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Seek Pretty Guide – Best Facial Toner for men

Men sometimes struggle to take full advantage of their skincare routine and men’s facial toners often get overlooked. We are going to show you the best facial toners for men that will help you mould your signature style and that you should include as part of your daily skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

Whether you are buying as a men’s gift or taking the plunge into the world of men’s healthcare in search of a healthy masculine complexion, then look no further. This Seek Pretty guide will show you the best men’s facial toners and help you choose the best mens facial toner for your skin type and budget.

To apply a men’s facial toner wash your face with warm water and then use cool water to close the pores before applying to your face. These toners often hydrate the skin but using a moisturiser afterwards will ensure the moisture stays locked in and your skin feels healthy and fresh instead of dry and rough. The best toner can help soften the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness.


Best Men’s Facial Toner Under $20


Neutrogena Oil- and Alcohol-Free Mens Facial Toner

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Neutrogena are experts in men’s skincare and this oil and alcohol free toner enters at the budget end of the market. At a low price, Neutrogena may have excluded the use of expensive natural and organic ingredients but is this Neutrogena Toner good value for money?

Yes, if you are new to skin care or just looking for a quick cleanse and refresh the Neutrogena toner is an excellent choice. We love that Neutrogena have removed alcohol and oil. Alcohol might give you the tingly sensation of a deep clean but can dry out your skin and pores in an unnatural way and there is nothing worse than excess oil that leaves you with sweaty and unhealthy looking skin.

➡️  Quick Overview

Best Value Men’s toner ✔️

Large long lasting 8.5 oz bottle  ✔️

Hypoallergenic formula  ✔️

Well known and respected skincare brand ✔️

The best natural and organic ingredients  ❌


Pure Rose Water Facial Toner by Poppy Austin – Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Organic, Hand Made & Responsibly Sourced Skin Toner – Finest, Triple Purified Moroccan Rosewater


Poppy Austin Place importance in the purity of their skincare products by using the best responsibly sourced organic ingredients. The Poppy Austin pure rosewater toner is made using pure Moroccan rosewater that is naturally high in antioxidants.

Use this toner to quickly absorb excess oils on your skin and increase hydration.

hydrating mans face with water

With a beautiful invigorating rosewater scent and suitability for all skin types this is a great choice. Even though this product targets women we believe it is just as effective for men who care about their skin.

➡️  Quick Overview

Pure Organic ingredients  ✔️

Naturally high in antioxidants ✔️

Anti-ageing qualities ✔️

Slightly more feminine scent ❌


SUISKIN A.C. Contral Toner for Oily Skin



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The Suiskin Toners magic ingredient is salicyclic acid, an ingredient which helps reduce excess oil on your skin. Although Suiskin target problematic skin, the Contral toner is good for all skin types because it removes oil but doesn’t dry out skin.

Extracts of both Kantou and Fig calm the skin and help the skin regain a healthier looking skin tone. Several other plant based ingredients are used alongside some non-natural ingredients to produce a skincare product that aims to reduce oil, moisturise, protect and increase your skins appearance and health.

Natural essential oils including lychee and mandarin allow for a gentle citrus based scent to become apparent when using this great toner.

➡️  Quick Overview

Good choice for sensitive or oily skin  ✔️

Natural essential oils ✔️

Not completely organic ❌


24K Gold Rose Water Facial Toner by Leven Rose


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Rose water is now increasingly being used in skincare products because of it’s medicinal benefits

Leven Rose  have produced this wonderful rose water unisex toner that can be easily applied using the spray attachment on the bottle. If you are looking for natural ingredients then Leven Rose is a good choice of Toner because of the quality ingredients that includes rose water and real gold, an ancient natural beauty ingredient.

The 24k Leven Rose toner should help to calm acne scars, balance skin tone and help you feel like your skin is healthier and nourished. Be sure to keep this product stored somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight to make sure it says fresh because too much heat can damage the quality of the rosewater.

➡️  Quick Overview

High in antioxidants that benefit your skin and protect skin cells from damage ✔️

Rose water toner has a natural calming affect on red skin ✔️

Excellent skin hydration and Softer healthier skin ✔️

The rosewater scent isn’t very strong ❌


Power Moisture Facial Toner – Albireo – Korean Cosmetics For Hydrating Sensitive and Dry Skin


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Albireo are a Korean brand that specialise in skincare products. Korean cosmetics are known to be some of the best in the world and we love this power moisture facial toner.

