Plexaderm vs sudden change | Which product is better?

We have all searched for that cosmetics product that we are told will work wonders on our skin.

Plexaderm and Sudden change are 2 anti aging brands that attempt to work magic on the signs of ageing skin around your eyes.

Let’s see whether either Sudden change or Plexaderm can offer you a skin care solution that has anti-ageing qualities that work. We’ll focus mostly on the Plexaderm rapid eye reduction serum and the Sudden change under eye firming serum.

Sudden change offer a much cheaper range of products than Plexaderm so it’ll be interesting to see whether you are getting good value for money or will the cheap price also leave you disappointed.

Can Plexaderm offer better anti-ageing results for the much higher price and leave a younger looking smile on your face. Let’s look at some of the differences in ingredients, effect on your skin and price.



Plexaderm’s most well known and popular product is their Rapid eye reduction eye serum. The plexaderm skin care range also includes a hyaluronic moisturiser, vitamin c serum, collagen serum for night time wear and reset and replenish pads.

Plexaderm claim that their rapid eye reduction cream will work its magic in just ten minutes. However, if you are going to apply foundation or other makeup after, you will need to wait an additional ten minutes.

This claim might catch your attention but even though the serum is fast acting, don’t expect permanent changes.

Plexaderm Rapid eye reduction serum is the brands signature product and they make some really bold claims about how it can reduce eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and make you look years younger.

I don’t like to see such bold claims without lots of evidence to back them up and as is often the case with anti-aging products, their is a lot of research but not a lot of conclusive evidence that they work.

Plexaderm try really hard to sell their products to you with lots of before and after photos and these really big claims. Amazon has a lot of reviews written by customers arguing both for and against the claims Plexaderm make.

I personally prefer to let the product do the talking but it’s always interesting to look at some reviews and see what people think about them. Let’s take a quick look at Sudden change and then we can make some comparisons.

Sudden Change

Sudden Change under eye firming serum is an anti aging under-eye serum that Sudden Change claim works to firm and tighten the skin around your eyes and hide wrinkles in three minutes.

It is said to make fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles completely disappear.

The texture of Sudden changes under eye firming serum is a creamy serum with a white residue that targets wrinkles and other under-eye issues you may have.

The main use of this serum is to tighten the fine skin around your eyes to try and reduce how visible your wrinkles appear.

Sudden change only claim that the effects will last for a number of hours so you can’t expect long lasting change with this formula.

Sudden change also sell a number of really low priced skin care products including an intensive wrinkle repair cream, green tea facial mask and a tub of dark circle treatment.

Plexaderm vs sudden change – what do they claim to do for your skin

Skincare brand are well known for making big claims when it comes to the anti-ageing qualities of their products.

Here at Seekpretty we don’t take their claims at face value and like to consider different reviews and any scientific research we can find to take a closer look at the products and see whether we think they meet any of their skin care claims or are they just very good at marketing.

Plexaderm skincare claims

The Plexaderm rapid eye reduction skin cream claims to quickly transform the appearance and the texture of your skin completely in only a few minutes.

It works quickly to smooth fine lines and enhance the density of your skin. It is also known to reduce visible pores on your face and neck.

On the sensitive skin under your eyes, it claims to reduce puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines quickly.

Plexaderm utilises a mixture of skin-tightening crystals along with moisturizing agents. These ingredients will quickly absorb into your skin to instantly get rid of any wrinkles, pores, or fine lines you could do without.

There are also ingredients included that make your skin appear tighter, smoother, and younger.

Plexaderm is filled with silicates, crystals, and moisturizing agents that the brand claims work to get rid of wrinkles, tighten under-eye bags, and firm the skin.

It also works as a short-term wrinkle filler, eliminating the need for injections and treatments.

Short term is the most important part of this comparison because Plexaderm offer what is in my opinion a short term solution to signs of aging around your eyes. With that in mind, most reviews of the Plexaderm rapid eye serum are positive, but, if it does work you are going to have to keep applying it and buying more.

Stop applying this anti aging serum and the puffy bags will soon come back from underneath the youthful appearance, hiding them, creates.

What does Sudden change claim to do

The sudden change serum works to gently lift the skin below your eyes, so your fine lines may become firmer.

The two active ingredients in Sudden Change are serum albumin and hyaluronic acid. Serum albumin has a similar effect on the skin that an egg white would.

Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizer that quickly works to hydrate aging skin. In this formula, it isn’t the main ingredient and with the purpose of the formula being to tighten your skin.

