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I really hope you enjoy looking at my favourite Japanese hair products just as much as i enjoyed writing about them. Before I share my favourites with you i’ll let you know a little secret of mine, I’ve become addicted to [easyazon_link identifier=”B07612BPGY” locale=”US” tag=”seekpretty-20″]Nature Labs Tokyo Treatment.[/easyazon_link]


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Healthy hair speaks volumes. Literally! The volume and texture of your hair can transform your overall look instantly. However, making these two factors work in your favour takes days to achieve.

I love spending hours splashing and massaging succulent scented shampoos, oils and innovative new hair products onto my hair before putting on my makeup and favourite white dress. As you know, Japan have a great reputation for their pursuit of excellence and quality when it comes to both hair industry tools and caring for your hair so it wasn’t difficult creating a list of the best.

The first step towards attaining that success is to find the right products for your hair. Not all oils, shampoos and conditioners can bring about your desired results. It is hard to find  reliable products in this crowded market.

To help you in this search, I have compiled a list of some of my favourite hair products made by renowned Japanese brands. Keep reading to discover what makes them great and which ones will suit your hair the best!



Nature Labs Tokyo Treatment


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Many of us go for hair dyes or treatments like rebonding to finally get that dream look. While you can definitely rock the straight hair full of rainbows and look gorgeous in it, the chemicals affect your hair big time. This treatment mask from NatureLab of Tokyo can help you overcome those harsh after-effects.

Nature Labs Tokyo treatment comes with potent bamboo stem cells that give your damaged hair some much-needed strength from within. These cells also extend the anagen phase and instigate more growth for the hair. The Smart Keratin technology embedded into this deep conditioner protects your hair cuticles. You’ll notice they bring out a more shiny appearance to your hair as they rebuild each strand from the inside out.

The two oils of Argan and Prickly Pear add more luster and in the end, your hair looks like it just came back from a parlour treatment!

Be sure to apply this Japanese Tokyo Treatment hair conditioner by starting at the ends and making your way to the root of each strand of hair. After you are done using it, tie the hair up in a loose bun and keep it for a while before washing off. Nature labs offer this cruelty-free Japanese hair product that has no harsh chemical residue, gluten or mineral oil.

Toji Supplement


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The Pure Density Hair Nutrition from Toji is a vegetarian vitamin supplement. Its main aim is to help your hair grow faster, stronger and thicker. Both men and women can use it to make their hair strong and shiny.

This supplement is made from a unique formula consisting of 33 ingredients like grape seed extract, Ginkgo Biloba, MSM, Biotin 3000 mcg and DHT blockers. They all drive healthy hair growth through nutrition, better blood circulation and hormonal support. One unique ingredient that is found naturally on a native American plant is called Saw Palmetto. Saw palmetto is starting to gain some recognition for being able to slow down hair loss.

Along with many vitamins and minerals, the Toji supplement is also the only hair product in the market to include Eclipta Alba. It is a special Indian herb which has been used for years throughout South-East Asia for medicinal purposes. This herb is very effective for curing hair loss since this herb promotes hair follicle regeneration. With such a comprehensive blend of herbs the Toji supplement capsules have an earthy herbal scent.

Be sure to take the capsule with plenty of water and food and follow the instructions carefully to give them the best chance of working for you.


Shiseido premium touch hair mask


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If your hair has been lacking luster and moisture for a while, you can try out the premium touch mask to try and resolve the issue. This premium hair mask from Shiseido is made by experts of two countries – Japan and Taiwan. Together they have made sure to add only the highest -quality ingredients in this lovely hair mask.

Each of the Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask bottles contains a little over 8 ounces of thick goodness. You will benefit from the seven distinct beauty essences included here. They include royal jelly ex, lipidure ex, glutamine, PCA, Fitosterol, Sorbitol and Trehalos. The combined power of all these ingredients instill new life into dry and damaged hair.

You need to apply this Japanese hair mask only after your hair is washed with shampoo and nourished with some conditioner. Massage The Shiseido mask onto your detangled hair so that each strand is coated properly. Let it sit this way for about five minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Shiseido recommend using the premium touch mask twice a week for maximum results but i like to apply it whenever i’m having a lazy day and feel like bringing out all my hair care goodies and pampering myself.


Oshima Tsubaki hair care oil


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Tsubaki in the Japanese language translates to Camelia flowers. As the name suggests, this Oshima Tsubaki Japanese hair oil gets its main ingredient from Camelia flowers since they are rich in oleic acids which are luscious natural oils found in healthy and tasty avocados and olive oil.

Oshima Tsubaki don’t just pick any type of Camelia flower. They rely on the Camellia Japonica seeds for procuring the oil and giving this blend the best chance of giving your hair some nutrition. These seeds are then processed into a 100% pure hair care oil which can cure split ends, dull strands, severely dry hair and many other purposes.

This Japanese hair care oil can also help nourish and grow your eyelashes. As a result, you will hardly ever need to use mascara again and can save some money on the side. It works great as a skin moisturiser as well. You can also use this hair care oil to put down the base for face exfoliation, I’ve tried it a few times and it works out pretty good and feels nice on my skin.

The affordable pricing and generous amount of oil makes the OShima Tsubaki hair care oil a fruitful purchase. I’ve heard of one bottle lasting up to one year, even with regular use which is a long time.


Kao Merit shampoo


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This shampoo from the brand Kao is one of Japan’s best shampoos because of it’s value, easy to wash out formula and moisturising qualities. Kao Merit is dedicated to helping out people with sensitive scalp conditions like dandruff or an itch you just can’t get rid of.

The ingredients in the Kao Merrit shampoo can help battle those germs effectively and get them out of your hair.

Kao Merit shampoo promises to rejuvenate your scalp with their foamy formula. You don’t even need to scrub! The weakly acidic shampoo automatically brings out the impurities on your scalp leaving a soothing sensation behind. After use, your hair feels much lighter from the root to the end.

After using this shampoo I feel like my hair and scalp are very clean, but the formula should also tone and moisturise. The gentle floral fragrance adds to the overall experience for me.


Ichikami smooth and sleek shampoo


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Get this powerful duo of shampoo and conditioner from Ichikami for silky detangled hair. The shampoo has silicon-free agents derived from various flowers and herbs. It combines extracts of cherry blossom, camellia, blackberry lilly, Moutan bark and multiple rice variations. Together they all create a velvety experience which successfully repairs any damaged hair. Using this shampoo regularly will keep your hair free from every day frictional damage.

The conditioner helps to make the hair cuticles smoother. After applying it, you will be able to detangle your hair easily. As a result, you don’t have to put too much effort into combing your silky smooth hair. If you have dyed hair, this set does not strip off the colour either. It only leaves a lovely floral fragrance and shiny hair.



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