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A comparison between my favourite Dior and Armani Foundations.

Dior and Armani both have some of the most luxurious and skin pleasing foundations in the world of beauty. First I will show you my favourite foundation from Armani and Dior and then compare the foundations each brand sell.

Armani offer a few foundation collections but luminous silk is the most iconic and my personal favourite. The luminous silk foundation is popular amongst makeup artists and comes in a on-point container with Armani logo and pump. 

GIORGIO ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation, No. 5.5 Natural Beige, 1 Ounce

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When I wear the luminous Silk foundation I don’t feel like I’m wearing make-up at all. The formula moisturises my dry skin and creates a layer of light magnificence. If you enjoy medium or full coverage you can build on this lightweight covering by mixing with sun cream, facial oil and moisturiser but achieving full coverage will take a little effort. Be sure to colour match before purchasing because the colour tone descriptions are a little different than you might be used to with other foundation brands.


My favourite Dior foundation is the Dior backstage face and body foundation. This is another light coverage matte foundation which is a true natural matte that is build-able without any of the flaky dryness of cheaper quality matte foundations. You can apply and spread this over your face and body and gain full coverage easily because a small amount will cover a large area, making the 1.6 oz bottle last a long time. One other thing I love is that this foundation is waterproof and sweat resistant if you love to workout.

Dior 2018 Backstage Face & Body Foundation - Warm Olive 4

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Foundation Colour choice comparison

The Armani luminous silk foundation is available in colour tones ranging from the number 2 fair neutral tone to the beautiful 7.5 tan warm and the darkest tone in the luminous silk collection which is the number 15 deep warm. There are 30 shades in the luminous silk collection by Armani.

Dior Backstage face and body offer more colour choices and shades than Armani Luminous silk, with 40 tones to choose from. The lightest tone if 0- very fair skin with neutral undertones and the darkest on offer is 9N- Deepest skin with neutral undertones.

What foundation types do each brand offer

In 2020 it’s possible to buy so many different types of foundation that all offer something completely different for your skin type, skin tone and preferred texture. Armani and Dior both offer liquid, cream and UV protection matte finish foundations. Let’s take a look at a small selection of the collections each brand offers.

Here is a selection of Armani foundation collections:

  1. Luminous Silk – A natural and silky lightweight foundation
  2. Power Fabric – A liquid foundation for full coverage and sun protection.
  3. Crema Nuda – Glowing tinted cream foundation.
  4. Maestro fusion – A complexion perfecter.
  5. Face Fabric Foundation – This is a lightweight second skin foundation.
  6. Designer lift – An invisible lifting foundation.
  7. Luminous silk compact – a natural finish with semi-matte look.
  8. Lasting silk UV – Long lasting matte suitable for all conditions.

GIORGIO ARMANI Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation SPF 25, 5.5 Medium, Neutral, 30 ml

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Dior Foundation collections

  1. Dior Forever Undercover –  Ultra fluid long wear foundation.
  2. Backstage face and body – Lightweight foundation, waterproof & high coverage application.
  3. Dior Forever perfect matte powder foundation – Medium to full coverage with all day long strong matte finish to reduce shine.
  4. Dior Nude air- A weightless fluid serum.

Christian Dior Diorskin Nude Air SPF 25 Serum, No. 020 Light Beige, 1 Ounce

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How do I choose Giorgio Armani foundation shade?

Armani offer a foundation finder tool which has a selection of questions to help guide you in finding the best Giorgio Armani foundation shade for your skin type and desired style. If you find it difficult to choose a shade you can always go into a Sephora or Armani store selling their foundation and test it on your skin for the best indication of whether the shade is right for you.

How do I choose Dior foundation shade?

Finding the right Dior foundation shade can be difficult because of the 40 colour tone choices Dior offer. Each colour tone description has a clear image which can help a lot in finding the right tone, if you compare it to similar tones you usually wear. If you are struggling click the following text to view the Sephora Dior foundation colour checker.

Conclusion – Which foundation is best – Armani vs Dior foundation.

In 2020 Armani hope their vision for a minimalist approach to makeup application which can help you create a look that combines natural and minimal statement makeup. Rather than blending heavily applied makeup with colours and sparkly shades applied alongside it, minimising the striking and beautiful features, instead keep as much of your face natural and use minimally applied makeup to create a statement and draw peoples attention to create a unique and bold style that doesn’t overwhelm. Because of this vision Armani’s latest and current most popular foundation, Luminous silk is a very lightweight foundation that very much helps you establish and build your style around a natural look.

GIORGIO ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation, No. 5.5 Natural Beige, 1 Ounce

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Dior offer a wide selection of luxury foundations, with backstage face and body foundation being the industry wide favourite in the fashion and beauty communities.

Dior 2018 Backstage Face & Body Foundation - Warm Olive 4

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Overall when comparing Dior vs Armani foundations Choosing a winner is difficult because both offer products for every women’s make-up needs. When comparing my two favourite products, Dior backstage is great if you are an active women looking for a long-lasting waterproof, lightweight foundation that has a very natural matte look and for a reasonable price. Armani Luminous silk is used by lots of makeup artists and is a versatile foundation because of the potential to build your look using it as a base layer. Even though the luminous silk offers a natural look you will still notice it’s luminous and smooth presence, making your moisturised skin stand out with a little more confidence and appeal. 

If you are looking for alternative foundations take a look at our recent review of the luxury Cle De Peau foundations.

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