions.
Ingredients:Bimatoprost, benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, dibasic, citric acid, purified water.Chemical including latex, cellulose gum, cyanoacrylates, benzoic acid,formaldehyde.
Benefits:Real lash hair that is growing and natural.100% effective results immediately.
TimeA few minutes each day, every day. You won’t see results for around 2 months.Between 90 minutes and 2 hours once every 6 weeks.

Eyelash hair grows at around one third of the growth rate that hair on your head grows. Using Latisse is a long term process that means waiting for a few months before you notice any results at all. Stopping using Latisse will also stop you seeing any results. 

The price of Latisse and hair extensions is similar, always be sure to pay for a skilled and hygiene conscious beauty consultant to attach your lashes.

The benefits of Latisse are that you don’t have to sit and wait hours while your lashes are fitted but you do have to spend a few minutes a day applying the serum carefully.

With Lash extensions you can have them fitted and then forget about your eyelashes for at least a few weeks and you are guaranteed to see the thick, long dark and full eyelashes you choose, whereas the results of Latisse can vary and you may only experience increased hair follicle length rather than fullness or darker hairs.

Both methods of extending your eyelashes have some side effects, with Latisse sometimes irritating your eyes or changing your eye pigmentation that makes your eyes darker.

Whereas with lash extensions there is a risk of infection and adhesive burning or damaging your eyes during fitting.

Latisse Negative reviews

People always tread carefully when they are looking to try out a new product, especially when it requires a prescription and has been scientifically produced. Users who experience negative effects from using Latisse products are most likely to leave a negative review and this is important information. Everybody reacts differently to bitmatropost but there is the possibility of some eye area irritations

It may only be a very small number of people who experience negative effects but any chance of eye irritation from Latisse serum can concern users and make it even more difficult to decided whether the product is right for you. Seek professional guidance, consider any existing health conditions and take your time to make the right choice for you.

Latisse video reviews considered

We watched some video reviews of Latisse and wanted to feedback some of our findings with you to better help you decide whether using Latisse is right for you.

Latisse Review 1 – Dr Dray

In her YouTube video Dr Dray talks about how lash hairs grow 1/3 of the speed of hair on your head, so they grow much slower. Lash hair grows in cycles and spends a lot of time in the dormant phase which is why growth is so slow. She considers the safety and believe it to be relatively safe if applied correctly to the upper eyelid as approved.

Dry Eyes, itchiness and redness are three common complaints users experience when using Latisse. She considers Latisse not being a permanent solution and that with long-term use any irritations are likely to be worse. You should also remove contact lenses before applying the serum because of the preservatives in the formula that can be absorbed by soft contact lenses and irritate your eyes.

How long does it take to see results from Latisse?

To see results from Latisse usually takes 16 weeks. You can expect to see improvements before then because the process of hair growth is gradual, but at 16 weeks you should see the full results.

Latisse Before and after – what can you expect to see.

The image on the left shows lash hairs that are thin and sparse. The image to the right shows lashes that have grown longer and thicker. This image is an example of a dramatic change in eyelash length and you shouldn’t expect results like this.

If you use Latisse and your eyelashes grew any longer or thicker then we would say that is a good result. You can’t expect it to work miracles like you can see in the image below. If after 2 months of consistent use your eyelashes grew or you experienced lash hairs falling out less often then even a small improvement can make a big difference in your appearance.

Not every single user is going to experience significant improvements but we suggest you take a before and after image so you can track your progress. Also pay attention to the coloured part of the eye and the thin skin underneath to check for any irritation. Before and after mages help you notice any kind of positive or negative changes after you use Latisse.

This image is an example showing what your lashes may look like if you experience great results. Don’t expect your lashes to change this much.

What happens when you stop using Latisse?

When you stop using Latisse eyelash serum your eyelashes will gradually return to how they were before you started using this Bimatoprost formula.

Your lash hair will return to their normal growth cycle and over a period of a few weeks, up to a few months, they’ll gradually reduce in length, thickness and darkness and return to how they were before using the Latisse formula.

Hopefully you’ve learnt a little more about Latisse. We all wish it was easy to have perfect full, long and beautiful lashes. Latisse is one option but there are many more. Take a look at our other lash growth serum articles in the beauty section to see some other products and brands we have reviewed.

Best place to buy Latisse

If you are trying to find where to buy Latisse you might be having trouble. Because of the FDA approval you need a prescription to buy Latisse. The best way to buy it is to visit a medical professional and seek their advice first to make sure it is the right product for you to use. It is available from online pharmacies but we always recommend seeing a professional in person first.

Latisse Review summary

It seems clear the some users do experience longer and thicker lashes after they have used Latisse for at least 2 months. Even, generic formulas using the active ingredient bimatoprost can have similar effects after applying them regularly for more than 2 months.

If your lashes grow after using Latisse and you don’t have any side effects, consider taking a break after a while as the more you use the formula the more likely you’ll experience irritations.

Always keep in mind that Latisse may cause some unwanted negative effects. However if you apply a small amount of formula onto your skin to test it first, you can gradually increase the amount you apply closer to your lash line to reduce the chance of irritation. Be sure to stay aware of your eye color and eye pressure to make sure the formula is safe for you to continue using.


  • FDA approved formula means there is some recognition that Latisse can effect eyelash growth.
  • There are a lot of before and after photos available online and a lot of reviews showing the pros and cons of using Latisse.


  • Latisse is expensive and an ongoing investment because once you stop using the formula lash growth will slowly begin to return to how it was before you used Latisse.
  • There are a number of potential negative effects, mostly including eye irritation, dryness and redness as well as eye colour changes.

We have compared Latisse with a number of other lash growth serums. We think you’ll find them useful when deciding whether Latisse is the best option for you or not.

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