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In this article I will compare Nulastin and Latisse. These are both cosmetics brands that offer a range of eyelash and brow growth serum products that aim to improve hair growth and the condition and appearance of your brow and eye lash hairs.

Let’s compare these brands and see whether they can offer you fuller, darker and longer lashes with improved hair growth. I recently reviewed Nulastin products so take a look if you want to see in more details what products the brand offers.

LASH & BROW Dual System with Elastaplex Technology

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I will compare the brands products, costs, the length of time it takes for the formulas to work and how effective they are so you can make an informed decision about which brand offer you the best approach for your hair follicle growth.

Both brands will nourish and visibly improve the appearance of your brow and eyelash hair follicles so you can enjoy thicker, longer and healthier looking hairs without having to use an eye brow pencil to create the illusion of dense brows.

Nulastin vs latisse – FDA Approval v. Not Approved

One of the key differences between Nulastin vs Latisse is FDA approval. The Latisse serum has been FDA approved and has gone through the regiments to do so. Nulastin is not a drug and, therefore, not required to obtain FDA approval so they have the freedom to test their products as they see fit.

Nulastin uses natural ingredients that are not under scrutiny with the FDA in a complex way that brings about results, but if you are concerned about trial testing, their website provides answers on specific clinical trials.

Comparing Nulastin & Latisse – Prescription v. Non-Prescription

Latisse does require a prescription; however, you can go through plenty of sites to get the prescription and the product. In some cases, you can get Latisse through beauticians that you patron for facials.

Nulastin is not considered a drug, so there is no prescription required. This means that you can buy it without going through the same hoops that you would need to jump through for Latisse.

One of the reasons why the formula used by Latisse requires a prescription is because it is a stronger formula and was created using drugs intended for other purposes that produced these results as a secondary side effect.

Comparison of Growth Cycle Ingredients – Targeted Area v. Not Targeted Area

hair follicles

Nulastin uses Elastatropin, which is often used in wound treatment because of its powerful strength and elasticity properties. Elastatropin can nurture cells that produce hair follicles and strengthen hair.

Latisse uses bimatoprost as the main ingredient, which is commonly used to treat glaucoma and targets the growth of the upper eyelashes for increased growth.

Comparing Latisse and Nulastins product Cost Over time vs Cost for One-Time use

Nulastin is often sold for about $60-$70 for a 3 ml purchase, while Latisse can often be found at approximately $99 for 3 ml for a similar formula, so Nulastin is less expensive. Expense in the long run will come down to how often you need to use the product and if there is a stopping point. 

It appears that Nulastin is more of a life commitment while Latisse will be a 16-week commitment, this is something that should be kept in mind when preparing costs and longevity of use.

However, after you complete a cycle of the Latisse prescription the results aren’t permanent and the brand states that within 2 months your brows and lashes will return to normal.

Both formulas offer the possibility of substantial hair growth and fullness but only while in use and for a fairly short period of time after you stop applying the formulas.

Which brand has More Side-Effects vs which has Minimal Side Effects

Latisse comes with a larger list of side-effects than Nulastin. Some of these side effects include dry and itchy eyes, permanent darkening of the sensitive skin around your eyes and drooping upper eye lids.

The impressive impact Latisse has on brow and lash hair was discovered when the medicine was used for eye problems and patients had the side effect of hair growth. Unfortunately this isn’t the only side effect you may experience if you decide to take Latisse.

Nulastin may have common side-effects associated with make-up allergies. This means that if your skin is sensitive to some make-up products, the same effect may translate with Nulastin.

To see if you are allergic or sensitive, it is recommended to do a patch test before applying across a wider area of skin.

Nulastin products vs Latisse products – How Long Do They Take To Work: Short v. Long-Term

eye lashes and eye brows

With Latisse, you will see growth in about four weeks with complete luscious lashes and eyebrows at 16 weeks of use. Nulastin varies on results and can take a little longer for results. Per Nulastin, you should continue using every day, week or month for maintenance after you grow the desired look that you want.

Latisse offers more of temporary usage of 16 weeks unless you need to get another prescription, while Nulastin is a life change that should be considered daily maintenance such as eating right or exercising.

Consumer Reports – Latisse vs Nulastin which is the best eyelash serum

Let’s take a final look at some of the key differences between these two eyelash serum brands. For me personally I prefer Nulastin because I don’t want to get a prescription for my cosmetics products. Nulastin offer some popular and effective brow and lash serums with less side effects than Latisse. 

Latisse users often experience dry eyes, redness, darker skin and a range of different side effects. I don’t want to improve the condition of my brow hairs if it means I am going to have problems with my eyes or potentially make my skin darker or patchy, which will then require different cosmetics to try and improve the appearance of those problem areas.

If I had to choose between the two brands I would choose Nulastins dual formula brow and lash serums. The reasons why Nulastin come out on top for me is because, even though results may not last as long when compared with Latisse, there is much less risk of any side effects.

Nulastin use mostly natural ingredients and lots of women have experienced lash and brow growth and an increase in hair density when using Nulastins products.

It is necessary to keep using the formula regularly if you want to see continued results and the product is expensive so I would suggest using it if you have a big event coming up and you would like to improve the appearance of your brow and lash hairs in the short term.

My final thoughts about Latisse vs Nulastin are that Neither of these products is a miracle cure that will last a lifetime, but both have produced some good results and even though Latisse does require a prescription and people experience side effects it is still FDA approved.

LASH & BROW Dual System with Elastaplex Technology

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