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Your make-up collection wouldn’t be complete without the best Armani foundation as the building block that helps you create a look that aligns perfectly with your facial features and compliments your fashion style. Armani’s current vision is to help you create a natural look with a bang.

Rather than building and building on top of full coverage makeup application, try minimal coverage that compliments your skin tone and allows your eye shadow, mascara and other face makeup and accessories to stand out and show off your most beautiful facial features.


Top Choice – Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

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Luminous Silk is my personal favourite Giorgio Armani foundation because I like the feel of it’s lightweight liquid coverage that gives my complexion a gentle glow and compliments the hard work I put into my daily skin care routine.

Let’s take a look at Luminous Silk in more detail and if you are looking for Armani foundations for ageing, oily or combination skin scroll down to see which Armani foundation is best suited for those skin types.

Formula & Coverage 

Armani Luminous silk foundation is a serum-like sheer – medium coverage product that has a scent similar to a moisturiser. I really love the coverage that doesn’t conceal my natural skin but helps reduce blemishes without blocking pores and feeling the need to hide them under lots of concealer and face makeup.

By speaking to beauticians and make-up artists and experimenting with sheer to heavy coverage foundations for many years I learnt that application plays an important role in how much coverage this foundation has and how buildable it is.

One layer of luminous silk will leave your skin looking natural, with it’s see-through moist formula that doesn’t want to conceal the natural skin tone of your face.

If you want to build on this thin layer use a blending sponge or foundation brush to achieve a heavier medium coverage. The lightweight nature of the Luminous foundation Doesn’t massively improve your skins texture but helps blur out pores and gives you a flawless appearance.

Luminous silk isn’t very dewy or matte but the weightless fluid thin serum like formula has a nice subtle glow. Coverage appears very smooth and won’t flake or become cakey even after all day wear.

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A gentle half pump will create a light sheer to medium full face covering that is easy to build up to between medium and full coverage and can be combined with sun cream, moisturiser or face oils for a unique base layer.

Armani claim their Micro-Fil technology will reduce how visible your pores, blemishes and lines are for a light and smooth airbrush affect across your skin.

The 30 shades on offer isn’t a massive selection compared with Dior and other brands who offer more than 40 colour tones in their foundation lines, but their is enough variety across the tones to allow you to find the perfect tone for your skin.

The formula itself is oil free, has a fluid consistency but doesn’t include SPF protection or additional moisturising properties for dry skin.

Which skin type is Luminous silk Recommended for

womens face wearing makeup

If you have dry skin Luminous Silk might not add enough moisture so preparing your skin with a quality moisturiser before application is  important. Luminous silk is great for neutral, combination and oily skin but Works well with all skin types if you use a primer correctly.

If your skin has some minor imperfections you’ll notice their appearance reduced without the pore clogging that occurs with thick high coverage foundations that make your face make-up look unnatural and hide your real skin tone.

I have quite sensitive skin so I like to look for SPF protection in my Foundation. Armani don’t include any sun protection in their luminous silk foundation so if this is important for you take a look at this Armani power fabric foundation with SPF 25 protection.

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How to apply this foundation

makeup brushes

If you usually apply a primer try to avoid one that is matifying or hydrating because these primers can affect the luminous silk foundations finish. Using a sponge to apply gives the luminous silk a little more of that luminous glow than a brush but thins out the formula more than a brush so you’ll need to apply a little more.

Apply by using a gentle half press of the bottle. This should be enough mixture to cover your face but if you need more coverage anywhere up to 1 1/2 presses should be enough.

Spread the luminous silk onto your cleansed skin using one of your foundation brushes or a blending sponge. I personally prefer a blending sponge because coverage appears more even across my skin.

Application is easy and the super smooth formula glides onto your face to create a flattering skin-like layer. Because of the thin lightweight formula, building on it with a bronzer or highlighter feels effortless. 

Tap the product in using a brush on parts of your skin that need that little bit more coverage. Usually around the edges of your nose and eyes is the most difficult area to build coverage evenly. Because of the lightweight serum like formula it doesn’t cake on your skin.

I’d recommend this Real Techniques Miracle complexion Sponge as being one of my favourite foundation sponges.

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Best Armani foundation for mature skin – Designer Lift

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If you are a more mature women with all the wisdom in the world but a growing need for more anti ageing properties in your foundation then I would recommend this product, the Armani Designer Lift liquid foundation as the best Armani foundation for ageing skin. Designer lift aims to firm your lines and skin and creates lift.

This is a high coverage foundation which has SPF protection and helps you look more youthful while offering some skin protection. This is a high-end foundation so be sure to check which colour tone is most suited to you because the range is limited.

Choosing an Armani Foundation For Oily Skin – Face Fabric

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This is my favourite Georgio Armani choice for oily skin because of the heavy matte finish. When you first squeeze the formula onto your hand you’ll notice the texture is quite thick and silicone heavy but once you work it into your skin it feels much more lightweight.

This Armani face fabric foundation is a non-oil based matte foundation but doesn’t appear overly dry on your skin and doesn’t cake like a lot of foundations that aim to reduce or hide face oil.

Finding the Best Armani foundation for combination skin – Lasting Silk

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I’ve chosen the Lasting Silk foundation as my favourite Armani foundation for combination skin for a few reasons. I love the sleek packaging and pump that is similar in design as the luminous silk product packaging.

This is a medium to full coverage foundation that covers your natural skin and with thicker application will also conceal. Because of the matifying formula this is great for more oily and combination skin. Your skin will also be protected in the sun with the SPF protection.

If you have combination skin that is more dry lasting silk doesn’t moisturise a lot so is better for people with more oily combination skin, but either way will cover your skin blemishes well and offer all day non-cake coverage. Luminous silk is also a good non-oil based foundation for people on the drier side of combination skin.


Which Armani foundation is best?

In my opinion the best Armani foundation is the luminous silk foundation. This foundation is the best because it offers a very lightweight gentle coverage that allows you to stick to a natural look or build up to a mid to heavy coverage.

This product has been on sale since 2001 and is popular with celebrities and make-up artist who love the versatility or such a lightweight foundation.

Which Armani foundation is best for oily skin?

Armani face fabric foundation is best for people with oily skin because the formula is matte. The formula is not oily or moisturising so will help absorb and hide moisture on your skin.

Which Armani foundation is best for dry skin?

The Armani Luminous silk foundation is best for dry skin. Luminous silk is a lightweight moisturising foundation that is water based and not oily. The formula helps moisturise your dry skin and allows the natural skin tone to breathe and appear from underneath, while still reducing any facial blemishes.

How do I choose a Giorgio Armani foundation shade?

There are currently 30 shades to choose from in most Armani foundation collections so you need to make sure you find the right shade for you. Sampling different formulas is the best way to find the right shade for your skin but you can also use the Armani finder on their website.

Conclusion – Which Armani Foundation is really the best.

My favourite choice foundation is the Luminous Silk foundation because I love to try and create a natural look with my facial makeup and this lightweight low to medium coverage formula really helps my skin breathe and shows off my natural skin tone while still hiding some of my flaws.

Because of the oil free moisturising formula you’ll feel like you aren’t even wearing makeup and if you prefer a fuller coverage you can build up quite easily.

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