Fendi VS Fenty ( Fashion brand comparison )

Let’s compare Fendi and Fenty, two luxury fashion and beauty brands with differing approaches to fashion and beauty that make comparing Fenty vs Fendi an interesting brand comparison.

I’m going to introduce each brands vision so you can see what kind of fashion styles each brand creates. Then I’ll show you some of the brands most astounding products and compare the styles and designs they have created.

Product Image
Designer sunglasses
Fendi Women's Logo Square Acetate Sunglasses, Tort, Brown, Print, One Size
Stunna Lip Paint
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna - Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip - Uncensored - perfect universal red
Overnight Recovery Gel
Fenty Skin Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream - Hydrating Night Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Facial Skin Care for Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Dry and Dull Skin
Product name
Fendi Logo Sunglasses
Fenty beauty
Fenty skin
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Designer sunglasses
Product Image
Fendi Women's Logo Square Acetate Sunglasses, Tort, Brown, Print, One Size
Product name
Fendi Logo Sunglasses
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Stunna Lip Paint
Product Image
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna - Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip - Uncensored - perfect universal red
Product name
Fenty beauty
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Overnight Recovery Gel
Product Image
Fenty Skin Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream - Hydrating Night Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Facial Skin Care for Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Dry and Dull Skin
Product name
Fenty skin
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Why choose Fendi

Fendi are a well established Italian luxury fashion brand that have been creating fashion products since 1925. The brand began by focusing on creating elegant and finely crafted fur coats and leather handbag designs but have moved in recent years to produce ready to wear women’s and menswear as well as switching to faux fur material and expanding their accessories range.

In my opinion Fendi are amongst the most iconic fashion houses in the luxury fashion world and create extremely high quality leather wear, accessories and clothing.

Fendi products have an instantly recognisable double F logo on them. Fendi also sculpted some luxurious double F monogram bags with timeless appeal in the mould of Louis Vuitton monogram patterns.

Fendi style

When I hear the name Fendi are showcasing a new fashion line I know I’m going to see clean, simple and immaculate leather and fur. Surprisingly, Fendi have created an extensive range of ready to wear clothing and it is very popular even though high-end clothing is usually customised or tailor fit.

Fendi now use Faux Fur and have been innovative in the way they have advanced beyond mature and traditional upper class fine fur designs and added undertones of futurism and more youthful fur styles that appeal visually to a wider audience.

Who designs Fendi clothing

Kim Jones was recently appointed creative director of Fendi’s women’s collections. He has a lot of experience designing for Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton and several high end fashion brands as well as designing clothing for A list celebrities.

Fendi luxury Handbags

Fendi have been creating leather handbags for a long time and I associate the style and designs with classic Gucci pieces. Fendi have sculpted timeless pieces but also create the perfect blend of luxury and casual wear bags.

My absolute favourite Fendi bags are their peekaboo bags with so many colour tones to choose from all depicting gorgeous and uncomplicated leather designs.

Somehow the Peekaboo bag is an all round luxury bag that compliments your evening wear just as well is it sits on your shoulder for casual everyday wear.

Fendi’s peakaboo bags are handcrafted by artisans and are the brands most expensive bag collection. If you are looking to wear bold colours, charming floral designs and unique patterns, the Fendi Baguette bag collection is stunning 

Fashion lines

Fendi recently release a lunar new year limited capsule collection to coincide with the Chinese spring festival celebration. Part of this collection is warm and subtle in appearance and colour choice, with puffy long sleeve cardigans.

Fendi aren’t afraid to wow and also shock, with their pink, silk quilted diamond pattern bomber jacket splattered with the brands FF logo, creating quite a stir with it’s unusual design.

This collection is about mix and matching a bold piece with a calming neutral colour tone to create a bold style that draws attention without being too abrasive on the eyes.

Why choose Fenty

Fenty Is a modern brand created by Musician Rihanna working with the fashion power house LVMH. Rihanna rose to fame wearing unique bad girl street style outfits.

Fenty is very much inspired by Rihanna’s own personal fashion taste and styles and you can see this clearly with a lot of the brands outfits. Fenty offer a unique taste of luxury with an urban twist.

Fenty Style choices

Thinking about Fenty is to expect street style outfits with a big splash of sophistication and I think for the most part it works well and the styles are very modern and creative.

You don’t have to wear street fashion on the streets anymore, you can wear the brands camel suits and oversized blazers and still look sophisticated. These sophisticated street style designs are subtle with colour tones that are usually one colour, simple and bold. 

Fenty do of course experiment with some more out-there and creative designs that include an interesting dual fabric hoodie dress and denim corset dress that are both shaped with unexpected lines that stand out and make the bold simple colour tones more appealing.

With street style outfits you expect to see more wacky colour mixes and really bold and out there shapes, but the brands for the most part sticks to a simpler urban style that has all the fun, creatively shaped fabrics.

Fenty beauty

Fenty launched a range of beauty products that had grown to include foundations, primers, brushes, lip gloss and a full range of beauty accessories. Fenty beauty collections have exciting names such as Fenty glow, full snap, glosse posse and two lil stunnas!.