Korean cosmetics often use different blends of ingredients than western skin care companies and place importance on supporting sensitive skin through low irritation and deep healthy moisturising.

The texture is oily at first but soaks into your skin nicely so the mulberry root extract, gold extract and highly moisturising Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Fermented Extract can get to work making your skin smooth, soft and healthy. You won’t be walking around with dry skin anymore and you’ll feel protected from the cold weather.



InstaNatural Vitamin C Skin Clearing Face Toner For Men


Florida based beauty company InstaNatural are focused on showing people the power of clean, pure and natural beauty products.
Men can benefit from the Instanatural face toner because it is paraben free, has no sythenetic dyes, no unsafe preservatives, no SLS or SLES and Instanatural certifies that they don’t test on animals.
We think you’ll feel good about wearing this face toner for those reasons, even if it is just a placebo effect, but lets find out whether your skin is going to feel and look better using this product.
Your skin is going to feel a bit firmer after application and with regular use you’ll notice any lines around your eyes or forehead are less obvious. It is possible for acne scars to be reduced and people often notice they have softer skin.

Teddie Organics Rose Water Facial Toner Spray 2oz 

Teddie have produced this wonderful facial toner spray using 100% organic ingredients. Most brands producing rosewater products mix the rosewater with other ingredients but Teddie pride themselves on this being a handmade 100% organic rosewater skincare product with no parabens or artificial additives.
With a subtle gentle scent that quickly fades as the toner dries out you don’t need to worry about an overpowering scent.
This Teddie Toner is suitable for both men and women. Lots of people have found their roseacia or sensitive and red skin begins to balance out in to a more even tone and the redness reduces.
Suitable for use on all skin types, dry, sensitive, oily and normal.


Bloom Skin Care Balancing Facial Toner 


Aloe Vera, Green tea and chamomile combine with wild crafted extracts to create this Bloom facial toner. Spray onto your face and feel refreshed with the mild citrus scent.
A hydrating spray is great if you are out and about a lot or have a busy schedule that saps the moisture from your skin. Find somewhere quiet and press the spray to squirt the hydrating liquid onto your face and you’ll quickly feel nice and refreshed.
Bloom skincare toner uses Aloe vera which is known to soothe irritated skin, has anti inflammatory properties, fights ageing and is naturally moisturising.
If you believe in the benefits of aloe vera and are looking for a nice dose of soothing facial moisture then Bloom are a good choice.


Best Men’s Facial Toner Under $30


Geneva Naturals – Clarifying Face Toner 

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We have included the clarifying toner in our list because of its popularity and high rating from leading Swiss dermatologists. Geneva Naturals aim for affordable luxury beauty and we believe they achieve it with this lovely cream face toner.

If you have oily or dry skin your skin will thank you for applying this Geneva naturals toner regularly. When wiping your face with cotton pads you’ll see the impurities disappearing quickly as your face becomes hydrated.

The ingredients list is simple and includes only the following natural ingredients – Lavender, green tea, tea tree and Edelweiss extract. Less is more is a great saying and the natural ingredients seem to help our skin feel cleansed in a similar way to exfoliating. Thankfully your skin won’t feel too dry or tight after use and some users claim greater skin clarity.

TreeActiv Balancing Herbal Toner 

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Treeactiv have recently grown in popularity and most of this growth is down to their vision for only selling products they love and that are produced by and using completely natural ingredients.

The natural ingredients are gentle on your skin and witch hazel is very popular amongst people looking to reduce acne or scaring.


Apple Biotic – Apple Cider Vinegar Face Toner Pads for Normal, Oily, Dry, Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin.

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We like the name Applebiotic and with apple cider vinegar being so popular in the health and fitness industry these days, it is worth checking it out.

Does it smell?

Men who start using facial toners that are targeting women or unisex are often concerned about the smell. The apple cider vinegar scent isn’t one of our favourites but thankfully the apple cider vinegar smell isn’t very strong with this product.

One of the biggest concerns people have when using some form of toner pad or facial moisturiser application pads is that the toner or liquid will dry out. Applebiotic have managed to produce a men’s facial toner pad that will stay moist and keep on toning your face until you’ve used all 60 of the included toner pads.


Clinique for Men Exfoliating Tonic.


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Clinique for men are a high end skincare brand with a great reputation. Bottled and shaped like the latest aftershave, the Clinique men’s tonic is a high quality men’s facial toner.

