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We didn’t see it coming but it is not hard to understand why scrunchies (hair ties) are back on trend when comfortable fashion is currently the IN thing. Hair stylists are using hair ties to create the latest hair styles.

I don’t know if you are like me and “hate” getting ready to go out because of the many hours it takes to make yourself look even more beautiful. My routine involves washing my hair -> doing my skincare->putting on makeup->styling my hair, choosing my hair accessories and finally picking my outfit, this normally takes me at least one hour.

My boyfriend relaxes on the sofa watching football or some action film for 55 mins and takes the last 5 minutes to put on his clothes and he is ready to go. I always thought it was so unfair but it is our choice as women to want to look pretty and when we are ready it feels wonderful expressing our femininity through our hairstyle.

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With the strong comeback of the scrunchy, things will be so much easier now. If I decide to spend my day at home, I don’t need to wash my hair and create a hairstyle. Using a scrunchie I can create a casual “freestyle” look and wear it the whole time without ever taking it off. Whether your hair is curly or straight getting some of the best scrunchies is a useful accessory for all hair types.

I normally just wear my pyjamas to go with it, well, we all know that pyjama style is very much the most popular trend for the last year and now the scrunchy is IN too, oh boy I’m totally a fashion icon 😛

Scrunchies go well with so many hairstyles such as ponytails, pigtails, buns, half-updos… you name it and you can make it work.

You can make your own style, there is no bad way to wear scrunchies because the point is for your hair to look casually smart.

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Besides being trendy and easy to use, another reason you deserve a scrunchy is that they are good for your hair. Because scrunchies are quite loose you don’t need to pull your hair too much, meaning there is less pressure on your hair and scalp. There are lots of different types of hair ties to choose from. Some are suited to curly hair, others to thin or thick hair. Whatever your hair type you’ll find your perfect hair tie in this article.

Wanna be an effortless and healthy fashion icon? If you do, then let’s go shop for some scrunchies.

Cute Scrunchiesif you want to look cute

Jaciya Velvet Elastic Rabbit Ear Scrunchies

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This Jaciya bunny ear scrunchy is the cutest choice. The ears are made of a velvet fabric that is stretchable and elastic. A soft fabric like this means you can fix your hair well, it won’t hurt to wear and is comfortable.

I love the choice of 10 different colours including red, black, coffee, blue and pink. You can easily choose the colour most appropriate for whatever event you are attending, whether it’s a party, ceremony or casual everyday wear, these are a fun choice that are a nice size for your hair.

Korean Chiffon ensures a quality feel when wearing these beautiful hand made ponytail holders for weddings, parties or play dates. The elastic is strong and the frilly design is alluring.

Sherry – Pink Fuchsia Fabric Ponytail Holders


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Well, I can’t say no to pink, especially to this set of 8 handmade scrunchies with 8 different shades of pink. The handmade cotton feels so silky smooth and the size mans you can wrap each scrunchy around your hair 2-3 times. The elastic isn’t sewn on which means it is stronger and should last for a longer time.

When treating yourself to these handmade cotton hair ties, make sure to be prepared for lots of compliments.  Looking in the mirror will make you feel elegant even if you are still wearing your pyjamas. Your hair will thank you for combining your beautiful hair tone with the 8 luxury pink colours available from the popular hair tie brand Sherry.

L. Erickson USA Edged Denim Scrunchie


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This red Denim scrunchie with gingham print style can turn you into the sweetest country girl ever. Handmade in the USA using a cotton blend and finished with a beautiful Denim trim. The diameter is 5 inches and the fabric is soft to handle and gentle even on delicate hair. If you are looking to wear the best summer hair trends, this is a beautiful choice that completes any summer outdoor style.

If you think red is too intense for you, then the light blue Denim design  might be a good choice for your hair colour.

Enjoy the beautiful colours while your curls are kept in place and your hair stays healthy and vibrant.

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And in case you don’t  like the gingham print, the retro chiffon scrunchies below will turn you into Bella from Beauty and the Beast.

Teemico Chiffon Flower Scrunchies

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I love the choice of colours with these chiffon scrunchies. The tone of the colours is bold but not bright. You can find a colour to match any outfit and you’ll find the medium elasticity and large size is comfortable to wear and doesn’t squeeze your hair too tightly.

