GrandeLASH vs Latisse | Eyelash growth serum comparison

I’m going to compare Grandelash vs Latisse to help you choose the best eyelash growth serum for your lash and brow hair.

Grandelash are the winners of many beauty awards in recent years and Latisse have long been established in the hair growth serum industry, so this comparison is going to be competitive.

While comparing what Latisse and Grandelash offer I’m also going to introduce some of their most popular products for you to take a look at. After Reading this comparison take a look at our recent Nulastin Review.


Who are GrandeLASH

GrandeLASH is the award-winning, revolutionary, and innovative eyelash growth serum you have been looking for. The company behind this top-of-the-line serum, Grande Cosmetics, is also behind many other successful products such as their lip or brow enhancements.

However, GrandeLASH is the product that has been making all the noise lately. This eyelash growth serum balances the perfect combination of natural and chemical ingredients, is vegan, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Grande Cosmetics Lash Enhancing Serum,2 mL

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The Grandelash MD lash enhancing serum is an eyelash growth serum is full of healthy ingredients such as vibrant vitamins and antioxidants, promoting stronger and longer lashes, but also working on repairing any brittle or damaged lashes along the way.

A winner of multiple beauty awards, including a cosmopolitan beauty award in 2020, this product promises visible results in weeks and plenty of consumers back this claim with glowing reviews.

Being vegan, cruelty free, and suitable for sensitive skin already makes this product available to a wider demographic, but GrandeLASH makes itself even more accessible by also being easy to apply and safe to use with contact lenses.

Got eyelash extensions? GrandeLASH is safe to use with eyelash extensions too!

GrandeLASH has not only been proven legit by long time users but is also Ophthalmologist tested and approved. Research even shows that in a 12-week study with 30 subjects using the GrandeLASH eyelash growth serum, more than 90% of participants noticed healthier, longer, and more visible lashes.

The product itself has a slightly more luxurious price with most online suppliers. What price are you willing to pay for results, for perfection?

Let’s look at Latisse

Latisse, on the other hand, has been in the lash growth game for a long time. It is among the most popular and go to eyelash growth serums, and for good reason. Latisse takes more of a clinical approach to eyelash growth and care, being the first prescription treatment for lashes to be FDA approved. That means you do need to speak to a doctor before using it.

However, this clinical approach provides customers with the assurance and confidence that this product will in fact treat brittle and inadequate lashes, a problem many people face. This product should be applied as advised by your doctor, but it promises not just the illusion of fuller and longer lashes, it actually helps your lashes achieve this.

The magic ingredient in this serum is an ingredient called bimatoprost. Latisse works to directly affect the lash hair cycle growth phase by extending the length of this growth phase but also increasing the number of lashes produced in this phase.

The discovery of bimatoprost and its effects of lash extension was actually discovered by accident. Allergan, the company behind Latisse, had developed medicated eyedrops back in 2001.

Patients found that, as a side effect, they were growing longer and fuller lashes, prompting Allergan to investigate bimatoprost, the key ingredient in the eye drops. It’s funny how things work out sometimes, and if you are the type of beauty consumer more swayed by the clinical and tested products, then speak to your doctor about Latisse today!

Product range & price comparison

Grandelash are owned by Grande Cosmetics who create a wide range of cosmetics products. Granda cosmetics have created, lash, lip, brow, hair and a number of other products. Their MD Lash serum is by far their most recognisable product but I also love the GrandePrimer, mascara and liner.

Grande cosmetics eye liner also contains their exemplary lash-md serum so you can apply your liner as part of your daily make up routine and experience darker and more fuller lashes within a few weeks of regular use.

GrandeLINER Lash Boosting Eyeliner

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Latisse on the other hand currently only offer their Bimatoprost topical solution, which is the FDA approved formula for longer, thicker and darker hair follicle growth on upper eye lash hair. Because this product isn’t on general sale, the price can vary, but it is usually more expensive than Grande cosmetics Grandelash products.

Is grandelash as good as Latisse ?

Deciding whether Grandelash is as good as Latisse really depends on your own personal preference. If you are really in need of more intensive hair growth then it might be worth considering Latisse but Grandelash also have very effective hair growth serums that use the amino acid called Proline that encourages hair growth.

Grandelash has won many awards and the brand image is much more natural than Latisse’s scientific and medical approach to hair growth.

Fda Approval

Latisse have gained FDA approval and are the only lash-growth brand to have this approval. Gaining this status is recognition of the science based effects the brands products have on hair follicle growth and reducing the speed that your lash hairs fall out.

Grandelash don’t have any ingredients in their formulas that require FDA approval, meaning their products don’t require a prescription and can be marketed in a more fun and exciting way.

Comparing the ingredients in Grandelash and Latisse

The main ingredient that has the effect Latisse products have on hair growth is bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. This FDA approved main ingredient gives Latisse products the scientific power to increase length, thickness and darkness of eyelash hair that has seen the brand gain recognition in the hair growth serum industry.

GradeLash don’t have a scientifically approved ingredient like Latisse use bimatoprost but they do make use of a number of key ingredients that can help spur on hair growth. L-proline, is an amino acid central in the bodies natural hair growth processes and is one of the main ingredients in the Grandelash lash enhancing serum and a number of the brands other hair growth serum products. 

Which eyelash serum is the best – Latisse or Grandelash

Although Latisse and Grandelash both produce hair growth serums for your lash and brows, their approach to improving hair growth differs. Latisse offer an FDA approved scientific and medical approach to spark hair growth, with the main ingredient being bimatoprost.

On the other hand, Grandelash are a vegan, cruelty free and much more natural brand. Grandelash don’t have the same level of scientific approval that latisse do, but their products are packaged with style and they have recently won a cosmopolitan beauty award

It can seem daunting to pay for a prescription based hair growth serum such as Latisse offer and this creates a barrier when you are looking to consume the brands products. For this reason, I would prefer to buy the Grandelash lash enhancing serum or another of the brands products. I’m also a big believer in natural beauty and hair growth products and love the brand image.

However, if you do have a big, not cosmetic problem with hair growth, you may want to consider what Latisse or Nulastin offer.


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