The Fenty beauty pro Filt’r foundation collection offers a range of 50 soft matte powder foundation shades. Yes you heard me right… 50 shades!. That’s an incredibly choice of colour tones and after launch users buzzed about Fenty beauty.

On application the Pro filtr foundation is lightweight and can be built up to full coverage. The texture on application feels hydrated and velvety. Even though the Fenty beauty foundation range has a massive number of shades they aren’t too adventurous with the earthy colour tones as they gradually fade from light to dark.

The main differences between Fendi and Fenty

Let’s take a look at a few of the main differences between these two brands. I want to compare the style, products and the price range.

StyleSophisticated luxury faux fur and leather high end designs.

More traditional luxury styles with awe inspiring timeless pieces, especially in their handbag range.
Luxurious street fashion influence. Fenty offer a unique style of clothing with an urban street wear influence with an upmarket twist.

The street wear styles are mostly toned down and offer beautiful colour toned one-piece outfits.
Product rangeLuxury leather & fur products & luxury ready to wear outfits.Fenty create both fashion and beauty ranges.
DesignerKim Jones
Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Comparing Fendi and Fenty styles

The main differences between these two brands styles are very clear.   Fenty fashion are a luxury brand holding a street style tone closely in their garment designs.

Fenty are powering forward with a digital first, fast fashion approach to luxury fashion items and it’s proving popular. Fendi on the other hand focus more on traditional styles and are the more prestigious of the two brands with a long established position in luxury fashion.

I love the tradition and history that shines through Fendis style and designs. Fendi create timeless pieces and elegant outfits which last a lifetime and don’t go out of fashion for long when trends change.

Fendi are recognisable as a more traditional and longstanding fashion brand with styles that match their Italian heritage.

Their leather bags are stunning and simple and fit just as well on your shoulders as the finest Gucci, Versace and D&G products. Even though Fendi create some awe inspiring designs, overall they are often seen as just below Louis Vuitton and Gucci which are the ultimate prestigious luxury brands at the pinnacle of the fashion world.

Fendi’s styles may often appear to fly under the radar but even though the fashion house sells designs that are often subtle their logo or monogram make them always recognisable.

Fenty offer much more modern styles but joining the LVMH fashion powerhouse means the brand will be guided by the best in the industry and their future styles will match the companies high end vision. 

Fendi vs Fenty Product range comparison

Fendi focus a lot on creating high-quality leather bag designs and accessories. Their bag product range includes backpacks, belt bags, Boston bags, bucket bags, Clutches, Pochettes, mini bags, shoulder bags and wallets.

Fenty focus much more on your wardrobe and aren’t yet competing in the luxury bag market but they do have a skincare and beauty range.

Fenty focus all their energy on bringing individuality and street trends into high-end fashion boutiques. The brands collections help you dress comfortably, with street wise outfit shapes that mix prestige with bold urban ideas. 

Highlights for me in the Fenty fashion range include their collaboration with puma where they created some exciting lifestyle sneaker designs and their stunning collaboration with Amina Muaddi, creating exciting footwear that includes some exciting slingback sandals.

Comparing Fenty and Fendi brand logos

The Fendi FF logo is a simple double F inverted design that has long been established and is recognisable. This logo has also been used in the brands crafted leather monogram bag designs. Fenty have a logo that also uses the letter F in a matrix style maze that looks futuristic and complex.

Fendi vs Fenty ( are they both luxury brands )

Let’s think about what makes a brand luxury.

The idea of Luxury is subjective, everybody buying fashion products have a different idea in their mind of what they would look for in a luxury product. Even so, there are a number of experiences and product types that are more likely to be seen as luxury.

Luxury is usually associated with a tailored personalised in-store experience where each customer is made to feel special. Craftmanship, innovation, a unique aesthetic, heritage and a sense of superiority are other things people associate with luxury.

Time can also play a big role in luxury, with brands that have long been established and have a long and interesting historical background or birthplace are very much sought after in the fashion world.

Fendi have the heritage, Italian birthplace and have a long history which in the traditional sense would make them much more likely to be seen as a luxury brand than Fenty, who launched in 2019.

However the idea of luxury is evolving with a younger generation who place importance on accessibility, pop up stores and digital access to product ranges.

The youth today still seek those luxurious in store experiences but place more importance on the brand, name, image and the brands association with celebrities and high status individuals.

Luxury brands often have flagship stores and both Fendi and Fenty have flagship stores. Fendi have an absolutely stunning monolithic flagship store, in one of the true homes of luxury fashion – Rome, Italy.

Fenty launched with a pop-up flagship store in Paris and have innovated on the idea of a flagship store by creating a digital flagship store on the Chinese Tmall store.

But, with brands like Primark, H&M and Uniqlo all having their own flagships stores, the idea of a flagship store alone, doesn’t define a brand as being luxurious.

Choosing between Fenty and Fendi is an easy decision because both target different women. Fenty create that casual street look with some glamour thrown in.

Their vision and association with Rihanna appeals to the younger generation but joining the LVMH fashion house sets them apart from other modern, celebrity influenced fashion brands.

You would think the fashion house will be guided in a direction that leads to longevity and the potential for the brand to become timeless just like Fendi, in the future!.

Fendi, are already there, they have set their place in history and their fashion and accessories have stood the test of time and the future looks bright.

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