If you rock the retro style and enjoy being unique then the Teemico brand bobbles offer the go to retro style for all your hair up needs. Whether you are holding up your top buns, ponytails or styling your hair in a more extravagant hold up for a special occasion, the Teemico chiffon flowers are a wonderful choice.

Hip Girl Boutique rubber band hair tie


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Wow, 15 cute rabbit ear pony holders that are adorable. I love the different choices you get, polka dot, red, blue, animal prints and other cute designs. These can be used for pig tails for your daughters or toddlers cute pony tails.

These aren’t the highest quality longest lasting bobbles but they are very cute and with 15 to choose from they are a lot of fun for girls who like to dress up and show their friends their fun and playful style.

Pidoudou Curly Korker Bow Hair Ties

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These Korker Bow hair ties are vibrant, wacky and exciting. Your cute girls or the wacky mums can attach them to their hair using the elastic band which is soft and easy to attach but can be quite big for small toddlers.

We especially love the ribbon that forms the twisty fun korker bow with the mixture of different colour choices. Over time parts of the ribbon will start to fall of, but this is to be expected with the ribbon fabric these kind of hair accessories are made from and the good value price.

JLIKA Elastic Ponytail Holders

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With JLIKA you get 100, yes 100 ponytail holders! and guess what? You don’t have to use them for a ponytail they can also be used for braiding, top knots, buns and many other fun and pretty hairstyles. There are so many different colours and patterns to choose from that you’ll always be able to find one to match any outfit.

Luckily, even though this is a JLIKA bulk collection, the hair elastic doesn’t quickly stretch out and lose elasticity because we know you don’t want your hair to snag or fall out when you are all dressed up and out having a fun time with your beautiful hair.

Mudder hair bands

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Another great value set of 100 hair bands with very colourful patterns including stars, triangles and dots in every imaginable colour combination. the soft stretchy material is great for your hair. Choose these for fun summer fashion looks and exciting kids parties.

When hair bands ride up on your hair it can be frustrating but the Mudder bands stay in place nicely, offering a comfortable fit as part of your trendy hairstyle.

Pidoudou Toddlers cartoon elastic hair ties

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Kids adore these children’s hair accessories. I think the bumble bee, heart, cupcake and cherries are so adorable. These are a simple band with the cute characters attached. If you love the super cute style and a band that is stretchy enough to easily tie then these are a great choice.

The Pidioudou Cartoon hair ties include an adorable bumble bee, sweet pink and blue heart combo, cup cakes, strawberries and an adorable little bunny rabbit. Even if your children are too young to appreciate cute fashion we know you will love dressing them up in the cutest outfits and hearing awwww for the 100th time is still music to my ears.

Babymatch Hair Bows For Girls

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These charming cute bows look so sweet on toddlers with a ponytail, palm trees and pigtails. The grosgrain ribbon is very silky and the bright colours are shiny and sophisticated Babymatch have created some brilliant bows that attach nicely to even the thinnest hair. I love the quality look of these.

Goody Ouchless Ponytail Holders

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The large assortment of warm pretty colours produced by Goody will make sure every girl will be able to wake up and tie their hair with a beautiful ponytail holder.  Feel as fresh as a summer breeze with these thin and strong hair ties for thinner hair.

If you want a simply elegant style

L. Erickson USA Medium Edged silk Scrunchie

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I have already written about lavender (ultra violet) being the most popular colour for this year’s fashion trends. Combined with Pale Peche the silk charmeuse material is luxurious. I’d say this one has the whole package and should be on your must-have list.

L. Erickson Velvet Hair Ties

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This black vevlet scrunchie is elegant enough that it can even be worn with your evening dress. I love the high quality handmade design and soft opulent texture that feels like a relaxed sunday evening in front of the fireplace.

The combination of black velvet and ivory silk charmeuse trim works beautifully. If you are looking for best scrunchies this is a wonderful choice.

Kenz Laurenz black elastic bobbles

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Keep it simple and tasteful with this pack of 100 no crease black elastic bobbles. Black is a colour that can go with almost anything, but is especially appropriate for work, school and more formal events where an elaborate style isn’t always allowed.

With 100 bobbles included, even if the odd one loses it’s elasticity or breaks, you’ve definitely got more than a cats 9 lives left so you won’t be running out anytime soon.