I think this ingredient has been added to reduce the chance of your skin becoming too dry and to balance out the drying ingredients with moisture.

Sudden Changes quickly firms your under-eyes and tightens your skin.

The results are almost instant, needing only three minutes to take effect. You will also be excited to see that this serum brightens the skin around your eyes, as well. 

This serum will quickly get rid of any unwanted signs of aging including wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness under your eyes.

Sudden Change only needs three minutes to show you incredible results. Your skin will look healthier and younger after use of this product according to the brand.

Most reviews are positive about the sudden change under eye firming serum but there also seems to be a lot of discussion about the consistency of the formula.

If you don’t apply it correctly onto your skin it can become very dry and flaky and won’t mix well with make-up, especially foundation.

When you apply this serum you’ll definitely feel a tightening sensation but the firming effect can sometimes firm up your lines and expose them more if you don’t apply it correctly, so you must be very careful on application.

Any changes you do notice, as the brand themselves write, will only last a number of hours, but if this works for you, at such a low price, it’s worth considering.

Sudden change vs Plexaderm ingredient comparison

Let’s compare the key active ingredients that Sudden change and Plexaderm use in their eye care products.

Plexaderm use silicon compounds as an active ingredient in their rapid eye reduction eye cream.

A study on the use of silicon for skincare considered that Silicon has properties that could help your body process collagen and also activate enzymes that are known to work towards improving your skins strength and elasticity.

However, Hero cosmetics and a number of other beauty websites we reviewed, suggested silicon ingredients could cause problems for certain skin types, such as acne prone skin.

Heathline argue that we should get rid of silicons altogether because they are a filler ingredient and they aren’t eco friendly because it can take hundreds of years for them to break down.

In comparison, Sudden change use Serum albumin, a protein that is also found in egg whites. The idea behind using this ingredient is that it can tighten your skin temporarily.

Sudden change also include hyaluronic acid in their formula. Every cosmetic and skin care brand seems to have at least one product in their range with Hyaluronic acid in it, with Plexaderm also using this popular ingredient.

This study found that hyaluronic acid does make a difference to the levels of moisture in your skin. It was also found to have some effect on your skins elasticity.

I quite like products that use Hyaluronic acid because it’s produced naturally in our body and is a humectant, meaning it retains moisture.

In my opinion and in the opinion of a number of health and beauty websites and articles, Moisturiser alone can do wonders for your skin even without the need for any fancy anti-aging ingredients that claim to instantly transform your skin.

The only problem with Sudden change using hyaluronic in this formula is that it doesn’t appear to be a very moisturising formula in the way you might expect hyaluronic acid to be used.

This formula creates a tightening drying affect rather than a luscious intense moisturising feeling.

I know the purpose is for the formula to tighten the skin around your eyes and we love to feel that tightening affect because it gives a sensation of the product working, but it would be nice if the formula was a little thicker.

Which is better Sudden change or Plexaderm

Most beauty websites that compare Plexaderm and Sudden Change only compare them based on the brands own product information and marketing material.

As you know, this approach would leave us with a very one sided review and you’d have no idea what you were applying onto your skin.

Plexaderm is the much more expensive of the 2 skin care brands and the silicon compounds along with their other key ingredients do give the thin and sensitive skin around your eyes the appearance of looking younger, reducing puffiness and it feels like you have just applied a face mask.

However, this temporary tightness around your eyes and reduction of puffiness seems to be a temporary effect that hasn’t been proven to offer any kind of long term anti-aging changes.

If short term anti aging effects are what you are looking for then consider it.

Sudden change offer an anti-aging eye serum that makes use of hyaluronic acid. In my opinion, after reading a lot of articles and research about hyaluronic acid.

This acid has been proven to help increase the moisture in your skin and is a natural hemectant, meaning it holds moisture well.

Keeping your skin moisturised might not give your skin the short term effects of silicon compounds but it will help to keep your skin from drying out and aging more quickly.

The only problem is that this sudden change formula is firming and tightens your skin so it doesn’t feel like it makes the best use of the hyaluronic acid.

I usually expect products that use hyaluronic acid to have thick consistencies and be highly moisturising.

You can pay a lot for the short term gains of plexaderm and you are likely to notice a change in appearance. This is great if you have a special event to attend and you want to quickly look a little young.

On the other hand if you want to spend a lot less for a short term effect and to potentially add some moisture to your skin with the hyaluronic acid then a bottle of sudden change might just be your best option.

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