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Bobbi Brown is not the kind of brand that I immediately think of when I’m buying beauty products, but still, somehow I end up buying them.

The look of their products, a black-LED with long skinny stylish words makes them look simple, high-quality and professional. I have to admit that I tend to buy pretty things rather than practical…

All the Bobbi Brown products in the picture above I use every day, except the Shimmer Brick Compact – Pink Quartz and the Extra Balm Rinse which I just bought from the King Power duty-free shop in Bangkok, Thailand.

bobbi brown products

I’m in love with the Eve Lom cleanser, but after using two 200g ones and one 30g, I really need to seek something new. Compared with the Eve Lom simple and clean outward appearance, this Extra Balm Rinse has a luxurious look, the bottle is made of glass and quite heavy, giving you a sense of something high quality and well-made.

The fruity smell is another winning point. On the website, it says this is for “All skin types, except oily”. My skin type is combination oily, so I’m not sure this is the product for me. But I’m willing to give it a go, as it is so good looking. 😛

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I will write another article after I have tried it on and have a full comparison with the Eve Lom cleanser.

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As for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact – Pink Quartz, I have had it for over a year and haven’t used it much. Because it was alright when the salesperson brushed it on my cheek at the counter, however, every time when I try to do it by myself, it always looks like I didn’t put anything on even though I already put on so much.

After I tried a few times, I just left it to one side. I looked through the website, a lot of people were saying it is easy to break and the salesperson suggested that they keep the foam cushion on to better protect it.

Well, this situation hasn’t happened to me, and I threw my foam cushion as soon as I opened it, probably because I don’t use it much, but I do sometimes carry it with me to use the mirror.

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This instant long-wear make-up remover is their top-rated, award-winning product. This was a random impulsive choice, but I know in this price range the product won’t be too bad.

Compared to the Chanel eye and lip remover, they all get the job done, and I liked the look of the Bobbi Brown and the awesome design of the LED. I use the remover for my eyes and lips. I used to do the foundation too before I got the Eve Lom.

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I think the first time hearing about the brand Bobbi brown was because of their eyeliner gel. I got this set from the airport duty-free shop in Shanghai years ago ( it lasts soo long…). The set contains two eyeliner gals in black and brown colour and a small eyeliner brush which kind of the size of that shadow stick showed in the above picture. I really like this eyeliner gal it is really easy to blend in and goes on smoothly. It can be dried a little bit as time goes on, however, it won’t affect its performance. Black and brown ones are the most common colour to get and it is easy for beginners to use. For me, I’m thinking of getting more colours now, as they all look so pretty.

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I bought this new limited-edition eyeliner brush with Extra Balm Rinse in Thailand. As my old brush was changing its shape after all these years.

I was planning to get a new one to replace it, and it is a tiny one so I’m thinking I’ll get the normal size one this time. When I was at the counter, the salesperson told me this red one is limited-edition (you all know what limited-edition means to a girl ), and the normal one seems too long to carry around.

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So I got the red one without hesitation and without even taking off the LED and actually looking at it… Impulsive I know!

In this impulsive moment, I regret throwing my old brush directly…. When next morning, I was sitting in front of a mirror and doing my make-up, when I opened the LED

I was like WHAT??? This brush is different…it is a precise one…the head of the brush is really thin and tiny (you can tell the difference in the picture below), for people who wear their eyeliner thin and delicate, this is the right one for you, but I like to blend my eyeliner so I’m going to get a normal one as well.

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The Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow stick is a free gift I got (can’t remember from where). I like the shape of it and the idea behind it. It blends better with fingers and is really shiny. I like to apply a tiny bit under my eyes to make my eyes look larger. It’s precise work so it is better to use the brush than just use the stick itself.

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