  • 4mm thickness ideal for thin / medium thickness hair.
  • 2 inch diameter before stretching
  • hair doesn’t easily snag


  • sometimes the elastic will break sooner than expected

If you want to be cool

L. Erickson Black Leather Scrunchie

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If you never thought that scrunchies could be cool and grungy this leather one will definitely change your mind. The genuine leather design is great because the black tone means it can be worn with a sophisticated outfit and also worn with your leathers, jeans or mini skirt rocking and dacning away at a gig.

If you want a more exotic style

Cherry-On-Top Elastic Bobble Scrunchies

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This flowery and expensive looking scrunchy can go with your Gypsy look. If you are performing gymnastics or love to dance this is suitable for wearing if you aren’t looking for a bright shiny flowery bobble. This can be the cherry on top of your casual dress outfit.

Scrunchie king – Chinese Dragon Print

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This is a really interesting and exotic scrunchie with a traditional Chinese dragon style. I love the satin brocade and the fabric is soft and smooth. The thicker bridal satin fabric is great because of the extra weight which makes it feel classy and well made.

L. Erickson Edged Scrunchie – Exotic Tribal Spice Design

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As you have already seen L. Erickson make some of the best hair ties available to buy. Using the highest quality most elegant designs they are a favourite brand amongst fashion lovers who want a long-lasting hair accessory that they don’t mind spending a little bit more on.

The exotic tribal design is an interesting choice that can match with a lot of different outfits. You can pull off a young hippie vibe at a festival, a fun hair accessory for the local flower show and afternoon tea or for everyday wear, but be sure you don’t wear something too bright alongside it. A nice subtle darker tone dress works well.

Mudder Rhinestone Headbands

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These Mudder Rhinestone Headbands are a great choice for your hair if you are looking for a more luxurious style option or you want your hair to look a bit more exotic and tribal. With Tribal print African inspired clothes being fun and trendy, especially at festivals and for a more casual outfit, the sparkly textured rhinestone elasticated bands are beautiful.

The beading is intricate and the band is soft and has a nice strength to grip hair firmly without hurting, snagging hair or causing hair to pull out. a softhead band is great for processed or damaged hair and can even work alongside a kinky hairstyle.

You will feel like an exotic princess wearing the rhinestone headbands as laugh all the way to the festival.

Cheap Scrunchies

Ondder 16 pack Velvet Bobble Scrunchies

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This 16 pack of velvet scrunchies provide you with every colour you can possibly think of, don’t worry about changing your hairstyle (a lot of girls don’t dress in the same clothes or have the same hairstyle twice in a row), these babes can cover you for the whole year, and can match every colour in your closet.

Mandydov 20 Assorted Scrunchies

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If you are looking for the best scrunchies available with a bulk selection to choose from, then these 20 assorted Mandydov scrunchies are an excellent choice. The Velvet fabric is smooth and soft and gently snuggles against your hair.

The choice of 20 colours means they will suit any hair colour and outfit. Choose from light purple, Burgundy, olive, rose pink, navy blue, black, orange and many more interesting colours. Choosing a bobble to match your hairstyle and outfit has never been easier and at an incredibly low price these are a great option.

How to choose the best hair ties for thin hair

If you have thin hair you’ll want to make sure the hair ties are suitable for thin hair. the most important factor is that they fasten tight enough and hold in the hair, but also that the fabric texture is smooth and doesn’t rip out hair which is thinner and more likely to pull out.

What to look for when searching for the best ponytail holder

Here are some tips that should help you choose from our selection of hair ties.

  • Choose a soft fabric that is comfortable and won’t get stuck in your hair easily.
  • Make sure the scrunchies aren’t too tight otherwise it can snag and hurt or pull out hair when you are removing them.


How to choose the best hair ties for thick hair?

If your hair is thick you’ll need a hair tie that has a larger diameter so that it is big enough to grip around more hair and make sure it is tight enough.

Choosing The Best hair ties for fine straight or Wavy hair

Whether your hair is fine straight or wavy the above hair ties are beautiful choices and most are suitable for all hair types.

Are hair ties good for kinky or natural hair ?

A hair tie is great for kinky and natural hair, but most often people wear a bobble with natural hair for that carefree look we all love.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the best hair ties and that you have found one that you love and will enjoy wearing.


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