A great choice for unclogging your pores and exfoliating rough skin to give you a smoother cleaner facial skin appearance. It is s good idea to use this to prepare your skin for shaving and to leave you with a fresh clean feel. A lot of users have reported that their skin tone improved and breakouts of red or spotty skin reduced.


Best Toner For Men’s Face – Luxury Options Over $30

Here are some of the best men’s facial toners that are a little bit more expensive and luxurious.

Yonka Men’s Lotion YK. 

 Yonka men’s tonifier is perfect for everyday use and discreet enough to take the gym.
To apply to your face spray the light mist to quickly soothe and refresh your skin. With 9 essential oils Yonka’s mens tonifier will give your skin a boost after shaving or anytime of day.
PEG-33 caster oil is used widely in cosmetic products and in this tonifier it is used alongside citrus, lavender and rosemary leaf oil. Essential oils are used most commonly in aromatherapy where they have mental benefits as well as cosmetic ones. Essential oils can boost your mood while improving your skins health.

Personal Care – Weleda – Mens Refining Toner 100ml/3.4oz 

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We like the combination of witch hazel and wild rose that natural beauty and holistic wellness company Weleda have produced in this men’s refining toner.

Users have reported that their skin was calmer and less prone to pimples during regular use of the Weleda toner. You can expect a good facial cleanse that doesn’t dry out your skin. The glass bottle is a nice touch but not very practical.


TRIUMPH & DISASTER Logic Facial Toning Lotion For Men

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Men’s facial care brands triumph and disaster combine the best of science with the best of nature to produce naturally derived but scientifically engineered products that include interesting blends of indigenous ingredients

With no alcohol, sulphates or nasty chemicals, expect a fresh cleanse that uniquely includes Tasmanian pepper fruit extract, alpine willow herb and the already well known witch hazel.

The branding and logo are stylish and we like the bottle design. Triumph and disaster stand for sustainability and we like their vision and the direction they are heading in within mens cosmetics.


Dermalogica Ultra Calming Mist, 1.7 Fluid Ounce 

The Dermalogica Ultra Calming Mist is a highly rated mens toner that helps prepare even the roughest mans skin for moisturising. Whether you are a cowboy out on the ranch, a business man facing the pressure of the stock market or a shop assistant during the Christmas sales, you could all benefit from the tighter pores and calmer skin the Dermalogica calming mist claims to produce.
We really love how gentle the Dermalogica mens facial toner is. Application is so easy with a quick spray and you’ll instantly feel refreshed as your skin starts to benefit from the hydration. Make sure you don’t spray this mens toner too close to your skin because it is quite a thick mist that’ll leave your skin a little bit wet if you apply too much.

LAB SERIES Max Ls Skin Recharging Water Lotion

Combine the balancing action of a facial toner for men with the gentle hydration of a moisturising cream with the impressive Lab Series Max LS skin recharging lotion. The idea behind the recharging lotion is that it should help get rid of dead skin cells and then recharge your skin with moisture and make you look younger.
The Lab Series Max LS definitely won’t wipe off those unwanted years but it’ll give you a healthier and cleaner facial appearance and you’ll feel more comfortable which is always nice. We love that the MAX LS isn’t greasy and doesn’t dry out your skin.


Shiseido Men Toning Lotion – 150ml/5oz 

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This splash on Shiseido facial toner for men nourishes your skin with lots of Japanese goodness. Expect to feel a little cooling sensation as your pores tighten and excess skin oils are reduced. If you are prone to oily skin then the Shiseido mens facial toner really helps reduce the unwanted greasy oils and creates a luxury velvet feel.


KiehI’s Facial Fuel Energizing Tonic for Men. 

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Kiehl’s are a premium American skincare brand that like to use unique blends of natural ingredients. The ingredients in the Facial Fuel offering include caffeine, bamboo extract and a touch of vitamins C & E. You will feel like your face has been given a little boost of rejuvenation with this balancing and hydrating tonic.


Aesop Parsley Seed Anti Oxidant Facial Toner.

The most important benefits of using a men’s facial toner


The main benefit for men using a facial toner is the reduction of unwanted facial oils. These oils often lead to acne or skin problems when the skins PH balance is is not at the optimal level for healthy skin.

Most of the toners that we recommend for men are also light moisturises.


How should I use a men’s Toner




Men’s different skin types – Our skin type advice for men



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